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When I was doing reseach on the Ink & Paint Club picture I did, I found lots of this style of 1940’s art as well. I seem to be on a vintage and retro art kick as of late so I wanted to give it a try too. What started off as one image turned in to the main cast of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Still one of my favorite films.

Once again, designs like this can be found over at my Red Bubble shop and Society6 too.

The Defenders 2
  • Matt Murdock: The bad guys are on the sixteenth floor. They have the elevator under surveillance so we will have to take the stairs. Make sure...
  • Jessica Jones: ....are you serious? You want me to climb to the sixteenth goddamn floor. Screw that. I am just gonna fly over there and wait for you guys
  • Danny Rand: You can fly!!?!?
  • Luke Cage: I knew I saw you hovering when we were having sex. I thought it was just my mind playing tricks
  • Matt Murdock: Why on Earth didn't you flew before? We could have really used this ability when we were fighting the Hand
  • Jessica Jones: I promised Trish I wouldn't fly when I am drunk
  • Matt Murdock: We spent four days fighting the Hand. Are you saying you were drunk the entire time?
  • Jessica Jones: Jeez what's with all the judging?
  • Danny Rand: I would never judge you Jessica. I think you are a brilliant....
  • Jessica Jones: I am not flying you upstairs
  • Danny Rand: Damn it

IT’S FINALLY HERE!! Check out Tiarawhy’s animation of the animatic released by the creators of Rick and Morty. I play Jessica at the end with Shadyvox as Morty. Totally linking this to the creators of the show on Twitter to let them know it’s done! @Rickandmorty  @justinroiland and @danharmon

“Snatch Game All Stars”

I <3 Snatch Game! Fan art of the top queens from each season of Drag Race to date that had a Snatch Game (as the celebrity they were impersonating):

TOP ROW (left to right): Bianca Del Rio (as Judge Judy); Raja Gemini (as Tyra Banks); Willam Belli (as Jessica Simpson); Stacy Layne Matthews (as Monique).

MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Needles (as Michelle Visage); Adore Delano (as Anna Nicole Smith); Jinkx Monsoon (as Little Edie); Alaska Thunderfvck 5000 (as Lady Bunny); Roxxxy Andrews (as Tamar Braxton).

BOTTOM ROW: Pandora Boxx (as Carol Channing); Alexis Mateo (as Alicia Keys); Ben De La Creme (as Maggie Smith); Tatianna (as Britney Spears); Chad Michaels (as Cher).


WTF Merch: Roger Rabbit Dip Flip Game

TIL that Disney once put out a Roger Rabbit-themed game where players act as the villainous Judge Doom, tossing ‘toons (including Roger, Jessica and Baby Herman) into a spinning barrel of deadly Dip.

Yes, you read that right: THE POINT OF THE GAME IS TO KILL THE GOOD GUYS!!

Feeling evil? Roger Rabbit Dip Flip currently sells for $30 on Amazon.