So on the side of the lorry that Woody and Jessie were in it said Ship It.

Woody and Jessie were in that lorry. This is Pixar clearly telling everyone to ship Woody and Jessie because they were in the lorry alone and it says Ship It on the side. Therefore Pixar want everyone to ship Woody and Jessie.

I love how Jessie comforts Barbie while they’re on their way to Sunnyside.

And when the toys watch Molly toss her into the Sunnyside box she’s the only one to react to really feel bad for her. All Hamm says is, ‘I get the corvette.’

Jessie knows how she feels after Emily put her into a donation box. She doesn’t ignore Barbie’s hurt feelings like the other toys do.

This is why I love her character.

Some Day [A Toy Story Fanfiction]

It was once again that time no toy looked forward to in their lives.

Bonnie was off to college in a few days and the toys were being donated to Sunnyside Daycare.

That is, all except two were going with the others.

Woody learned a day days ago that he was going back to Andy to be his five year old son’s new toy. He was all the most happy to be reunited with the Davis family, but he was being separated from the toys he’d been together with for twenty some years… including Dolly.

Buzz was far from happy when he learned Bonnie was giving him to her little cousin. Jessie hadn’t said much since she found out, but he could tell she was very upset.

Bonnie turned in early that night as she spent the entire day packing. This was the cue for the toys to come to life and get out from the cramped box they were in the whole day.

Woody and Buzz got out of their present bags and joined the other toys for what may be their final night together.

“Well, guys, this is it…” Woody started.

“No, don’t, Woody. This is not it.” Jessie interrupted with his arms crossed.

“Jessie, please, you need to understand…”

“Understand what Buzz, that we may never see each other again?” Jessie said with a look of disdain in her eyes. “What happens now?”

“We move on, Jessie.” Woody said trying to start his speech once more. “I know things are different this time, but you guys are going to a place where you’ll never stop being played with. And lucky for us, Sunnyside has changed for the better.”

“But what about you and Buzz?” Rex asked.

“Buzz and I will be fine. I know we won’t be with you, but you never know what may happen. Maybe some day we’ll be together again.”

The toys agreed that there was a chance. With their luck in the past miracles always happened.

Woody looked over at Dolly who was looking at her feet. The moment she noticed him looking at her, she tried to make a convincing smile.

“Let’s make this last night together something to look back on.”

“Would you can it, Woody?”

Everyone looked at Jessie who was about to cry at any minute.

“There is nothing good about any of this. You’ve been saying that all week. Just shut up, shut up!”

The tears finally came. Buzz put a comforting hand on her back, but then ran off, outside to a familiar tree where Jessie spent a lot of time at.

They were all silent once more. They were all feeling how Jessie felt, but didn’t want to show it.

“Do what you want tonight, guys. Be back here by six in the morning.” Woody said.

The toys looked at one another, confused, but went with whatever their leader said.

“Buzz, spend this last night with Jessie. It will make her feel better. Meet back here at six so we can have a goodbye.”

Buzz agreed and the two toys went in different directions.

TIS BE HALLOWEEN, and Also Goth Jessie's Birthday

But how did she come to be? Well lets head way back in April in  2012…

I was on the bus on my way home, when this song popped on my MP3 and still in the Toy Story fandom I pictured Jessie in the song being all dark, and so the Idea i posted on FB on my Mobile about the idea, as I got home I saw all the comments saying “DO IT”

….What did I do?

So with Ideas brewing up, I come up with a few ideas, using my own Jessie as the other Jessie was in the post from eBay

With the Blueprint done I started with some outfit designs, I couldn’t decide which one to use!

And a few days later I got my gear with Jessie in the mail

So I started with High hopes of dying her hair black…..but the only thing that dyed was her clothes, So I used a Permarker to do the job

now there’s the part with her eye design, which was another thing I wanted to play with

Again with Facebook everyone said it’d be better to stick with the right eye’s design

And after that I wanted to do something about her fringe, which AGAIN I couldn’t decide on what style I wanted to do

But again I just stuck with one colour and it did the job well!

and now for the next part….getting the clothes on, and coz I had to take her head off for it I used hot water at first, but I couldn’t get it back on, so dad said to use the mircowave, after that I manage to slip her head back on so easy….which was when I was stuck with horror

The bottom of her head got so soft that it melted! I was so upset that I wanted to stop my process of making Goth Jessie, it wasn’t gonna happen!

again with the help of my mates they said that I can still do it, all I need was another head, I didn’t want to at first but then I was dead set on getting this doll done! So I’ll have to work without the head for a while….Least it’ll be easy from then! So I started to work on her tights!

Oh yea the bleach bits were because she was breaking out in black spots, no clue on what they were so…..yea, and cuz of all the treatment her body was getting I had to patch up bits and bobs of her

And now for the Jumper to hide up all the mess XD was was a little iffy to sew up but it was made!

I didn’ want to cut the neck piece of her clothing off…so I made her a turtle neck

Oh and before I forget, before doing that I also painted her boots with enamel paint

FINALLY! Her replacement head came in the mail…..and this time i stuck to the hot water method

And what’s the first thing I’d do to her? Paint in her eyes and lips of course!

She was looking Evil already <3 then heading back to the blueprint, time for the skirt and belt!

I got the wristband from Timebomb, I figured it’d make a nice belt with the help from the hotglue gun, and the vest was from primark, 2 pounds for a size 6….OTHER THEN THAT-

There was the matter of dying her hair in permarker and she was Finished, but something was missing….and that was a hat! I spent a while on eBay to find a hat that’d fit her, and by luck I found one, and it was the last one, rather then wait I brought it!

By stroke of luck it fits her! but I wasn’t happy with it being plain, so back to the drawingboard~

I wanted to make it slightly like her oringal hat from the movie, so headed to hobbycraft, found what I needed and went onto “fixing” the hat

And Volia! Goth Jessie’s hat is finished!

And thus I was finally Happy….Goth Jessie is born, Just in time for Halloween, which I decided it’d be her birthday!

And so If ya made it this far into her making I thank you for reading and looking, until Next Halloween~