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Meg’s April Photoshoot Highlights

Boudoir Tracer 

Photos by Darshelle Stevens

VKS (feat. Jessica Nigri) 

Photos with Jessica by Darshelle Stevens (Photo of Meg solo edited by Darshelle)

Cowboy BeBop (feat. Ryan Haywood)

Photos by Martin Wong


Photos by NGO Photography

Neo-Queen Serenity

Photos by Martin Wong

Heart You 💜

Fancast for the upcoming Mulan movie

1) Celina Jade, Jessica Henwick OR Chloe Bennet as Fa Mulan

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2) Lewis Tan, Remy Hii, Ludi Lin OR Harry Shum Jr. as Chen Honghui 

(codename for Li Shang???)

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3) Keegan-Michael Key as Mushu

(if Eddie Murphy doesn’t reprise his role) 

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4) Chow-Yun Fat as Shan Yu

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5) Lucille Soong OR Wai Ching Ho as Grandmother Fa

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6) Ming-Na Wen as Fa Li 

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7) BD Wong as Fa Zhou

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8) Jackie Chan as the Emperor of China 

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9) Lucy Liu as the Matchmaker

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10) Benedict Wong as Chien-Po

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11) Stephen Chow as Yao

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12) Archie Kao as Ling 

(admittedly, I don’t actually have a pick for this role. Archie was just the first one who came to mind) 

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13) Ken Leung OR Louis Ozawa Changchien as Chi-Fu

EDIT: Chin Han would also make a great Chi-Fu

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14) Donnie Yen as the General / Shang’s father

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As a make-up artist I am constantly justifying my craft. How necessary is it? Why do women need it? Why are you wearing so much? etc.

However, like all other art forms- make up is expression. If one desires to express romance using their eyes, or rebellion using their lips they should be free to do so. Without explanation

On the contrary, if someone decides to be completely with out make-up, and rock what their DNA has given them- so be it!

Beauty is however you see fit. 

Do you Boo.

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Thanks to everyone who took their time to leave a message, and those who commented to >>THIS<< post! Once again, feel free to add ladies, that haven’t been mentioned in parts 1-4. This blog is looking for more actresses of East and Southeast Aisan descent from various western countries (not just the US).Main requirement – it has to be a named character with speaking lines and at least some character development in their given arcs (and not an offensive racial stereotype, obviously). Preferably, an actress / character has to be in the main cast, but the bar is lowered because I’m already scraping the barrels here…