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If you think liking a ship that’s based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding is boring or “vanilla~” then fucking drown me in buttercream and call me a cupcake because I live for that shit.

I do this every year. Here are my favorite song released this year.  There was a lot I found this year that I loved thats not on this because it was older stuff.  But here what was released on albums this year.  In no particular order… except Small Black - Real People. THAT ONE IS MY FAVORITE!  Also I was trying to embed them but it just became too many so I just put links instead.

Small black - Real People

Craft spells - Changing Faces

Stars - No One is Lost

Phantogram - Celebrating Nothing

The War on Drugs - Disapearing

Wild Cub - Wild Light

Tom Vek - You’ll Stay

Bored Nothing - Do What You Want Always

Clubz - Golpes Bajos

The Drums - I Can’t Pretend

Royskopp - Sorid Affair

Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna

x priest x - Isn’t it so

Jessie Ware - Tough Love

ASTR - We Fall Down

Tov Lo - My Gun

Years & Years - Real

Day Wave - Nothing at All

Soldier’s Heart - New Housie

Broods - Bridges

Dornik - Rebound

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“Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈”

1] I like that I’m a nice person. I don’t care or know if that’s braggy or tooting my own horn but I am. I truly love that I am nice to everyone and give them all the benefit of the doubt before things go sour if it heads in that direction. 

2] I LOVE that I am named after my father. It means so much to me on a lot of different levels. Personal and not.

3] I love my sense of humor. I crack myself up and I love that I cry now if it’s too funny.

4] I like that I try new things. Be it food or an application to a new job that’s intimidating or even some type of activity. Y’know?

5] I like me.

Uhhh – I won’t tag anyone. You can do it or not. Feel free, everyone and anyone. Tag me so I can see your results. 

Hellish Games

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I’m bored

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Jem Carstairs: Well why don’t we play a game?

Jessie Lovelace: Boring *files fingernails*

Gideon Lightwood: What shall we play then?

Gabriel Lightwood: I know a game *smirks*

Jem Carstairs: Oh no

Gabriel Lightwood: Duck…

Will Herondale: No… 

Gabriel Lightwood: Duck… 

Will Herondale: NO…

Gabriel Lightwood: Duuucckkk… 

Will Herondale: DON’T YOU TOUCH ME

Gabriel Lightwood: DUUCCCKKK….*touches Will’s head*

Will Herondale: JaAaAaMeS *runs away screaming*

Jem Carstairs: I’m done -_-

Be my Corona & Lime (One Shot)

   It was the 4th of July weekend so you and your best friend decided to go to the lake, you asked a couple of your other friends to tag along too. You volunteered to drive considering you had a larger car. So you and all your girlfriends piled into the car with your bags, tents, fireworks, food, and alcohol.

“I am pretty excited to let loose this weekend.” Molly said to you. “I know me too! I wonder who will all be there.” you responded.

  The car ride was mostly quiet aside from the music blaring. Once you arrived to the lake at your friends cabin you unloaded all of the stuff from the car. You went inside and cracked yourself open a coors light.

Hey wanna go wade in the water with me?” Jessie asked behind you. “Sure!” you said walking out of the cabin. 

    You and Jessie splash around the water awhile until you can feel someones gaze stuck on you. You turn around to notice this really attractive boy with dark caramel skin and dark brown hair looking at you.“Who is that boy?” you ask Jessie nodding your head in his direction.“Oh, that’s Jack Gilinksy.” she says with a smile. “Why?”she questions.“Oh, he is really cute so I was just wondering.” you say innocently.

   You and Jessie got bored of the water so you walked back to the cabin. You searched for your buddy Mike who owned the cabin. “Hey Mike, want me to help you make something for dinner?” you ask. “Ya, I am grilling. So you can shuck the corn, and wrap it in tinfoil with butter and salt.” he commands. “Okay.” you say with a smile while sipping your beer.

  You start shucking the corn and Jack walks in. Hey, where is the silverware?” he asks. “They are in that drawer."  You said and pointed. "Okay, thanks.” he responds with a smile. "No problem, will you grab me another beer?“ you ask. "Uh, sure.. What do you want?” he asks walking over to the fridge.“ I don’t care surprise me.”  you say with a smirk. He grabs you a corona and slices you a lime. “Here you go, this is my favorite beer for the lake." he says handing it to you."Oh thank you.” you respond.

   He walks out of the kitchen, and you finished shucking the corn so you brought it out to Mike to grill. “Anything else you need me to do?” you ask. “No there isn’t thank you (Y/N).”he responds and than goes back to grilling. 

   You walk off to go find your friends. On your search you bump into Jack. “Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” he says while catching you. “Oh, no it is my fault, have you seen my friends?”you ask. “Ya, everyone went out on the boat.”he explains. “Wow, so they left us. What are we going to do now?”you say sluring a little bit. “Well, we can take the golf cart out and drive around the lake?”he suggests. “Yes! Let’s go!”you exclaim. “Okay.”he says with a smile.

   He walks with you out to the garage. He opens the door and reverses the golf cart out. “Where do you wanna go?”he asks you. “Hm, I don’t know take me somewhere pretty.”you respond smiling. He takes you off to the public beach, he parks the golf cart and takes your hand. He leads you to the end of the dock, and you both sit down and stick your toes into the water. “Why haven’t I seen you around?”he asks. “To be honest I was asking myself that, because me and Mike have been friends for a long time.”you explain. “Hm, well that is weird.  I know I would’ve remembered you.”he says. “Why do you say that?” you ask. “Because, I think you are really pretty.”he explains. When he says that you start to blush. “Thank you, I am getting cold. Can we head back?”you ask. “Sure.”he says helping you to your feet.

  You walk into the house and it is still empty. “Jack, mind grabbing me another beer?”you holler walking out to the deck to see if Mike finished grilling. “Ya, no problem.”he says walking to the kitchen. He walks out to the deck with another corona. He hands you the beer and says, “Will you be my corona and lime?’and gives you a kiss. 

I don’t think Jessie is being abused. I think the boy is being abused by Jessie.

It’s too linear, what they’re showing us. It’ll come right out of the comics, and that would be fine, but it’s too obvious. There has to be a twist. And I think that if Jessie, the supposedly pure, boring, house wife, that everyone thinks is sooo innocent and weak, would be the bad guy, would be a lovely twist. 

Think about it. Rick is about to go ape shit over Pete. Then Michonne can still have her moment with hitting Rick over the head with the rock, which I would LOVE. And then she can put Rick in time out, and can go all Sherlock and find out the truth about Jessie. 

Idk, I just think things are too in our face this season. Like “OH HERE’S THIS PRETTY RANDOM BLONDE CHICK, LIKE HER!” “OH HERE’S HER HUSBAND HE DRINKS AND IS A LITTLE CREEPY, HE’S BAD DISLIKE HIM!” It’s either they’re setting us up for a twist, or their writing is getting sloppy. What do you guys think?

One of the kids I’m babysitting is an 8 year old girl who plays piano (quite well for her age) and she’s learning ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and that’s lovely and cute and I’m so proud of her progess bUT AT THE SAME TIME IF I HEAR THIS SONG ONE MORE TIME I AM GOING TO THROW MYSELF OUTSIDE IN THE SNOW 

To people who follow me:

Why do some of you just follow me for no reason? Like I see your blog has stuff I have interest in, but I seriously am confused when there’s no reblog or like before it?

Just a random thought…


SciShow Kids: Odd Facts About Sloths

Sloths might be slow and spend much of their time sleeping, but they’re definitely not boring. Jessi shares three weird facts about sloths!