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desert/mechanic witch

No one knows where Rey came from, only that she appeared alone at the edge of the desert one day heading east, until she reached Brookyln. She keeps to herself mostly, preferring her workshop of engines and gears and her strange little mechanical helpers. They seem to be insect-like robots although they don’t appear to run on any kind of power. Probably a wind-up mechanism, very clever, her customers say to each other and everyone pointedly does not mention that no one has ever seen her wind them up.

urban/storm witch

It’s not easy making a living in such a big city but Phasma manages and it does help that she’s over six ft tall with a stare that could burn through re-enforced concrete. Running a gym takes up a lot of her time and energy, which is just as well because if you’re a weather witch it never pays to bottle up excess energy. After all, a city can only have so many freak storms in a month before someone starts getting suspicious. That one spectacular blizzard in mid-July had been particularly awkward.

These days she has her coven and she has her gym and between the two she’s got more than enough on her hands to stay busy.

poison witch

Bazine has, honestly, hand on heart, never killed anyone. Well. Not recently anyway. Anyway these days you barely need poison to bring a man down, the minds in this city are so wound up with anxiety and pent up frustration that even the suggestion they might have eaten something tampered with is enough to send them spiralling into self-induced illness so severe they’ll put themselves in the ER. The placebo effect is a wonderful little quirk sometimes.

elemental/tea witch

So the new electric kettle doesn’t look particularly witchy but, Jess thinks, it’s worth it not to spent 20 minutes waiting for the damned stove-heated one to boil and that’s longer than she’s willing to wait for the first of her 3 morning teas. She hopes her clients won’t mind her slight compromise on the whole occult aesthetic, but they’re usually so focused on their own fortunes they rarely notice these small details. People like her tea-leaf readings-Jess is good at telling her clients what they want to hear. And if they demand to know what the leaves truly say? Well. It is mistake they only ever make once.

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Jess, why not acknowledge you are God? Why not celebrate your omnipotence? Rejoice in the the flock of sheepers whose every opinion and action you control? Look, at this point you being THE creator and all-guiding root of all shipping that has ever existed is about as widely known as it is that Tony is Cait's super secret SO. If people are going to suspend all logic and hold you responsible for everything in this fandom, embrace the power! PS-- When is Jessmas and is it a bank holiday?


(August 1st and yes it is. Everyone is invited to my house in the middle of the Canadian Tundra. Be there or be square.)

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WATCH IN 1080 HD! Just a little something I threw together today cause the fog was so cool. I’m already beating myself up for a lot of stuff that I could have done better with this, but I wasn’t even planning on shooting today. Anyways watch and tell me what ya think!

P.S- there isn’t a plot its just some clips thrown together.