jessie stop talking

the kylo ren concept art is really telling honestly

what we could have had: scary cyborg villian (space hamlet much)

what we got: pretty boy scar, obviously not trying to look too scary (or goofy), hes still clearly human… showing that humanity

and of course my personal favorite: (im not screaming gray jedi/redemption arc, I just have a blue lightsaber for the aesthetic)

now that i am a dashing one (1) chapter into philosopher’s stone (i know, i know, i am rocking harrypottersummer), can i have a moment to gush about how much i love that first chapter? because it’s that chapter, more than any other chapter in the whole series, that reads like a fairy tale. it’s simultaneously cosy and promising of adventures to come - it reads like a children’s tale in the best way possible.

“the boy who lived” feels like being eleven years old, with a toy wand in your hand and fake round glasses sliding off your nose no matter how many times you push them back up again, and crawling into a blanket fort where j k rowling is waiting, holding a flashlight to her face and telling you about how you’re about to go on the biggest adventure of your life - and damn right you are.

you know, you don’t need to diminish the value of one character in order to justify liking another one. it’s okay to like morally wrong or less ~pure~ characters (and believe they can change) without having to knock down other characters, who lets face it, haven’t done anything wrong comparatively

  • harry: *arrives at grimmauld place* so, what is this place?
  • ron: it’s headquarters.
  • dad: yeah, i wonder what these two were doing before harry arrived?
  • hermione: of the order of the phoenix. it's a secret society. dumbledore formed it back when they fought you-know-who.
  • harry: couldn't have put any of this in a letter, i suppose?
  • dad: they were probably busy with other things