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I’m seeing a thinkpiece on why Jessica Jones will beat Supergirl and, like…

*Grabs Megaphone*

Women are not subject to the rules of Highlander! There can be more than one female-led superhero show! They can serve different demographics and interests! Stop pitting all women against each other in some sick, subtly sexist Battle Royale!

*puts down Megaphone*

*picks up Megaphone*

Did anyone lose a Megaphone? I found this one and it has the name Brittany on it but I’m not Brittany, so like…

Journals That Pay For Poems: A Resource

All of the amazing conversation springing from this project has been really enlightening and invigorating.  I’m really happy to have played any small part in lifting the taboo on talking about money in the poetry world, and I hope that we’ll continue to dig deeper and deeper into it.

That being said, it’s as important to me to offer resources for writers and editors as it is to offer a platform for this conversation.  A lot of people have been asking me if there are enough journals to submit to that pay writers, and when I started out I wasn’t actually sure.  But the more I’m digging the more I’m finding.  And it occurred to me that together we can pool our knowledge and create a really comprehensive resource for those looking to submit to paying journals.

So, I started a google document that I’ve made publicly available.  Anyone who wants to can read it, use the information, share it and (hopefully!) add any resources they know about to the list.

Click here to go to the document:

Journals That Pay For Poems

It is FAR from comprehensive so far, but I have started to populate it and will continue to add to it this entire year.  I’d be really really grateful if you all would also start adding to it also, since this entire project is about community!  

Thanks so much for jumping on board this crazy, crazy train with me.  I continue to look forward to hearing your thoughts on the value of poetry, whether they align with mine or not.  And please feel free to comment, share, like and reblog posts on this site.  The more people involved in the conversation the more change is possible.


I’ve got a feeling of direction, and I’m savoring it as I get to creating.  My stakes are exciting right now, I don’t have to be making masterpieces because I’m tuning into this medium that drives me wild.  At work, milling lumber with buds in my ear, an electric current goes up my spine while I silently rejoice to the voices of David Sedaris or Scott Carrier and their intriguing narrative flavors.

Is there a term for a sommelier of broadcasting? My production skills are slow growing, but my taste and appetite for storytelling are developing without a struggle.

In maintaining my radio nerd zest I snagged a copy of this comic called Radio: An Illustrated Guide that Ira Glass teamed up with Jessica Abel to create.  Over the course of thirty pages, we see how an episode of This American Life is made.  It was published in 1999.  It is a fun read for the TAL enthusiast, and as a sapling to audio production, it’s a pleasurable peek into the analog methods of editing.  There are frames of Ira literally cutting tape reel-to-reel.  It’s fucking romantic.

What really swept me over was this portion describing Alix Spiegel’s entry into public radio, from my second photo:

Cartoon Ira - “She saw some little notice in the paper, literally like this tiny, little, one-sentence thing, that said that I, me, Ira, was going to start a radio show.  She says she saw this little window -and she always holds up her fingers with the space of two or three lines of text between them at this point in the story…

And she says ‘this is the window that I will climb through,’ or crawl through, I think is the word she used, ‘to get to this life that I want to make for myself’ and then she just willed it to happen.”

It’s impacting.  Miss. Spiegel has gone on to produce such a volume of incredible pieces and now is a co-creator of Invisiblia.  What. A. Babe. All of the cartoon people in this comic are heroic in their own right.  My pathway into making great audio feels more palpable than ever, for that I am grateful.


“There’s a fine line between gossip and history, when one is talking about kings.”

The Montmaray Journals Fancast

Sophie FitzOsborne - Imogen Poots
Toby FitzOsborne - Sam Claflin
Veronica FitzOsborne - Jessica Brown Finlay
Simon Chester - Tom Hughes
Henry FitzOsborne - Georgie Henley
Rupert Stanley Ross - Matthew Beard
Julia Stanley Ross - Vanessa Kirby
Daniel Bloom - Ben Whishaw