jessie lau

……..see y'all ….y'all are making come out of myself and act a TOTAL and absolute fool.

I will be honest. I do not go back and hate idols for shit they did before I was into Kpop. I acknowledge those screw ups, yes. But if I didn’t know they existed, I can’t go back and be mad at them. I hold them accountable for what they do now that I am here. Since I’ve known who Henry was, he has done NOTHING but shitty stuff. I started to like him, and then he went through Nana’s underwear. That ONE incident = three strikes. Ever since then, it’s been downhill for him.

SO NO, fuck his apology. Jessi wanna join him? She can get this work, too. GIRL. Just because you have a tan and a participation certificate in playing Nigga, does not mean you can accept an apology that didn’t offend you to be-fucking-gin with. Here’s an invitation to yo ass down somewhere.

What type of headassery is going on in this here 2017?

Black Kpop Fans

I just need to rant. So, I was having this confrontation with @musicspeaksk (thanks for blocking me by the way) because she thought it was embarrassing that black fans are having issues with idols wearing dreads and braids that are greatly (hella) significant to the culture. She was like it was just a hairstyle and that since black women especially wear blonde wigs and shit, straighten their hair, wear or have blue (colored contacts) eyes, and blah blah, wouldn’t that be culture appropriation too. *cough* *cough* like most nb people say and that we should get over it. Basically she was just being fake woke and stuff. Honestly over here in America, I know it’s an issue and people can and are reluctant to “share” their culture. I dont know how it is in Jamaica so I’m not commenting on that. And with that last sentence, she was talking over me when her experiences are way different than mine. I don’t know much about Jamaica so I know in my right mind that I ain’t gon say nothing about it. She on the other hand was talking like she thoroughly researched about the issues we have going on over here. As I repeatedly called her ignorant and narrow minded (like a lot) she just kept denying it and saying that just because my opinion is different that doesn’t mean I’m ignorant and narrow minded. Her “evidence” was weak and it was pissing me off that she kept saying us black fans are PLAYING VICTIM because we can appropriate just like everyone else. Her ass was exclusively coming for the community when communities around the world do it not just black people. She was practically just typing bullshit the whole time.

Honestly all I have to say, if us black kpop fans have a problem with how idols are styling their hair and what not, don’t invalidate our feelings. If you’re black and you don’t have a problem with it, don’t shut us down. Just say you don’t have a problem and go. We don’t go through so much bull just for you to tell us we’re over reacting and stuff (and this goes for everyone). And I know black people aren’t the only ones who trip when someone disrespects their culture. It just happens to us a lot because of the way black music influences k-music whether it’s pop or hip hop. Just be open minded when we don’t agree with the idols and rappers because they’ve been fucking up a lot recently.