jessica lourdes pearson

when I get like this, I can't be around you

-rewatching Suits from the beginning, Jessica Lourdes Pearson is still goals
-gotta get a new doctor cuz the quack I went to called me 5'8, I almost decked him for disrespect
-I’ve never had someone call my feet sexy and idk how to take it
-Message to future Jenn Penn: Pack.
-“I can spot them lips in a lineup, don’t insult me”
-I found a house for sale in Brooklyn and I looked up the listing and it was for 10 million. Just from quick investigation from the curb, it doesn’t even crack a mill. Maybe 1.5. Y'all backyard realtors get on my last nerve.

Nabra, Philando’s dash video, his arrested gf and her daughter video, Georgias special election: ignoring all that shit for mangoes and sunshine. Thanks Mgmt.

Protect ya head space today you guys