jessica six

the crows marching band au

- kaz: saxophone. evil mastermind. uses gossip from the majorettes to undermine anyone not in band (known as the marching dregs)
- inej: majorette. always underestimated and under appreciated. the grace of a dancer, but with kni– um, batons
- nina: drum major. most popular person in band. can get anything she wants from anyone, and her hands hold ALL THE POWER.
- matthias: trumpet. HUGE EGO. the whole section is dedicated to eradicating anything that could be more important than they are (i.e. drum major, percussion)
- jesper: percussion. are percussionists ever NOT moving/tapping/playing? huge flirt, but has a thing for flute players.
- wylan: flute. enough said.

Twin reveal

I think Marlene was always going with the books until she realised how disappointing it would be, the re-occuring picture of the two little blonde twins. Don’t care, she’s had no clue what to do with the storyline, it makes no sense whats so ever. Why would only Hanna and her mum see the twins? Why where they young? Nope not having it, bye.


Jessica huffed as she leaned against the counter top of the small diner. It was three in the morning on a Tuesday. Something about the aching pain in her abdomen felt wrong, but it’s not like she had time to deal with that. She breathed through the pain, carefully pushing herself up and bringing over the milkshakes to the clearly drunken teenagers. Just three more hours. She could do that. Of course when six came, Jessica didn’t get off. Instead she had to cover an unfilled shift. By the time she got off at ten, she had had two more of the pains. That was when she got nervous. Her leaned against the hood of her car, praying that somehow Greyson would be able to answer his phone.

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Jessica 6 feat. Antony Hegarty - “Prisoner of Love”

A lot of awesome things happened in 2008. One of them was that Hercules and Love Affair released their first album. Jessica 6 is sort of an offshoot of 2008-era Hercules - its Nomi Ruiz and a couple of the members of the touring backup band. This is perhaps the best song I’ve heard by them, and its far better than anything on the Hercules mothership’s second record.