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So, I would like to cosplay Doppel-chan from Monster Musume, but I'm not sure how I would do her hair. It wraps around her whole body. Do you have any tips or ideas? Thank you for your time!

I suggest creating a sturdy framework for the spiral shape. I think a thick gauge wire inside foam tubing might work for the size but Chicken wire is a possibility too. Make sure your frame is thinner than what you want your final to be, since adding wefts will add bulk. 

When you have the shape formed you may want to paint it white, just to help hide it in the hair. 

You will want to attach this framework to the wig.  I suggest stitching it on for a secure hold! This Jessie wig tutorial shows this step.

After you’re happy with your framework, start applying wefts to the frame. This can be done with white glue, hot glue, wood glue or silicone caulking. (I prefer white glue because it’s a bit more forgiving, and hot glue if I want a quick hold.) Place the first set of wefts so the ends are past the bottom of the frame. [Pic Below] That way you can style it into a thin point. I would suggest giving yourself two inches, or more, to work with. 

Once the bottom is wrapped, you would add the next set of wefts higher up. Overlap your previous weft with 1-2 inches of this set. [Pic Below] That way the top of your previous weft is fully hidden. Repeat until you reach the top, or close to the top. 

Continue this process up the structure. Once the structure is covered to your satisfaction, start attaching the wig’s fibers to your structure. This will further attach the frame to your wig, and will help hide where the frame meets the wig.

These building onto a wig tutorials will be a big help for this process. I suggest looking through all of them to get an idea of how this works and how layering the hair is done.

Hope this helps!

Imagine Harry and Ginny getting invited to a costume party and Harry being excited because he had a red headed girlfriend and they could dress up as Woody and Jessie from Toy Story.
Then Ginny wanting the twins to be a part of it too and the twins show up as Jessie. Both of them. 

The rest of the night all 3 of them try to steal Harry for photos and everything and Harry is extremely uncomfortable.

Then Draco is in the corner holding a Jessie wig, a single tear going down his face and I just