50 new followers in two days warrants cute selfie 😸
This is my “on duty” face. When Jessi ( too-little ) has a bad pain flair up or is not responding to her medicines I watch her and don’t blink because I am the best service kitty and I must be alert.
Being a familiar is very tiring so I only got up long enough to eat my wet food and yell at the front door today. More recent selfies will come later 🔮

haxleyatwell asked:

Picture English Yellow Zoo Cup


Have 4 I’m overdue for some pics on here and keep selfies all on hand


How many languages can I speak? I can order most foods in French but otherwise I wasted three years of class. I can say all prayers in Hebrew, but that is all memorized and I don’t know what it means, and I wasted 8 years of Hebrew school by being a shitty kid that hated it. I can read braille, but not very well and I’m not sure thats another language. I can say random Yiddish phrases???? So 1. I can speak English.

Yellow: My favorite color??? I like to write and draw in red, but I wear a lot of purple, but I look best in blue or black. So all of those


Fav animal???? Dog. I love dogs. I love hedges too but they are not dogs.


I drink both tea and coffee, just depends on my mood.