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Kevin Hayes- Surprise

Request: I hear you can write NHL imagines!!! Can I request one for Kevin Hayes and how the reader and him are in a long distance relationship but the reader wanted to surprise him in NYC and a couple guys from the team helped the reader keep it a surprise!!??!

Author’s notes: Oh my God I ended up falling in love with this idea. I hope you enjoy! PS this had perfect timing because Kevin actually turns 25 Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey there! My buddies have successfully married eachother, so in celebration of that joyous occasion (what greater fusion?), have yourself a process video for some #StevenUniverse fanart of #Alexandrite I did a week ago :) 🎶is Giant Woman covered by Jessica Nash
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Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

@ohmychuckitssamanddean - You doll. What a rockin’ thing to say, and look at the company I keep. Supes cool. Apologies for the slightly-orgasmic-but-still-appropriate-rep-of-my-feelings gif.  Wait, no. No apologies. This is what you’re here for, the line I walk of brilliance and genius. I mean, madness. Humbly. 


But it only makes visible a darkness that’s already there. Maybe eating it like that…She looked at Deenie, her voice like a pulse in Deenie’s brain. "Maybe you bring the darkness inside you. Maybe Lise has it inside her now.


So *long pause* I wrote a love song for "Alex From Target“. It’s maybe kind of creepy. Tumblr, meet Jessica. 

Lyrics :

A man once told me sex gets you pregnant and you dieeee,
But I knew I’d risk that risk the day I kind of looked you in the eyeeee
Im not braggin, but I saw you baggin, groceries on register threeeee…
You were busy, from what I saw, that feathered hair and the side of your jaw. (Oh, the side of that photogenic jaw)
You were just too busy it was easy to see…
But I’d rather have you here, clean up the spill all over Aisle meeeeee
I can’t even express, how you got my heart in 10 items or less.
Food I don’t eat; books I’ve already read… the only thing you should even Check Out is my bed.
I know you got a gf, but please don’t try playin’ hard to get.
You’re my part time prince from Target