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rey x jess (feat. shoujo flower petals 💖🌸✨)

i imagine rey sneakily trying on her girlfriend’s helmet while jess is distracted in x-wing repairs. rey gets caught, of course, but then she wasn’t really trying not to…


[description: fanart of rey and jessika pava from star wars: the force awakens. both are seen from the chest up. rey is wearing her grey vest from the end of the movie and jessika is wearing a dirty white singlet. rey is grinning and wearing jessika’s helmet. jessika is smiling fondly at her and reaching up to touch the side of rey’s face, her other arm reaching down to pull her close. jess’ hair is pulled back into a ponytail with a blue tie, and she has scratches and grease all over her from working on her x-wing. the background is purple, and pink flower petals surround them.]

It’s the season of romance so we think it’s time to celebrate the YA couples who remind us what a love story should be <3

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Happy Valentines Day everyone! I drew this up for my wife because not only is it Valentines Day but it is the 20th anniversary of our first date together.  Awwww… so adorable. Enjoy the day with people you love! Friends, family… everyone deserves to be loved. Not just today, but every day.

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Multifandom Valentines Day Icon Pack!

Just what it says on the tin! Includes icons from Supernatural, star Wars, Marvel, and more! Feel free to use, but I would really appreciate if you could reblog the post! 

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