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Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for your delectation the American director Bob Fosse, dead for more than twenty-five years now but living on in a series of works that are so remarkable in their individuality and vision that it is not unusual to feel, while watching any number of the shows he conceived for the stage, or any number of his deeply imaginative motion pictures, that one is, still, in the presence of an actual living, breathing person, restless and contemporary, a body that is like one long sentence filled with ideas about sex, ideas about women, ideas about cinema and entertainment and guilt—a sentence that could have gone on and on were it not for Bob Fosse’s actual body betraying the artist one day in 1987, when he was in Washington, D.C., working on a revival of Sweet Charity, a musical he had choreographed and directed on Broadway twenty years before.

Hilton Als on Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz

Took me over 5 hours to make but finally finished my Jessica Lange collage!

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Nickname: Online nicknames include my tumblr username & Keos Owls among many others.

Gender: Male.

Star Sign: Aries. (Couldn’t care less)

Height: ~180-183cm I think?

Time right now: 06:31am.

Last thing I googled: Something about a class I have to attend tomorrow.

Favorite bands: If we’re talking western then Imagine Dragons, Poets of the Fall and Within Temptation. If we’re talking Korean then Block B & BTS.

Favorite solo artists: Roy Kim, Jessica Jung, Kim Jaejoong, Ed Sheeran, Max Schneider, Lorde.

Song stuck in my head: Spring Day by BTS.

Last movie I watched: It was either The Incredibles or Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, can’t recall which one was last, watched them both last night.

Last TV show I watched: The Magicians.

When did you create your blog: Late 2013.

What kind of stuff do you post: Mostly reblogging K-Pop related stuff with a focus on Block B & BTS among many others (check my FAQ and Navigation), but also anime, anything that fits my aesthetic and I like/relate to or consider funny.

When did your blog reach its peak: Never.

Do you have any other blogs: Nope.

Do you get asks regularly: Not at all.

Why’d you choose your url: Kiritsune Ren is a made up username I thought for a game. Kiritsune is a combination of the Japanese words for mist (kiri) and fox (kitsune); Ren is a Japanese name which means lotus.

Following: 181

Posts: 1512

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw.

Pokémon team: Mystic.

Favorite colors: Teal & Gray.

Average hours of sleep: My sleep schedule is always fucked up. Typing this in a state of anxiety and insomnia.

Lucky numbers: None.

Favorite characters: Answered this in a tag.

What are you wearing right now: Gray sweatpants & a black radio hoodie. 

How many blankets do you sleep with: In the winter I sleep with a blanket and a comforter.

Dream job: Who knows? Anything that involves learning, travelling and making use of my passions.

Dream trip: Japan. I’ll start crying the moment I arrive.

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