She was a pilot for Doctors Without Borders, one of the best I’ve ever seen. When the plague catch, she couldn’t get out of China but she still risked getting infected delivering aid to the isolated regions. Before Peng emerged, I used my contacts to help her target the harvested arias. We smuggled food, fuel, other provisions. Once Peng took power and you delivered cure, I slipped into more… diplomatic role. Jessie did not.

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How come "No way out" isn't a more popular episode? Carol's "monsters" story coming back to bite Sam literally on the face,Jessie screaming loud enough to wake the dead (ha),Ron losing it and being taken out via Michonne. The whole Anderson family wiped out like dominoes falling. Good times, girl. Good times!!

I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t watched that episode since the night it aired. I really wanted to take joy in Jessie’s horrid death, but it went by too fast. And Rick had the nerve to get all distraught and shit. 🙄 (Don’t even get me started on those dumbass red flashbacks.) It wasn’t a bad episode, but the way my petty is set up, I couldn’t enjoy it after that. 5x12 - 6x09 is just a bunch of lost episodes for me.

Also. It was followed by THE BEST EPISODE EVER. Why watch No Way Out when you can watch The Next World?

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“What do you think of that, Mr. Pajama-Wearing Basket-Face Slipper-Wielding Clype-Dreep-Bachle Gether-Uping-Blate-Maw BleatheringGomeril Jessie Oaf-LookingScoonerNyaffPlookieShanMilk-DrinkingSoy-Faced ShilpitMim-MoothedSniveling Worm-EyedHotten-BlaughVile-Stoochie Cally-Breek-Tattie''

I’m glad he’s getting another season.