jessica korderas

This is an experimental piece I produced here in Detroit. I am trying to avoid exploiting the cliche of what Detroiters refer to as ‘blight porn’ by focusing more on the greenery and nature that has returned to the city. It’s very sad to see the empty lots and think of what the city has lost, but at the same time it really provides a unique opportunity for growth and rebirth. The city is already starting to bounce back, and I think something really amazing is going to come out of this. Hopefully this piece comes across more optimistic than just another 'hey look at all these buildings that are falling apart isn’t that cool’ artwork.


I’ve started my six week stint as part of the Canadian Residency here in Detroit,MI! Here are a few shots of the amazing studio space I have all to myself. I don’t think I’ve had this much space to work in since ever.

They also have a gorgeous apartment above the studio, with a rooftop terrace, that I’ll post picture of soon. Basically I am getting a chance to live way above my means and I like it. Going back won’t be pretty.

I am going to blog about my stay here mainly on Tumblr, and since it took me a few days of settling in, there will be a bit of a barrage of posts initially. You’ve been warned.