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My mind thought shippy, but my stomach says otherwise… I think I still nailed it.
I don’t think I ship anything at all, but I step off my comfy zone to include some shipping and handling in my comics for you people- THAT’S RIGHT THIS IS ALL FOR YOU ♥♥♥

Kim’s Log:
Date: 21/01/2016

It seems plenty of earth rotations have passed and I have yet to update my drawing blog, certain circumstances seem to intrude. In other words…

  • My drawing hand is starting to sting and twitch since the beginning of this blog so I can’t be constantly drawing like before.
  • I think it was that Gemsona comic, I pushed my hand a bit too much, so I needed to take it easy this week.
  • I was finishing a long commission…. I don’t want to know about Monster Hunter for the rest of my life….

My hand is doing better now though… ALSO I have many TR comics in mind and I hope I get around them next week. Have a good night to you all ♪