Not a Superhero ¡! Jen, Jess, & Hulk

Jennifer had little time to process everything. The announcement had been made over the intercom and teachers began herding students out of classrooms and over to the auditorium. She was worried, she didn’t know where any of her friends were, where Bruce was. Hell, the last thing she’d done was yell at him before storming off. She hoped he was okay. It was only after leaving the school building that she saw it. The big green massive monster destroying the school grounds. Rubble was being thrown everywhere as agents began helping the teachers with the students. It was as one giant fist hit the ground creating a quake and splitting the ground that she ended up getting separated from her class, moving quickly she dodged as part of the cafeteria wall came at her?! She was at a loss of what to do and in over her head. Getting to the auditorium was the only thing on her mind, arriving there meant safety.