jessie bb15


Not even the HGs of Season 15 could take Season 15 seriously


The “Showmantress”
Most likely to get into a showmance or pursue a showmance and work that into her game. Will play the flirt card. Will rely heavily on her male partner to get her further in the game. Has to choose her showmance partner wisely because if he gets evicted from the game, she’ll follow him out the door soon afterward. If she can’t get into a showmance, she will have a very difficult time in the game and won’t have any true/solid alliances. Examples include Ashleigh (BBCAN3), Jessie (BB15), Liza (BBCAN), Rachel (BB12), April (BB10).

The Poser
When Big Brother gets meta. A young male who idolizes past players and plays up to the cameras. They will raise a lot of suspicion in the early going. This guy is all about getting airtime, becoming a memorable TV character, and making All-Stars. That’s why they love to make big, grandiose speeches. The edit will make them seem like a strategic mastermind but in reality they’re being outplayed by everybody else. Examples include Kevin (BBCAN3), Zach (BB16), Arlie (BBCAN2), Nick (BB15), Brian (BB10).

The Dumb Jock
Athletic. Similar to the Alpha Male Villain except he’s less aggressive and his gameplay isn’t as chaotic (so he isn’t a huge liability to his alliance). Seen as disposable. Easy to manipulate. A “nice guy” but not really. High likelihood of ending up in a showmance. Examples include Bobby (BBCAN3), Caleb (BB16), David (BB15), Shane (BB14), Brendon (BB12).

Other Archetypes: The Manic Pixie Dream Girl, The Alpha Female, The Secretly Smart Model, The Parent, The Alpha Male Villain, The Male Heartthrob

Nicole leaving is literally a repeat of Jessie leaving last year, think about it.

- 8th evicted
- stabbed in the back by her “loyalties”
- going out blowing shit up
- laid low in the beginning of the game and got booted when she actually started playing
- “I don’t even wanna be around these people, to be honest.” Vs. “I hate all of these people.”

ALSO @jocastachrist just reminded me that both of their showmances were the second evicted on double eviction night

it’s like a parallel universe


Everyone love each other and watch