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Learn how to create two new looks that both deserve a double tap.

The line between the Internet and real life is blurring more than ever before. The words “hashtag” and “meme” come up in normal conversation, and we only consider someone a true friend if they follow us back on all our social platforms. Now the techie world is infiltrating SEPHORA COLLECTION with these two new Photo Filter Palettes—and we love them. When you add Sunbleached or Overcast to your collection, your eyes will receive the flattering effect straight out of the photo-sharing app. Sephora PRO artist Karoline Karakeosian has created a duo of easy-to-replicate eye looks using the 10-shadow palettes: Valencia for day, and X-PRO II for night. Follow along with the tutorials below and your next selfie might get more hearts than ever before. JESSICA VELEZ


We’d argue that Valencia is the most natural looking of all the filters currently on the ’gram. It gives you a subtle glow and lights up the world around you. For that same effect, this look uses the warm eye shadows found in the Sunbleached Filter Palette


When applying shadow, you want to make sure it stays locked in place all day without creasing, so use a primer—try SEPHORA COLLECTION Perfecting Eye Primer. From there, pat Latergram, a slightly shimmery amber-toned color, on your lids with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Small Shadow Brush #15, and blend it with Desert Rose in your crease with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Blending Brush #27. To highlight the browbone, apply Whitewashed also with the small shadow brush. Next, line your upper and lower lash lines with Sandy Toes using the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Precision Smudge Brush #29. Finish with SEPHORA COLLECTION Outrageous Curl Mascara—and enjoy!


“For a bronzy peach highlight, use Latergram on the high planes of your cheeks with a fan-shaped brush.”


Like day and night, Valencia and X-PRO II have totally different effects, something you’d notice while scrolling through since they’re neighbors on the app. X-PRO II closes in the corners of your selfie with a dark halo, while adding drama to any color. It’s the filter we’d use if we wanted to show off a smoky eye look like this one, one that’s perfectly suitable for your next “makeup of the day” look—only for, you know, night. Use the Overcast Filter Palette to model this look.


Again, start with an eye shadow primer on your eyes. Then, apply Black Lace on your lids using a small shadow brush. In the crease, take a blending brush and sweep on the smoky gray color, Berlin Underground. Highlight the browbone with Flagstone, a light cream color with a little sheen in the formula with a small shadow brush. Next, line just your lower lash line with Getaway using a precision smudge brush. To finish the smoldering look, glide on few generous coats of mascara.


“For medium-to-deep complexions, use Sandcastle or Cozy Sweater to highlight the browbone instead.”



This goes out to my Director, my Executive Producer, my lunatic friend, the prim and proper Kate, the wa-poise girl, my block mate, my kabarkada, and to my new best friend. 

Jessica and I were classmates in Religion around two years ago and I absolutely did not like her. She was Miss Prim and Proper and all the teachers loved her. She was organized, she presented herself very well, and she was just so girly. She and I became friends when a mutual friend of ours wanted to do a photo shoot with me when I started taking my photography seriously. Jessica and I became Facebook friends where she kept on telling me how much she admired my recitation skills and my photography skills which to I replied that I found her compliments very flattering and sweet. Time passed and eventually we had our very first photo shoot together where she couldn’t even speak a single word, but then she showed a really pretty side of her - inside and out. She was so different from when I first met her or even looked at her. It was then that everything changed between the two of us. She became a friend. 

Ever since, we’ve had the weirdest fights because we have very different attitudes. But we seem to fit, because we always seem to find our way back to each other. She’s terribly hard-headed, she’s different from any other person I’ve ever been friends with, and she can be very weird - Jessica weirdBut it’s those traits of hers that I’ve gotten used to and most times I just laugh them off and see how she’ll deal with herself. Usually she ends up laughing at herself too until she and I unconsciously change the subject.

I have high respects for this girl despite everything she and I have been through. She and I get each other so well, that fighting really just adds spice to our friendship more than anything else. She’s eventually become my best friend because she’s someone who I can understand at the same time understands me, she’s someone I can cheer up at the same time that she can cheer me up, and she’s someone I want to keep in my life and hopefully she feels the same way about me.

Jessica’s become really special to me and I hate it when anything wipes off her award-winning smile. That’s why I uploaded some photos that will definitely tease her. :) Hihi. Love you, Kate!