Get ready, Golden Sky! JJEOS has created a fan project dedicated to our lovely Jessica Jung!

Ever since last year and Jessica’s fan-meeting in Taiwan, Jessica has received terrible comments about her body (both weight and skin color). We were appalled by the behavior and despite her fans’ offensive words, she still holds love and the highest respect for us all.

There is nothing wrong with having tan skin and gaining weight, the idea such things as these are wrong, is an embedded concept many people in this age are facing. We can overcome these things by sharing love, instead of judgement and hate.

We are asking all of GOLDEN SKY to spam Jessica’s instagram posts with the phrase: The sun loved you so much it kissed your skin. As we are your golden stars, you are our golden sun.

NOTE**: You DO NOT have to be in JJEOS to be a part of this fan project. We are simply asking all of Jessica’s fans to join hands as we express our love for our most important star. 

Please share our poster (shared above and below) on other social platforms to spread the word! We WANT you to be a part of this amazing project for Jessica. Please find us on twitter and instagram to stay updated on this event.

I have never participated in posting in the JJEO tag since I’ve been a member. I guess that is a fault of mine, but here’s one for a start. Trying not to overthink anything lmfao.

I always wondered if Jessica ever regretted 9/30. Not saying she left, but she was given a notice to leave SNSD.. Which means she was kicked out.. There’s no way around it. But did she ever endure one of those moments in time where she would rethink the scenario and come up with better ways to resolve the issue at hand? After all, it was the problem of balancing duties as an SNSD member and duties as creative director of BLANC & ECLARE.

However, my question was answer after watching a short clip. Jessica said: “in life, I don’t regret anything. […] I like to try new stuff and I like to just be myself. I learn from what I do and go on. I don’t regret.” That brings me to the core of my post. People swore Jessica would regret “leaving” and not holding SNSD as a top priority as she was a member. They love to fit some kind of countering and narcissistic personality onto Jessica, but I finally realize that people just do not understand.

At the end of the day, 9/30 wasn’t about kicking a member out because someone was jealous or wanted more of the spotlight of them. It was about someone who has a lot going for them, and in order for them to succeed or reach a higher level in their life.. they have to give up something, even if it means the world to them. Although I don’t believe Jessica abandoned everyone’s hard-work and dissipated the title an ex-member. In life, as amazing as you might feel everything is going, there comes a time where you can’t have everything you want. Sometimes it’s for the best, a majority of the time – it’s for the best. Whether it would make you or break you, is up to only one person, which is you.

I’m guessing 2014 wasn’t the best year for Jessica, but in the end, she learned from that experience and moved on. Jessica wasn’t irresponsible for her actions, she clearly felt unneeded, high and dry because she wasn’t moving forward. Hanging on to SNSD would have defeated her. It was for the best, even if the aftermath became a hell of a storm.


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