jessica liveblogs


mary drake was charles’s mother

mary drake was in radley when she had charles

charles dilaurentis is actually charles drake

charles is charlotte

so when charlotte dilaurentis used the alias cece drake it was almost sort of a nod to her biological mother

charlotte loved elliot

elliot was willing to do all this because he was in love with charlotte

jessica dilaurentis adopted charlotte, her niece, and lied about it, possibly to cover up for her twin sister mary

i’m guessing mary had something to do with jessica’s death but who knows honestly

and elliot is british for some reason? still can’t figure that out but okay sure whatever you say

this show is definitely on an acid trip, 100% verified, that or i need to check into radley or wherever that place that alison checked herself into is called, ali’s gonna be my new roommate

Might sound crazy but...

What if Mary actually IS Jessica? What if Mary was the one killed, but they thought it was Jessica? And maybe Jessica killed her and is now coming back. It happened with Alison and Courtney in the books. In the books, Alison killed Courtney, but everyone thought it was Alison that had died. Then Ali came back and pretended to be Courtney. Maybe that’s what’s going on.

You know what’s funny

Like, really funny

Grantaire doesn’t even spare the National Guardsmen a single glance

As he voluntarily marched to his death, he didn’t look away from Enjolras

Not even once

And he doesn’t even look afraid.