jessica larsen

The Page 47 Weekly Top Ten

On Sunday Page 47 brings you the Top Ten celebrities on our minds over the past week.

10. Hayley Atwell - What do we have to do to get Agent Carter back?

9. Liberty Larsen - She didn’t fool P&T, but she won us over!

8. Halston Sage - Chief of Security

7. Ally Walker - In our head cannon, her character on Ghosted is the same as her character from Profiler, twenty-eight years later. 

6. Jessica Parker Kennedy - Those eyes—they peer into our souls!

5. Adrianne Palicki - Our pick for first officer.

4. Shay Mitchell - Always our goddess!

3. Cassadee Pope - We’ve been rocking out to old Hey Monday songs this past week.

2. Janelle Monae - Our new favorite engineer!

1. Kristen Bell - Back in The Good Place, still our number one!
The Secret To Being Happy All The Time

…align your life with your values: align your actions with your intentions, align your habits with your desired outcomes, align your minutes with how you want your days to be.

At the heart of simplicity lies a strong desire to align what is inside us (our values, talents, etc) and what is outside of us (our material possessions, people in our lives, where we spend our time, etc).

There are two ways to align: Either (1) discover your true yourself and then start discarding everything that does not belong. Or (2) start discarding everything layer by layer until you find what you value most, until you find yourself. Sometimes it’s a little bit of both. -Danny