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Hey there! My buddies have successfully married eachother, so in celebration of that joyous occasion (what greater fusion?), have yourself a process video for some #StevenUniverse fanart of #Alexandrite I did a week ago :) 🎶is Giant Woman covered by Jessica Nash
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Pretty Hurts -Nash Grier Imagine-

“Why do you hang out with her so much Nash?”

“We are just friends Jessica,” Nash said while looking down at his phone.

“Probably texting her…” She assumed quietly. These thoughts haunted Jessica. They were the thoughts that kept her up at night. While Nash had his arm wrapped around her waist and lightly snoring into her neck, Jessica couldn’t help but think about their so called “friendship.”

“I don’t like her…”

“You don’t even know her!” Nash said putting emphasis on her.

“Does that matter?! I’m your girlfriend and I don’t like the bitch so don’t hang out with her.” Jessica yelled while walking upstairs to their shared room. She walked to the huge mirror that stood next to Nash’s desk and looked at herself. She had never done this before. She had never pointed out things on her body she was way more confident than that but every since Nash had started hanging out with Stassie and texting her and taking pictures with her it made Jessica feel so inferior.

“I’m not jealous.” The thought she kept saying inside her head. She looked at her face. She didn’t have blue eyes like Stassie, she didn’t have long blonde hair like her either. Jessica pouted her lips in the mirror, she didn’t have big lips like Stassie either. Her skin needed facials and 10 glasses of water to stay clear while Stassie probably just woke up and washed her face with regular soap. They way Nash talked about her, he made her seem so flawless and whenever Jessica saw pictures of them that reiterated his points.

“Maybe I am ugly…” She whispered out loud. It was only her in the room so it didn’t matter if she talked to herself at least she would tell her the truth. How could Nash do that to her? Be with her knowing that she was a decent 6 with MAC makeup and the Sierra filter. He should go to Stassie. They looked great together so why was he breaking her heart by staying with her?

“No Jessica you’re a pretty girl!” Her mind was at war with itself.

“But not as pretty as Stassie!”

“She’s gonna steal Nash with winged eyeliner and bigger lips”

“Nash loves you Jessica”

Jessica reached for her makeup bag and pulled out her lip liner and lipstick. She just looked into the mirror. It was like she was selling her soul to the devil. She loved Nash and if this was going to keep him with her then she’d do anything. After about 15 minutes she was done. She looked so different. She looked hot but she wasn’t happy. Why couldn’t she be naturally pretty like her. It hurt so bad she started to cry.

“Baby do you want to get something to eat?” Nash said while knocking on the door and walking in.

“Huh oh yeah sure what do you want?” Jessica said while wiping her tears.

“Are you crying babe? I’m sorry baby if it means that much to you then I won’t hang with Stassie anymore. You’re the only girl I need in my life anyways,” he whispered while placing a soft kiss on Jessica’s lips.

“He would have kissed her longer Jessica. Probably would have fucked her…”

Nash took Jessica’s hand and they walked out to his car. He would never understand how bad it hurt…