TEN YEARS AGO THIS MONTH: These pages are from my favorite Jeffrey Brown comic, which was published in the Drawn & Quarterly Showcase (book two, June 2004). I’m not sure about the title of the comic (it doesn’t seem to have one), but it says that it was based on true events. Also, sorry about the poor quality of the scans.

Anyway, I was talking with Jessica Campbell and Aaron Renier about this comic during the weekend of CAKE, and then I found the D&Q book when I was unpacking boxes a few days later.

The comic itself is much, much darker than Brown’s usual fare. Both the subject matter and the imagery are quite disturbing, and there’s an intentional raggedness to the narrative, so that the pieces don’t quite fit together, and the reader is left with many of their own questions and concerns.

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend tracking down this anthology, which also features work by Pentti Otsamo and Erik De Graaf. …We can always cross our fingers for a re-print of Brown’s piece.