jessie season 2

  • Barry: *Finishes saving the day, just kissed the girl he was after practically his whole life, has all of his buddies here to support him. But is still upset about his parents.*
  • Me: Hoe don't do it.
  • Barry: Travels back in time and fucks everything up.
  • Me: Oh My God.

“We’re not a team. This is competition” 

                             - Jessica H.O (a.k.a Jessi) 

The Signs As Unpretty Rapstar 2 Contestants
  • Aries: Yezi
  • Taurus: Gilme
  • Gemini: Truedy
  • Cancer: Ahn Soomin
  • Leo: Hyolyn
  • Virgo: Jiyoon
  • Libra: KittyB
  • Scorpio: Ash-B
  • Sagittarius: Yubin
  • Capricorn: Heize
  • Aquarius: Sua
  • Pisces: Kasper