jessie season 3

I had a thought last night…

Snotlout/Fishlegs-as-Thor Bonecrusher is kinda like… Jessie/Spanish!Buzz in Toy Story 3.

Like… this other side to this person they’ve known a long time (a decade or more) that makes them feel things

And uh… both Fishlegs and Buzz sort of turned to the dark side for a bit, too. Not through their own volition, though. 

I literally just compared Fishlout to a MAJOR OTP of mine that is a big deal okay.

We talking about the same Barry Allen who sang his proposal? Had constant nightmares of her dying? Cooked her breakfast at 6am? Bought her a loft? Did nothing but watch musicals when they weren’t together? Stole her wallet and gave it back just to talk to her? Ran to God knows where to do a do-over date? Made Iris a flower decoration that said ‘Iris’? The man that always said “There’s no Flash without Iris West”? The same man who “did it” with her 3 nights in a row with her? Who loved her since they were kids? Who he claimed came first in her life? Who “wanted to succeed” in their relationship? Who planned on “living a long life” with her? Who does everything for her? Who looked like a homeless man when she actually did die? That Barry Allen? Yeah, I don’t buy it.

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