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Just One More Time

I have been asked for a sequel for “Just Once“ a Modern OQ AU I wrote a while back and I finally managed to finish it! Heavy on the DragonQueen friendship, RegalBeliever, DragonBeliever and FairyQueen. Features an OQ reunion and smut so read at your own risks! (Also the song the band performs is inspired by “You to me are everything” by Sean Maguire)

A big shoutout to my darling precious cutie Manon who read and corrected this when I couldn’t look at it anymore (she is the one who approved this, just blame her, i know i usually do). Also dedicating this to Em, Moma Duchess because i love her and i’m proud of her and consider this encouragements for quiting smoking and that damn paper darling; to Carol, who is on hiatus but I hope she’ll be able to read this and enjoy; Jessie, my wonderful twin, who was a real cheerleader about this and Abelle for the encouragements.

Well that was a long A/N, i’ll just shut up now and let you read! FF link

Nobody barges into the office of Regina Mills, formerly Blanchard, CEO of Blanchard Industries, without facing serious consequences, and most probably a very painful death. Nobody, ever, except for Mallory Cent, who has most certainly been raised by wolves or dragons, and never learned the most basic etiquette.

“We’re going out tonight,” the tall blonde announces. The intrusion and the loud clatter of the door hitting the wall is so unexpected that Regina actually jumps, her friend’s words not quite registering.

“What?” Regina asks, gaping a little at the woman strutting towards her.

“We are going out tonight,” Mal repeats, enunciating every word slowly and clearly. 

“You know you can’t just burst in here and make me go out. What about Henry? I’m guessing wherever you’re taking us isn’t children friendly?” Regina replies, rolling her eyes.

“Already took care of it. I arranged everything with little Miss Tink as she was trying to stop me from coming in here. You’ve got a babysitter for my favourite little brat and I know you have no fancy party to attend, so you’re all mine.” The blonde whispers the last part, leaning over the massive desk, a dangerous glint in her eyes.

Regina sighs, knowing there is no stopping her headstrong friend now that she doesn’t have any excuse left. “Can I at least know where we’re going or is this another one of your secret operations to get me laid?”

Mal’s sudden, strange smirk makes Regina uneasy.

“We’re going to a pub, for good old times’ sake. I heard about a band performing there. They’re pretty great it seems. Maybe you know about them?” She says, laying a poster in front of Regina.

The moment Regina sees the name of the band and the faces on the picture, she feels the colours draining from her face and she is glad she is already sitting down. 

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