jessica lynn

  • Lynn: *can't find Blake in a croud* this calls for drastic measures
  • Lynn: *using her hands as a megaphone*
  • Lynn: BLAKE! I NEED YOU!
  • Blake: *from across the hall* Lynn!? I'm coming for ya!
  • Jess: *from another room* Blake! Help!
  • Blake: *immediatly turns around, running to the other room*
  • Blake: Jessjessjess

Soo after watching @therealjacksepticeye play through Outlast 2 (and feeling sort of bitter-sweet about it all) I think the microwaves coming from the factory are of similar origin to the Morphogenic Engine made by Murkoff (you know, the evil company that reopened Mount Massive Asylum and did a bunch of unethical shit). So this engine, which from Outlast 1 we know cause lucid hallucinations which severely challenge sanity, has caused this sort of discombobulation amongst everyone’s mental state especially those directly exposed (hence why Lynn wasn’t as infected because she was in the mines). Speaking of Lynn, the note in the picture is form the Whistleblower DLC, speaking of hallucinated babies and ‘miscarriages’ (although Lynn’s was a sort of fake birth) during which some of the mothers died. Among other symptoms which align with Lynn’s case.

And it would make sense considering it seems Murkoff has this knack for taking advantage of the very people that the world tends to ignore, therefore they can continue in their experiments without being persecuted. It’s just that this time, as opposed to utilising people individually for the sake of their Walrider experiments, this is over an entire community of people, and perhaps for more sinister and controlling purposes.

So whether Blake died in the end or he has entered this even more so prolonged state of lucid hallucinations of a haunting past, I’d say it’s at least agreeable that his mental state wasn’t in the strongest condition by the end of all this.

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