But then again, it took several years of living in France for me to learn how to speak French. It took an entire childhood if growing up with Horatio for me to understand Spanish. New languages are not something you can pick up overnight. They take time. Patience. The willingness to change the way you think about what you already know.

52 Reasons To Hate My Father by Jessica Brody

Dating Justin Foley Would Be Like

Hey guys! So this is a kind of mini imagine on what dating Justin would be like, because I find him to be one of the most interesting characters in the show. Message me if you want more imagines, on 13 Reasons or any of the shows I’ve listed on my profile.

Now thats out of the way, here’s a post on what dating Justin Foley would be like

1. That smile

He’d look at you from across the hall and from the far side of the classroom with that smile, and when Zach and Marcus and Alex teased him about it he would get a little sheepish but he still wouldn’t keep his eyes off you

2. Cutting class together

You’d text him that you were bored in US History and the guy would probably come knocking on the door claiming the office needed you, and you two would just get in the car and go hang out somewhere

3. 100% entertainment

He would probably burst into your Trig class at some point and start singing or something, just for the hell of it

4. You’d get an education

Seriously, can anyone play poker like Justin Foley can? Can anyone ace beer pong like the man himself? Within two weeks of dating him you’d be the MVP of every party. Also, you’d become such a pro at Call of Duty after spending hours on the couch being taught how to play it with his arms around you and his affectionate exasperation when you fail

5. He probably has a goofy side

There are days when you catch him acting like a little kid, especially around the lake and stuff. He sees you watching and sheepishly tries to be all jock dude again when you laugh

6. He defends you

Seriously, one word against you from anyone and Foley is at their throats. Once, Marcus Cole said you had a nice ass and he spend a day in the nurses office with a black eye

7. He’s down for anything

Spontaneous trip to New York? Jumping in the school pool fully clothed? TP-ing the school? Yeah, Justin’s been there, done that

8. He loves you for making him better

Since you got together, Justin realized what it meant to have someone he had to keep himself together for. He started trying in class, stopped spending his weekends in a boozy haze and got a part time job to add to his résumé. NYU just accepted him. And all because he wanted to make you proud.

9. He has his broken moments, and that’s okay

He’s come to your doorstep at midnight more times than you can count, broken and nursing cuts on his face after his moms new guy bust him up. He’s spent days out of school waiting for his mother to be discharged from hospital with alcohol poisoning, and you were there with him, holding his hand which was cold as ice in that sterile hospital hallway. That was okay, though. Because his mom realized what she was doing, and joined AA meetings. It was okay, because Justin had you

10. Nothing can faze him

He’s been through hell, that boy. Once you hit rock bottom you only go up.

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