jessica tries to art


I’m back at drawing Avengers Academy fan art, despite having not been able to play the game for weeks. Have pretty girls and Bucky (who is also pretty, lets be real here)

CA: dont you knoww wwhy the condesce sent all the adult trolls into space after the last rebellion

AG: To prevent more rebellions?
AG: She did a great jo8 of that, 8y the way.
AG: Super jo8, it’s definitely working.

CA: i mean yeah that too
CA: but the real reason is cause gl’bgolyb is on alternia

AG: Peixes’s terrifying sea monster lusus?

CA: yeah
CA: shes the source of the condesces ultimate powwer
CA: only the condesce and her heir havve the ability to commune with her
CA: and nitram

AG: W8, what?

CA: the summoner directly targeted gl’bgolyb in the last rebellion
CA: he almost managed to pull her to the surface
CA: if the grand highblood hadnt a killed him in time he and his followwers wwould a butchered her and i dont need to tell you wwhat sort a problems that wwould a caused

AG: So, w8, what you’re saying is that the Condesce removed all adult trolls from Alternia 8ecause she was afraid another troll with the Summoner’s a8ilities would come along and finish the jo8?

CA: duh
CA: its nitrams destiny as the summoners descendent to end wwhat his ancestor started

From Insurrection for Desperate Dreamers, chapter 15

The cat-themed sprites form a really shitty gang and spend most of their time doing this or sitting in trees with Cheshire grins and harassing passers-by with asinine riddles that barely make sense.

Bonus: Jade joins them sometimes.