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The Defenders
  • Luke Cage: From now on, we are using codenames. You can address me as eagle one. Jessica is been there, done that
  • Jessica: ...
  • Luke Cage: Claire is currently doing that
  • Claire Temple: *high fives Luke*
  • Luke Cage: Misty is it happened once, in a dream
  • Misty: *winks*
  • Luke Cage: Danny is if I had to pick a dude
  • Danny: *smiles*
  • Luke Cage: and Matt is. . . eagle two.
  • Matt: Oh thank god.

I sincerely hope that for the Defenders, Luke Cage is made the designated leader, with Claire Temple as the Nick Fury-type member.

Danny is too naive and immature to be leading anyone while Matt and Jessica have WAY too many personality issues to inspire loyalty. Let’s not forget what happened in Daredevil season two with what went down between Matt, Karen, and Foggy and how Jessica treated people not named Trish and Luke.

(Malcolm is a slight exception since he did redeem himself but she still screwed him over a bit)

Luke, on the other hand, is a pretty stable dude who does inspire people. That was one of the main points in his show, that people look up to him and are inspired to do good. He may be reluctant but he definitely plays well with others and can take the lead when he needs to. Plus, he’s a former sheriff so I’m pretty sure he has actual experience leading a team into dangerous situations.

This isn’t hate on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or Iron Fist by the way. Like, I LOVE Matt Murdock but even I’d be disappointed if he was made team leader. The man can barely manage himself, do you really think he can manage three other people, each of whom have their own issues?

The ladies of Marvel Netflix are killing it. Claire Colleen Jessica Trish (patsy) Misty Elektra Even Karen, who kicks ass without any formal training ;)

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If Iron Fist ever gets a season two

First off, kick Scott Buck out of the showrunner role. Also, if we can fire him from the Inhumans show, that’d be great.

Second, hire Gareth Evans (director of the Raid series) as the new showrunner.

Third, get the fight choreographers from the Raid series to take over the fight choreography on the show. Add Tony Jaa just in case. Also, take notes from Daredevil and keep the camera steady during the fight scenes. If the actors aren’t good enough at fighting to the point that you need shaky cam…

Fourth, drill Finn, Jessica, and anyone else who is going to be involved in the fighting scenes. Like, boot camp the fuck out of the cast. If Julie Estelle, who had NO martial arts experience before “The Raid 2”, can learn Pencak Silat just in time to film her fight scenes for the movie, then the cast can improve their fight choreography for season two.

Fifth, introduce Shang-Chi for the sole purpose of building him up for his own show (like the Punisher). If you want to court the controversy with the Asian-American community, you don’t have to punish Finn or anyone else involved with the show for it. Just greenlight a show featuring one of Marvel’s Asian heroes, that’s more than enough of an apology.

Sixth, less boardroom politics, more strange, mystical martial arts stuff. Delve into the Hand mythos, that was more interesting than what was going on at Rand enterprises.

Seventh, add Misty Knight

Eighth, add Luke Cage…albeit in a recurring or guest role since he has to do season two of his own show.

Ninth, write Danny and the whole show in the style as the movies. Yeah, I know the Netflix side of the MCU is more grounded and Danny is definitely the most lighthearted of the Defenders but his show should not be as grounded as it was. Iron Fist has a fucking glowing fist of power, was trained in some ancient mythical city, and he’s a billionaire kid. His show should feel more like Agents of SHIELD or Arrow, not a poor man’s Daredevil. Not saying the grounded style is bad, it’s just Iron Fist isn’t a hero that should be grounded.

Tenth, give Danny a sense of reflection about his own privilege and the fact that he’s a white guy with powers from Asia. If you want to combat the white savior trope, have Danny at least recognize these things about himself and never have him talk over the Asian characters (like Colleen) about being Asian. I like that Colleen did call him out on some things but Danny himself should recognize that he’s a white savior. Have him LEARN from this.

Eleventh, add more Asian characters to the main cast. Upgrade Madame Gao, Lei Kung and add Shang-Chi and Blindspot. Throw Amadeus Cho in there too. Point is, Colleen should NOT be the only Asian character in a show that features mystical, Asian stuff. I’ll even accept creating an original Asian character.

God, the Defenders trailer, man:

  • My girl Jessica Jones kicking ass.
  • My boy Matt (AKA Blind Ninja) and his great ass.
  • “Kid with the glowing fist”
  • Luke Cage and Elektra. That’s it. Just them.
  • Claire and Misty, too, while I’m thinking about it. Beautiful goddesses.
  • Come As You Are as a theme?? I’m down. 
  • Canon squad dine-out nights from the get-go.
  • The Scenic Shots of New York™
  • Watching Daredevil: Oooh, I really love Foggy he's the cutest! Except for Karen, she really is bae. And I think I'm maybe starting to crush a little on Claire, too...
  • Watching Jessica Jones: Aah, that Trish is honestly wonderful and amazing in everything she does I'm in love. And Malcolm... I mean, he's just the cutest. And this, And look, there's Claire again!
  • Watching Luke Cage: Luke, I mean... yeah, enough said. But there's also Misty that is totally, amazingly badass, and this Shades that is really... something special, besides being the bad guy. And of course, Claire. The one and only 💕
  • Watching Iron Fist: Wow, you guys... I'm really falling for Colleen. Like, can somebody please pick me up? Ohh, and there's my wife again! Hi Claire, love you!
The Defenders AU where it's the same but everyone can't stop making shitty puns
  • Matt: Alright, so let's recap. We'll storm Madame Gao's fortress from the back and hopefully, take down the initial force before reinforcements arrive. Jessica will lead the assault. She's the crown JEWEL to make this plan work. But just remember, Gao rules this area with an IRON FIST and will have a lot of support.
  • Jessica: Good, I like this plan. This plan, DARE I say it, is DEVILISHLY good.
  • Luke: But remember, I'm the tank of this group. If you ever need a HAND, I'll be glad to step in. I'm always open to STEP INTO THE RING.
  • Danny: Me too! I've been itching to get into a fight for a while now. I've got a lot of CAGED UP emotions that I need to let loose.
  • *Claire steps into the room*
  • Claire: Sorry I'm late you guys, traffic was really PUNISHING. I think it's because it's been a MISTY NIGHT tonight.
  • Danny: That's okay Claire. Here, I ELEKT Matt to buy you some NATCHIOS because you seem very stressed.
  • *Jessica spits something out*
  • Luke: Yo, you okay?
  • Jessica: I'm fine, I just got some COTTON in my MOUTH.