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Today I went for a drive on the search of the newest Vanity Fair Magazine that has Carrie Fisher on the cover. The most beautiful, elegant, absolutely stunning photograph of her I have ever seen.

It was beautiful out. I was able to drive without my sweater, with the windows down or even cracked, blasting music and it was just me and the road. Had I not had my mom’s car and responsibilities…I would’ve kept driving and get outta Chicago\Indiana since I was headed to good ol Munster.

Anyway, I searched for it, no luck. Went to three other stores and had no luck. I was starting to accept defeat. Realized I’ll just suck it up and order it online and not be able to examine the cover and pages personally.

I got home, mom asked if I wanted to go with her and my aunt to Macy’s. Y’know, so they can shop for shit. I was like ‘eh ok’. Might as well, right? I knew I wasn’t going to see the guys today because of last nights event. [oh hey….I got a black jean jacket for cheap. Summer’s approaching but ya girl gotta have a nice black jean jacket]

Outside I go. I asked my uncle if he could google some searches and places to find the magazine for me since I won’t be home and my phone was near death. Turns out, the magazine doesn’t come out until June 6th.

Shit you not though, I saw people with a fucking copy already!

Anyway, I’ll get it soon then.

I tried this little number on because I have a wedding [sort of] to go to and I was like “uhh….do I have to wear a dress?” because I’m not a girly girl. but let me tell you:

Taking my clothes off in the dressing room, it was the first time I wasn’t disgusted with what I saw. I always hate how my body looks inside those rooms. Everything is so well lit and you can see the indents from my belt or my pants hugging me or even my bra if it was tight against my skin.

Once I zipped this little number all the way up, my mom came to see how it looked and I looked down at my stomach and it wasn’t sticking out as it always does and I was in shock. I looked up at the mirror again and I saw my waistline and how my boobs looked. My mom loved it, so did my aunt. I turned to my mother and I circle my belly and go: “See? See? you can’t tell me you don’t see it” – and what I’m referring to is the weight loss. 

I’ve been dieting since late April and it’s already late May. I was stuck at the same weight for a while. I’m not 10 pounds lighter but I’m close and she was basically giving me shit for it. So that’s why I’m like “see?”. 

I can tell in my face actually, which is a fucking DELIGHT. 

I did however, see myself in another mirror with my regular street clothes back on and didn’t care for some things I seen but I know it could be worse and I’m not beating myself up over it because I had a shit ton of beer this weekend and pizza. 

I don’t know.

I need work but I did enjoy the way this dress made me feel a few hours ago.

I’m just happy I didn’t hate how my body looked in a full length, well lit, crystal clear mirror.

I’ve got ways to go…but….I don’t know. 

There’s also something about how positive someone is in your life, about you, that makes you feel good. Like….’you love the parts of me I don’t.’

Jessi out.





Day 2 of C2E2.

Aaron’s turn to enjoy it even though he’s been before.

Lino, Steven and myself showed up, I got separated from them and I met up with Aaron who was with Kenni, Krystal, Jazz and Ricky. It was nice seeing them as well.

Walled to the con floor, met up with Kyle, Steven and Lino.

This was Lino’s last day since he couldn’t go Sunday so again, we were in “Artist Alley” practically all day.

Again, didn’t take a lot of photos either. I was walking around looking at absolutely everything as I tend to do every year for the past 7 years.

Aaron was with us all morning\evening. Having him around was fucking gold. Since he moved we didn’t talk so much so it’s nice to see him for the 2nd Saturday ina row.

Got beer with Kyle and Aaron, met up with Steven and Lino again. Bought some more shit. Steven took photos and I can’t wait til he uploads them.

Saturday night was pretty normal. We all went home. 


Day 1 of C2E2.

I’ll keep my posts short since I have like 4 total.

Friday was amazing. It was Lino’s first C2E2. He, Steven and myself took the train and met up with Kyle. 

We bumped into Kenni and Krystal, told them we’re all planning to meet up at Brewfest after the convention and we all split up, checked out many different artists in “Artist Alley” and Lino was just so in love with it all.

I can’t remember too many specific things because the three days just come together as one and were epic. 

Didn’t take a lot of photos other than what you really see here.

Kevin and Mitch drove to Brewfest. Aaron was coming out from Kentucky for C2E2 Saturday and met them at Brewfest.

I show up with Kyle, Lino and Steve and Kat was there as well!

We literally had a full table and put a smaller one together because Kenni and Krystal did show up.

Fucking brilliant. 

Beer at C2E2, beer at Brewfest. Rad hangs. Comics. Card games. Music? COME ON. Friday was perfect. 


Met Kman outside the Damen Blue Line stop, walked to the Sub T.

Grayscale was setting up, we got there right on time. They did a great job.

We left right after. While the singer from the headliners “As it is” came out to sing with Grayscale, his voice was just a no for me. I’m sorry.

He came out and I look at Kman “who is that?” Because I shit you not, I thought it was Aaron Carter.

Hopped on the train and went to Dante’s for the first time. We ordered this delicious fucking pie.

Tomatoes, red and green peppers, onions and spinach.

The guy sitting next to me, writing in his journal was like “that’s a beautiful pizza”. Hell yes it is\was. That guy was really adorable.

Anyway, I loved hanging with Kman. We both sported Menzingers hoodies.

I saw his apartment and I loved the layout of it. It made me want to move so bad. I already want to, but shit. I have that itch.

Had a lot of rad conversations with Kman. It was a good hang.

not-that-into-labels  asked:

You are like my favorite song....i won't ever get tired of you and will always love you ;) (no game at all see) also I dont go on anon with these SICK flirting skills xD

what the fuck are you talkin bout m8 you fucking have game bruh look here at this talk about sweep a girl off her feet you dun even need lessons buddy


Hiatus is a dark time for all involved, with all the ship-wars and drama it is easy to lose sight of why we are all hanging around here in the first place. Like the Swiftie of the Day and Secret Santa/Valentine events this is all about bringing people together, getting to know each other and getting excited about Taylor!

                           ✨ SO, HOW DOES IT WORK? ✨ 

  • The plan is to start a group chat using iMessage!
  • ((HOWEVER if you don’t have iMessage but you would be interested in joining, please message me anyway, and if there are enough people who are interested I will consider a different platform)) 
  • The group chat is going to be for anything Taylor-related primarily, discussions about her outfits, TS6 conspiracy theories and anything else you can think of 
  • A real focus is on POSITIVITY and creating a safe, happy place, so the rule is ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, do not say it at all’.
  • This will not be the place to drag Taylor, her friends or anyone else in the public eye. It is about celebrating the positive elements of this community! 
  • That being said, it will also be a place to share the good stuff happening in your life. Just baked a really cool cake but don’t know who to tell? We want to hear about it! Not sure whether to buy that top? Send us a photo and we will tell you how cute you look! 
  • The whole point of the group is so that nobody feels alone, so there will be no quotas to fill. If you want in this group, you can join - if it comes down to it I will have two separate groups running at the same time to keep things manageable! 


  • If you could, I understand if not, follow me for more updates and to keep in the know!
  • Message me, ask or IM, with your name, timezone and the email address associated with your Apple ID so I can add you when the group gets up and running (which will be in the next 48 hours, dependent on the response this gets)
  • Reblog this and tell your friends so as many people as possible get the chance to be involved!