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Please STOP commenting on Jay Kim's Instagram

Its serious guys. I was expecting him to delete it or making it private but he didnt do any of those things, instead he commented “u dont even know whats going on. Babies…chill” We need to show a more mature behavior than him (as you can see its not really hard).

Its clear he is pissed off by the comments (I dont blame him) but its also clear he cant keep silence. So please dont make anything to piss him off even more, anything that he can say will hurt hyoyeon and hyoyeon only.

LEAVE HIM ALONE, dont bash him anymore! Knetz are taking his side because they think SONES are being unfair.

EVERYTHING IS JUST MAKING IT WORSE FOR HYOYEON. instead of leaving hate comments on Jay Kim’s go to Hyo’s IG and leave support messages for her, she is really needing it right now