I can totally see when Bucky gets better and in his right mind Steve teaching him that even though they were on ice they are old and can boss around any person any age 

Dont you just see Bucky and Steve being stupid jerks and punks with each other and the avengers are like ‘what the cap is fun?!’ so Bucky and Steve make a game of saying 'Son just don’t’ to people.

After playing for a couple weeks Bucky wants to win and when Fury is screaming about something Buck goes 'Son just don’t’ and makes Steve laugh till he’s coughing…

Yep if you’re friends with Steve you will learn the 'son just don’t ’


so i have never seen “the first time” movie just haven’t been able to but i want to see it.. any who Dylan O'Brien and Britt Robertson who are the main peeps in the movie are really dating for like 2013 and 2014 i think still dating but!!!! on one hand i am super happy for Dylan O'Brien but on the other hand i am jealous as hell (also i heart couples that meet on shows and then really date)