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When I was doing reseach on the Ink & Paint Club picture I did, I found lots of this style of 1940’s art as well. I seem to be on a vintage and retro art kick as of late so I wanted to give it a try too. What started off as one image turned in to the main cast of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Still one of my favorite films.

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A Kind of Cliché Love Story// Chapter 1

Welcome to my first book! It’s gonna be a Devin Druid fanfic. Not Tyler Down from 13 Reasons Why because I know a lot of people don’t like him. (Don’t worry if one of y'all request a Tyler Down, I will write it haha.) I actually for some reason really like him lol. There’s gonna be a slight age difference in this (17-22).I also need help creating a name for this story, so I need some suggestion. xoxo, Kenzie

The bell rings and I rush to class. “Sorry Mr. Meyers, traffic in the halls, as usual.” I tell my English teacher. He shrugged and nods for me to sit. He’s a laid back teacher, so as long as you give him a good and reasonable explanation as to why you’re late he’ll just let it go. 

 The day passes on and I get to my math class, the last class of the day. As I sit in my seat, my teacher walks up to me. 

“Mackenzie. Are you aware you are barely passing my class?” I look up to Mrs. Nancy. I shook my head.

 “Unfortunately, you are and I wanted to recommend a tutor.“ She says handing me a card. I thank her and don’t look at it until I get out of school.

(Later)  As I get to my car, I examine the card. It has the guys name, number, and email. 

 Devin Druid



 I decide to call the number so I can start today. After a few rings, the guy picks up.

“Hello. Devin speaking.” The guy says. He doesn’t sound too much older than me. 

 “Hi. I’m Mackenzie Ca-” I was interrupted by him. 

 “Mrs. Nancy referred you?” He asked. I nod but realize he can’t see me. 

“Yeah, she did. I’m almost failing and I heard you were one of her best students.” I say, this time being able to finish what I’m saying. 

“So do you want to start today?” He asks.

 “Yes, please.” 

“Your house, mine, or a coffee shop?” 

 “My house. I’ll text you the address.” I tell him. 

 “Alright cool bye.” He says and hangs up.

I get in my car and head to my house. When I arrive, I see a grey Range Rover in my drive way and a guy, who is about 6’ tall, on my porch. I approach him slowly, just in case he’s not my tutor. I like to be safe because I get paranoid easily. 

 “Miss Carter, nice to meet you, I’m Devin.” He says. I relax and smile.

“Hi Mr. Druid, please, call me Mackenzie.” He smiles. 

 “And please, call me Devin.” I smile and nod. I unlock the door and allow him in. 

“Okay so I think we should get to know each other at least a little before we start.” He suggests.

“Okay, let’s just say name, age, favorite ice cream, color, and food.” I instruct and he nods. 

 “Well, I’m Devin. I  turned 22 in January. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate, favorite color is red, and favorite food is definitely pizza.” Devin says with a smile.

  “I’m Mackenzie and I turn 17 in August. My favorite ice cream flavor is homemade vanilla, favorite color is is red also, and my favorite food is probably everything.” I say and smile back  (A/N: I feel selfish for having my name in this fanfic)

“Awesome. Why homemade vanilla though?” He asks.

 “It just taste better than regular vanilla. And it tastes better than anything else. Not too sweet, but just perfect.” He smiles at my answer.

 “Well I guess we should get started on the math.” I suggest and he nods in agreement.  (A/N: I know nothing​ about highschool math because I’m only in 8th grade whoops)

I lead him over to the bar in the kitchen and pull my school books out and start studying. 

 *Time Skip*

 “Well, Mackenzie, I hope I helped you at least a little bit. What days do you want to meet?” Devin says. 

 “I think Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Of course if that’s good with you.” I reply. He chuckles and nods. 

 “Alright so it’s settled, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He flashes a bright smile and starts gathering his stuff. 

 “I’ll walk you out.” 

 “Thanks for the help today, Devin. See you tomorrow.” I say as he pulls out of my driveway. I head upstairs to go to my room to take a nap. Last thing that pops in my head as I fall asleep is Devin’s ​face.


IT’S FINALLY HERE!! Check out Tiarawhy’s animation of the animatic released by the creators of Rick and Morty. I play Jessica at the end with Shadyvox as Morty. Totally linking this to the creators of the show on Twitter to let them know it’s done! @Rickandmorty  @justinroiland and @danharmon

“Snatch Game All Stars”

I <3 Snatch Game! Fan art of the top queens from each season of Drag Race to date that had a Snatch Game (as the celebrity they were impersonating):

TOP ROW (left to right): Bianca Del Rio (as Judge Judy); Raja Gemini (as Tyra Banks); Willam Belli (as Jessica Simpson); Stacy Layne Matthews (as Monique).

MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Needles (as Michelle Visage); Adore Delano (as Anna Nicole Smith); Jinkx Monsoon (as Little Edie); Alaska Thunderfvck 5000 (as Lady Bunny); Roxxxy Andrews (as Tamar Braxton).

BOTTOM ROW: Pandora Boxx (as Carol Channing); Alexis Mateo (as Alicia Keys); Ben De La Creme (as Maggie Smith); Tatianna (as Britney Spears); Chad Michaels (as Cher).


WTF Merch: Roger Rabbit Dip Flip Game

TIL that Disney once put out a Roger Rabbit-themed game where players act as the villainous Judge Doom, tossing ‘toons (including Roger, Jessica and Baby Herman) into a spinning barrel of deadly Dip.

Yes, you read that right: THE POINT OF THE GAME IS TO KILL THE GOOD GUYS!!

Feeling evil? Roger Rabbit Dip Flip currently sells for $15 on Amazon.


I was never the hero you wanted me to be.

[Turnabout sisters playing in the background]


-An Ace Attorney X youtubers fanart.-


The Anime Man


Phoenix wright



Maya Fey

Noble, from Lost Pause


Miles Edgeworth



Mia Fey




Jessica Bruhmuller (Misty’s wife)


Franziska von Karma

and Misty (Chronexia’s character)


Pearl Fey

I will color it soon!