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How to make a Disney Channel show (aka, Disney is obsessed with using the same set of characters over and over again)

Many people feel the need to have a really smart character. It’s important that the girls look flawless, but the guys should look like as much of a geek as possible.

To make the above character look smarter, you can add a dumb character. Make sure to give them a very confused facial expression as often as possible, and let them ask questions that should be obvious for someone their age.

You’ll always need a guy who’s character relies for about 50 % on their looks. Why else would anyone watch the show?

To match the  hot guys, you’ll need a girl who is so flawless, you begin to feel like they can’t possibly be real.

The audience needs someone to laugh at, right? This is where you add either a character who is incapable of understanding the word “no” or a character who is just considered a “loser” by most people. And try not to give them too much character development.

But to keep the smart person from seeming boring, we need the rebel friends who doesn’t care about grades, and who always get’s their friend in trouble. But don’t worry, you can always fix it up with a sappy apologizing scene at the end.

There has to be some kind of official antagonist. My suggestion, is you go with Matteus Ward, or at least someone who looks like him. Or you can go with a stereotypical blonde girl.

Every show needs grownups. Keep them there for, comic relief, embaressing the kids, being protective, giving deep motivational speeches and cry upon realizing that their kid’s are growing up.

He’s actually the butler

Not a parents. He’s their sensei.

Not a parent. He’s an uncle.

Add a couple of cute kids and animals

Or if everything fails, just throw in a bunch of boyfriends and girlfriends that we’re all gonna forget anyway.

Or, you know, do something original instead

Here’s trailers to all the shows I’ve been using. 

Good Luck Charlie

Pair of Kings (not a good version)

Shake it up


A.N.T Farm

Lab Rats 

Austin and Ally 

Dog with a blog 

Liv and Maddie 

Kickin It 

I didn’t do it

Girl meets world

Mighty Med 


THE ACTUAL FINAL FINALE of Movie Obsessions #3: Tonight PT2

Oyy hope ya saw Part 1. I worked hard on those >:c

Sorry I can’t draw sexy, they end up more cute or kawaii………. kawexy.
Maybe I should’ve just have her kissing his cheek. I dunno. You tell me.  Either way I’m dead on the inside.

I may not see em romantically involved with eachother in the actual series but boiiii, gimme a well constructed AU with ‘em and I’ll give em the most classy wedding, 38 beautiful children, an economically stable life and love all around for all I care.


HIT THAT REBLOG BUTTON if ya heard it in their voices- HAH!

I put she cuz Musashi’s the one living with them in the AU…. or… are they living with her?……. nah totally the first one.

Folks thanks for sticking around and having to put up with my obsession, I’ll apologize if needed LeL.

Littledom Castle and other Tales. by Mrs M H Spielmann

Illustrated by Arthur Rackham, Kate Greenaway, Hugh Thomson, Harry Furniss, C. Wilhelm, Madame Ronner, Rosie Pitman, Jessie M. King, and Phil May

First Edition 1903 - Scarce thus in such bright clean condition 


Another “challenge” thingie of just draw random characters I did with my pal @takeuchi15.

For some reason it took ages to post it but there you have it now hohohoho

Go and check his part here! –> (X)  c:

If you stay just know I’ll love you, if you leave just know I’ll miss you, and when you’re gone just know I’ll always remember you.

“You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face, and show the world all the love in your heart; and people ‘gonna treat you better, you’re gonna find that you’re beautiful as you feel!”

Day 91: Carole King (Beautiful: The Carole King Musical)