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1. How do you order your coffee/tea?     

Coffee: Regular with a enough cream and sugar so that the coffee is still a little strong
Tea: A dirty chi tea please

2. What would amortentia (the love potion from Harry Potter people) smell like to you? (Three wonderful scents you love in case you aren’t up to date on your Harry Potter potions.)

The smell of purple, the smell of Halloween, and freshly opened yu gi oh cards  

3. Crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

In a PB&J it depends on the bread. But for general use, creamy.

4. Do you like to burn candles?

I love fire so… yeah

5. Do you prefer a back pack, tote bag, or to just carry your school books around?

I always have my backpack yo. I am an adventurer and adventurers always have what they need in a back pack (examples: Finn the Human, and Dora the Explora)   

6. Favorite yoga move/position?

I really wanted to put a pose that is used to open up the heart chakra but the one I use most in everyday work outs would be sarvangasana.

7. Which member of One Direction is your favorite, or least hated?

I know nothing about One Direction. But once I was hanging out with Kevin the Caufild’s friends and we were giving each other One Direction inspired band names and mine was “Wrong Direction” which I loved because it fit perfectly :)   

8. Polka dots, stripes, or paisley?


9. What color pen do you prefer to write with?

My favorite color black

10. What is your favorite non-domesticated animal?

Tiger preferably a white tiger  


1. Favorite Lantern Corp from the Green Lantern series? (PS: they are designated by color which represents a specific emotion. They are as follows: Red = Anger, Orange = Avarice, Yellow = FEAR, Green = Willpower  Blue = HOPE, Indigo = Compassion, Violet = Love) 

2. Favorite book you were forced to read in High Shcool?

3. Favorite punctuation mark? ( .,?!:;- )

4. What martial art interests you the most, and why?

5. Most memorable comic book experience?

6. Your view on drugs, and specifically weed?

7. What do you believe my voice to sound like?

8. How do you feel about frogs?

9. Favorite video game?

10. What was the last dream you had? (be as detailed as possible, and it must be the last dream you remember having)