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real name: Gitte

nickname: the most used one are Myuu or Myuumyuu (hint to url) or Mayuu as some pronounce Myuu as. At my family they like to use Sisse and in my class they have various versions of my real name suchs as Gitchen (from German classes) Gotte , Gittemor (Gitte mummy in danish), Gitter, GiMiHa (my full name mixed together) and so on…there’s a lot =A=

birthday: March 20 1996

gender: female

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height: 169 cm

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local time/date: September 9th, 10:59

average hours of sleep a night: hmm 7?

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first word that comes to mind: ham (why)

last thing I said to a family member: “ASSFGHJKL WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT” (dad scared me behind a door =A=“)

one place/why it makes me happy: my bed (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

How many blankets I sleep under: One?

last movie I saw in-theater: Guardians of the galaxy~

three things I can’t live without: friends, computer, sleep =A=

I plan on learning: Spanish. I studied German but gave up on it after 4 yeas, sorry, so I’m taking spanish classes now xD

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you all have to listen to this song: True Hearts by aoi shouta, it’s way too cuteeeeeeeee hnggggffffslalbbsld

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I just want to say...


Sakura was trained for this, she’s the medical ninja, so she has to do it

There’s not any “romantic feeling” at the moment.

Do you think Sakura will “love” Naruto just like that? Come on!

I bet she will be terrified when she finds out Sasuke’s condition

Stay calm, guys! No pairing is canon yet :)


NaruHina Month

Day 1 - New Year, New Beginnings

Yes, I’m so late xD

Well I decided to put this amv (mine of course) because of the lyrics. Both of them suffered so much and I know that if they get together, they’ll try to fix each other ;)


NaruHina Month 

Day 3 - How I became a NaruHina Fan

The first time I saw Hinata was in the theorical chunnin exams, when Naruto said “she’s Hinata. A weird girl la la la…” and then I thought “How cute she is! Finally someone who likes Naruto!”

And then, after how she tried to help him, and how she understood him from the beggining (when she watched the fight Kiba vs Naruto) I said to myself: THIS GIRL MUST BE THE ONE! <3

Since then, I ship this adorable couple.

NaruHina Month

Day 5 - Laughter

I wrote a one-shot fic, hope you like this… THING.

And sorry if it has some errors ^^U


Naruto began to eat his ramen he desired so much, while Hinata, sitting beside him, just looked at him with dreaming eyes, ignoring her plate.
It was the first time he invited her to Ichiraku, and the first time they went out anywhere ALONE.

He didn’t say if it was like a date or not, but just being with him was enough for her.
She noticed that he began to pay more attention to her since she tried to save him from Pein, but she never knew if he listened or not to her confession. That made her feel a bit dissapointed. “Oh, no, I’m being selfish again” she thought, so she decided to stop thinking about that and begin to enjoy her meal.

Before she could take the chopsticks, Naruto’s hand took hers.
Hinata let escape a “eep” from her mouth. She was so surprised and her face turned bright red. When she decided to look Naruto in the eyes, she saw that he was bright red too, but something seemed wrong, he was sweating so much…

- Hi… Hinata… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - said the blond while fire ran out from his mouth. - PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME WATER AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Naruto began to jump and move like crazy, it looked like he was dancing on top of the table.
And from nowhere, a big firehose appeared and started to dip Naruto. The amount of water was so much, that Naruto was pushed to the wall across the street.

When the water stopped, Naruto was standing with a not-so-happy face, spitting water and shaking like a dog.
- That wasn’t necessary, Ayane-chan!!! - yelled our favorite blond.
- Oops, sorry Naruto! Hehehe - said Ayane, the responsible of the “attack”.
Hinata was still sitting in her spot, looking at her poor Naruto-kun. She couldn’t stop herself anymore and began to laugh.

- Hinataa?!! - Naruto couldn’t believe what he was seeing
- Hahahahahaha, sorry Naruto-kun! I can’t control it hahahahahaha!
Naruto felt his heart skip a beat “She looks so cute when she laughs, I never saw her laugh like this before…” he thought.
- Hinata, you’re so mean!! He he!! - he replied smiling and getting closer to her.
- No, Naruto-kun, I’m sorry! It wasn’t my intention… haha… - she said cleaning her joy tears.
- I like it when you laugh, you look very cute. - said the guy with a soft voice, looking to her eyes and blushing.
- Oh, th- thank you, Naruto-kun. I’ll… I’ll try to laugh more often then… - she felt like melting. And without thinking, she took the chopsticks and ate a piece of meat from her plate.

Hinata began to run in circles spitting fire. Naruto was in shock.
- It was a new recipe!! I wanted you two to be the first ones to prove it!!
Then again, Ayane took the firehose and “washed” Hinata.
- Co.. cooold - said the Hyuuga shaking on the floor. Her hair was a mess, her jacket was open and her mouth was all red.
- Hahahahahahaha! - yes, Naruto was laughing.
- Naruto-kun!! Oh, this is so embarassing!! - she tried to cover herself.
- Sorry, but you look so funny haha! Here, I’ll take you home - he said, offering his hand.
Hinata took his hand and began to get up, then Naruto pushed her closer and hugged her.
- Naruto-kun?
- Ha, ha! This was the funniest date I’ve ever had!

- Da-date?

Their embrace felt cold and wet, but she never felt more warm and safe in her life.

He hugged her tighter.

- Would you go out with me again?

She never felt happier.

- Ha.. hai!


NaruHina Month

Day 6 - Favorite NaruHina Moment

To know my favorite moment, just watch my amv ^__^

Of course it is ch615, but that’s not the only one.