hello-cvc  asked:

I love your blog!! and i impressed with your passion about Castle! i have some ask to you. do you any fics that Castle got shot instead of Kate? i have already read your last recommandation. do you have another? and i will sorry if i had wrong grammer. I'm in South Korea.

*updated 9/9/16

Ok here we have the first list of my Knockout series requests

I have previously done a request similar to this but it was one of the first I did, so I’m just gonna do it all again cause I missed a heap. 

One Shots

Bloodlust and chapter 13 and 14 of love and some verses by bravevulnerability

All In by skygirl55

ab hinc by Trinity Everett

I Will Follow You Into The Dark by LegendaryHighFive

Still by anxiousgeek


Eight Count by Lord of Kavaka

A Season in Hell by chezchuckles

If You’re Lucky Enough by RipperShipper

Turning Tables by JulietteO’Hara

Promise by jessmuir0407

Knocked Out by MsMorg (both get shot)

Come back to me by katherinehgt

A Hero’s Reward by KatieBrowne

Through the Looking Glass by Shutterbug5269

Shattered by youkillmypatience

Knockoff by sunday-tea

Thank you for your lovely message!