so I graduated high school today

I also tried to shave my head with my dads electric beard trimmer today and let me tell you high school did not teach me that that’s not a good idea

buckybarnicles asked:

Picture English Yellow Zoo Cup


Have 4 I’m overdue for some pics on here and keep selfies all on hand


How many languages can I speak? I can order most foods in French but otherwise I wasted three years of class. I can say all prayers in Hebrew, but that is all memorized and I don’t know what it means, and I wasted 8 years of Hebrew school by being a shitty kid that hated it. I can read braille, but not very well and I’m not sure thats another language. I can say random Yiddish phrases???? So 1. I can speak English.

Yellow: My favorite color??? I like to write and draw in red, but I wear a lot of purple, but I look best in blue or black. So all of those


Fav animal???? Dog. I love dogs. I love hedges too but they are not dogs.


I drink both tea and coffee, just depends on my mood.

Let Go, Let Flow Ch. 4

You can all give me a collective, “FINALLY!” 

Just a few notes, I had trouble with this chapter, as you know this is my first attempt at a multi chap fic so I was struggling to not keep it dragging, but I also needed it to make sense. I hope I achieved that.  (btw we are starting with a flashback.) Please tell me what you think.  Also, thanks so much for being interested! It means everything to me! Chapter 5 won’t take nearly as long ::pinky promise:: ;) 

It was dark now as Rick walked Jessie  home.  He was quiet, contemplating how he was going to go about doing what he knew he needed to do.

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