Worms Are Wonderful

Ever wonder what those little earthworms are up to? Learn why worms are wonderful with Jessi and Squeaks!

I got an anon saying that they thought I used too much editing and didn’t actually sound like that. Which, honestly, I find to be flattering? Anyway, here’s a crappy, unedited clip from my phone that I took for a friend of me messing around at midnight last night (in pjs with crazy hair and day-old makeup). The phone was just sitting on the keyboard so video and sound quality are equally awful. I hope that’s unedited enough! Lmao. Yay for showing your flaws, too. ;)

All that’s left of The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas
LaGrange, TX

The Chicken Ranch was an illegal but tolerated brothel in the U.S. state of Texas that operated from 1905 until 1973. It was located in Fayette County about 2.5 miles (4.0 km) east of downtown La Grange. The business was established by Miss Jessie Williams, and was the basis for the 1978 Broadway musical The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, the 1982 film adaptation, and the famed ZZ Top song, “La Grange”.

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Hmm, well I’m sure I’m pretty much following every Akatsuki-themed blog on tumblr haha but you are probably already following most of them… (most of these are art blogs btw)

There are more, of course, but I’m getting tired haha so here’s this list! I got all of these from posts on this blog, and honestly, the best way to discover new blogs is to go through a blog you like and check out their posts. Anyway, If anyone wants to add blogs, you are welcome! 


For all you fans of The Last of Us, the new Telltale Game Series “Minecraft Story Mode,” will feature Ashley Johnson as Petra: A warrior and friend of main character Jessie. 

We Should Do This Again

Day 2: Fake Dating AU
-I included a little waitress AU because who doesn’t love that hehe.

“Beca Mitchell. You’re 25 and haven’t dated since you’ve left college! Don’t you think it’s time to start thinking about spending your life with someone?” We all know who was saying that. The step monster of the family of course, Sheila. She thought she had every right to tell Beca how to live her life. Not even on purpose! No, that’s just how she is! Ever since the Bellas though, Beca knew she had to try a little harder to care about people. So she tried listening and getting involved with her family a little more.
“Fine.” That’s all Beca could say without causing a ruckus in the house these days. Though she’s lived through it for many years now, so ‘no biggie’.
“That Jessie is so old news! My best friend’s son is going to meet you at the cafe around the corner. Doesn’t that sound fun? He’s a head turner I swear!” Beca could only nod as Sheila gestured to the casual diner.
Finally meeting this kid it was everything Beca expected. Yup. The jock who had no real substance to him, except marijuana. The former Bella couldn’t help but chuckle at her thoughts. She was about to open her mouth to speak but she hesitated as her eyes locked on their waitress coming toward them. Tall, blonde, with a scent of cinnamon clouded Beca’s thoughts.
“Oh my god.” Was all the brunette could process. All of a sudden the mood went from boring, to extreme nerves flooding her mind.
All the waitress could do was laugh. That laugh. Ugh, it was the definition of sexy. Keep cool Mitchell. The guy Beca was supposed to enjoy a date with just stared in confusion. This waitress who was a goddess in disguise had her blonde hair in a high, slightly messy bun. Her hair had strands sticking out in all the right ways that seemed to accentuate the blonde’s face. She was so beautiful.
“Hello, I am here to take your order.” She took a pause as she stared at the obviously awkward situation between the two. “Is there a problem?” The blonde spoke with a beautiful, thick, German accent.
“Uh yeah, can you stop being gorgeous?” Beca’s hands rushed to the rescue, covering her mouth and her cheeks turning a bright pink.
“Thank you.” The waitress replied with a genuine smile. Luckily for Beca, the guy she was with could take a hint. He left the situation muttering some homophobic thing under his breath.
“Ha, that boy didn’t seem too happy. What a shame. He could have at least stuck around for a dinner with you.” The blonde’s hand cupped Beca’s cheek. God is this woman a natural flirt? Beca let out a soft giggle, which was so not like her.
“I-um- am actually not that hungry. You wanna sit down and I’ll tip you anyway?” Wow if Beca Mitchell turned soft, then this woman must be a miracle worker. The blonde nodded and sat down. “Judging by the accent, I’m gonna guess you’re from Germany? Major turn on by the way.” Okay Mitchell you gotta shut up before she thinks you’re a creep. Of course, Beca’s mouth didn’t really take orders from her brain, in more ways than one. “Hey you wanna be my girlfriend…fake of course! Ha.. um, god. Let me start from the beginning. My stepmother wants to make sure I don’t end up, you know, forever alone. It would be awesome if you could come to my place whenever you finish working today…Maybe?” Happy she was just finally able to say something she meant to say.
“You know, that sounds like fun. Tiny Maus.”
“My name is Beca, but I think I honestly prefer Tiny Maus.” She raised her hand to stroke the back of her head in an awkward fashion.
“You can call me Luisa.” Luisa, who simply laughed, rose out of the seat across form Beca to wait on some more customers. Winking at her maus as heels clicked away.

When Luisa’s shift was finally over, she put on a leather jacket and helmet. Then she threw her leg over her motorcycle resting in the back of the restaurant. Recalling the address Beca wrote on one of the napkins, Luisa found the house she was supposed to meet her ‘girlfriend’. Standing confidently at the front door, she pulled her hair out of her work bun and fluffed it out a bit with her hands. Somehow it was barely frizzy as the golden hair fell into waves on her shoulder. Though it didn’t show, she was actually pretty nervous, it’s been a while since she felt nerves. Performing with DSM never shook her up like this.
“Hey babe!” Beca answered the door and immediately threw her arms around the blonde’s neck. Luisa quickly responded by allowing her arms to wrap around the smaller girl’s waist.
Sheila poked her head out the door and had a surprised look on. “Beca! What a pleasant surprise! You? Into girls? Oh I mean there’s nothing wrong with that of course!” Beca took it as a compliment, since Sheila was probably thinking deep down 'at least she won’t grow old with 10 cats.’
The two girls sat together in the living room, snuggled on the couch. Sheila questioned Luisa a bit, but then finally left them alone.
“That Sheila means well maus, doesn’t she?” Luisa’s tone was so relaxed, she clearly eased into this 'fake girlfriend’ thing more than she expected.
“Haha I guess so. It get’s annoying when she starts shoving boys down my throat you know?” Beca replied softly.
“In more ways than one I bet.” The German winked. Teasing her little maus gave her pleasure, while Beca was surprised she hadn’t done another word vomit in front of her. Beca laughed and cocked her head up to look at the warm body she was resting against. “You must be a really good actress, Miss stepmonster seems to be leaving us alone.” Luisa laughed at the brunette’s comment. Admiring the way Beca’s bangs framed her face and the way her body was pressed against her own with their lips just inches away. Luisa leaned forward as their lips touched in a delicate way. Though gentile, Beca leaned forward and pushed into the kiss with a little more force than she meant to put in. What seemed like an eternity made Beca realize, that she was the one. Luisa probably agreed since Beca could feel the beautiful German goddess smile into the kiss.
“We should do this again, Luisa.”
“I agree, Beca.” Tears welling up.
A soft sniffle was the only noise between the two after that as they just enjoyed each other’s company.
“By the way… I wasn’t acting.” Luisa’s lips curled upwards as the cutest smile Beca had ever seen appeared on girlfriend’s face.


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