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Deep within the bowels of the Earth laid an ancient force. A powerful source of magic and energy, which through the eons has developed a mind of its own. From its realm inside Mt. Cleos, the creature created an energetic flow that would give life to the variety of creatures and ecosystems around the mountain.

Once every 10 years, when the weather was just right, and the ground was quiet, the creature would emerge with great force out of the mouth of the mountain and into the skies. There, from its perch above the heavens, it will oversee all that it has created.

On this quiet day, it happened. With a thunderous roar, and a gush of red and yellow light, the beautiful beast swirled out of the top off the mountain, its wings glowing in the sunlight, and its mouth breathing ancient fire and smoke into the air in a display of fireworks.


Jessica’s camera shutter clicked as she took a photo of the beast just as it was emerging out of the mountain.

“That’s another 200 tokens!” she exclaimed excitedly, putting her camera into her duffle bag, which was filled with a large array of miscellaneous items. She looked down as she heard the familiar huffing of her friend Nora, climbing up the hill.

“I told you we had a perfect vantage point from this hilltop.” Jessica smiled as Nora collapsed onto her knees.

“I believed you…” Nora said, still huffing, out of breath. She looked up at the sky, which was still glowing in red and yellow. “What I was…” she started speaking before running out of breath again. “…Trying to say is…” she put her hands on her knees. “…oh divines… I’m so out of shape…” she looked up to see Jessica giving her a bottle of water.

After a few minutes of lying down against a tree and drinking the whole bottle, Nora finally caught her breath. “What I was trying to say was-” she started saying as she saw Jessica already beginning to pack. “Oh come on!”

“What?” Jessica looked back, confused.

“This is exactly what I was talking about, Jess.” Nora got up, tripped a little, and then found her balance. “Where are you even going?”

“Down the hill…” Jessica pointed down the valley of the mountain where there was a small village. “The festival is gonna take place soon. I wanna get all of our errands done before sundown.”

“But why?!” Nora asked. “Why are you doing this to yourself?” she looked up at the flying beast. “Why are you in such a hurry to do… things?”

Jessica raised an eyebrow, clearly not understanding what her friend was going on about.

“Listen Jess, you’re smart. Way too smart.” Nora started rambling. “I don’t understand why you’d think this is a good course of action, I mean… look!” she opened Jessica’s duffle bag and starting rummaging through the items.

“Broken vase shards…”

“Be careful with those! I’m almost 20% done with this one!”

“Stamp collection…”

“I think I’m making good progress.”

“All these letters…”

“Speaking of which, I need to deliver one of those to a butcher in that village over there.”

Nora sighed in frustration. “And then what?”

“Then we have to go pick up some ingredients for that old man’s stew. And after that I’m gonna go to the post office to pick up new stamps. And then to the local shrine because I think there’re vase shards there. Oh, and the little kid in the last town wanted us to buy special balloons for him in the super-store over here… and of course there’s lots of games I need to play during the festival, and take more pictures of the Mt. Cleos Monster… if I take a pic of its shadow against the full moon that’s worth 500 tokens-”

“Jess, shut up!” Nora was fed up, she stared at her friend in the eyes. There was a long silence between them.

Nora rubbed the back of her head, the sun was beginning to set behind her. “I’m sorry… I’m just…”

Jessica blushed, she looked a bit upset. “Don’t yell at me…”

“I know… I’m sorry, I’m just. Jess, this is no way to live.” Nora sat down again, she tapped the ground next to her, gesturing for Jessica to sit next to her. Jessica kept standing.

“Listen, I know this is important to you, but we can’t keep doing this. We can’t take on the whole world like that. We’re stretching ourselves thin. Look at me, I’m barely standing… look at yourself!”

Jess touched her hand to her face. It was covered with bandaids and scratches, and her eyes had bags under them and were sunken in.

“But I want to help people.” Jessica said, her voice quieter.

“I know you do, and you’re the most beautiful and caring person in the world. But you’re not gonna be helping anybody if you’re always busy helping everybody.” Nora explained.

“When you deliver the letter to that butcher…” Nora said. “What do you think will happen then? He’ll probably need help with something too. And in the super-store there’ll be more kids who will want you to buy more stuff. And the shrine maiden will probably have their own errands they’ll want you to do.” Nora sighed, she blushed at looked down. “That’s what happened the last 3 towns. That’s what will happen in the next town.”

Jessica looked down at Nora, a few tears in her eyes. She sat down quietly next to her. The sky were beginning to be painted orange as the sun went down. The lights show in the sky was subsiding.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” Jessica asked.

“Just slow down. Take your time. There’s no rush. You don’t have to be everyone’s personal grocer 24/7.”

Jessica went quiet. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“No, don’t be…” Nora said. She smiled. “How about this… let’s go down to the village, deliver the letter, and then take the rest of tonight and tomorrow off? We’ll go to the festival, and just have fun. No need to worry about meeting deadlines or making the most progress. Just us, the games, and Mt. Cleos Monster.”

Jessica smiled, she held Nora’s hand. “That sounds pretty good.”

SNSD Reaction - Dating Scandal

blackpink version : here


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She hadn’t heard anything about it until they were all on a variety show. One of the MC’s had been talking about the recent pictures of you and Irene that were floating around the internet.

“What do you guys think?” The MC asked, “I kinda hope they are together, they’d be pretty cute.”

All the girls laughed politely, a few of them looked at Taeyeon to make sure she was okay with what they were saying.

“You guys are pretty good friends with both of them aren’t you? Being label mates and all.” The other MC added in, earning an unsure laugh from a few members.

“Yeah, Y/N and I are pretty close.” Taeyeon agreed, “They’re not dating Irene.” she added politely.

The MC laughed a bit and nodded, “Alright, sorry about that tangent there, let’s move to the next question.”

After the show, Taeyeon walked backstage and was surprised to find that you had been watching the whole thing. When she saw you she walked over to you and wrapped her arms around your waist, resting her head against your shoulder. You hugged her and leaned your head against hers.

“I guess you and Irene are a thing now huh?” She asked looking at you.

“Yeah.” You agreed, laughing lightly, “don’t tell her, but I kind of have a thing for someone else.” You whispered, rubbing her back gently.  

The MC who had been teasing about yours and Irene’s relationship walked past, “I guess I was wrong about you and Irene huh?” she asked you with a laugh.

“Yup, Y/N’s all mine.” Taeyeon joked, hugging you a bit tighter.


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“So is Y/N dating Solar?” Krystal asked her, handing Jessica her phone which was opened up to a picture of you and Solar when the two of you had been working on a photoshoot. Jessica scrolled through the pictures, not quite sure how she felt about it.

“On and off camera romance?” Jessica read aloud, showing her sister the caption under one photo that captured you and Solar talking off set.

You walked through the door, your hair still messed up from the photoshoot. You set your bag on the table and walked into the living room, flopping onto the couch next to Jessica. You leaned against her and looked at what she was looking at.

“The photo’s already got out?” You asked, “How? I just did the shoot today.”

“You and your girlfriend are so cute.” Jessica said, showing you all the pictures. “Where’s this Y/N during date nights?”

You lightly hit her leg, and shook your head, “I’ll be there next time you pay me to go on a date.” This time it was her turn to gently push you away from her for a moment before pulling you against her again. She handed the phone back to Krystal, and pulled out her own. You rested your head on her shoulder and watched her take a selfie of the two of you before posting it to snapchat, which earned a questioning look from you and Krystal.

“The cutest couple photos are the ones of real couples.” She explained, proceeding to flop back against the couch and continue to play on her phone.


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She had been looking on your phone, playing a game as notifications kept popping up. She finally gave in and pressed on one of them, leading her to a swarm of comments under one of your Instagram posts. She looked through the comments and saw a bunch of hashtags of ship names. She read a few of the comments, trying to figure out who the ship names of. She nodded a bit with a smile before looking at the picture of you and Victoria.

When you walked into the room, she smiled a bit and walked over to you, “You never told me you were dating someone.”

You looked through the fridge and pulled out a soda, you turned back to her and raised your eyebrows. You took a sip of the drink before responding, “I didn’t think I’d have to tell you that I’m dating you.”

“No dummy, I thought you would’ve told me that you’re dating my label mate.” She said waving the picture in front of you.

“Ah yeah, totally slipped my mind.” You said jokingly, “We’ve only been on a few dates, nothing too serious.”

“Next time you should tell me, I could help you plan something.” Sunny said, leaning against you, “I think you could use my help.”

You smiled and kissed the top of her head, “Ouch. Maybe I should just stick to planning dates for my girlfriend, I think I’m pretty good at that.”

“You’re okay.” She said lightly, pulling you into a gentle hug.


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“Hey did you see this, people think you’re dating Chanyeol.” Tiffany said, showing you an article with a picture of you and Chanyeol.

You nodded a bit and cuddled closer to her, “I thought I was too.”

Tiffany laughed and hit your arm lightly, “Shut up.” she said shaking her head lightly. “I’m being serious, look you two even have a ship name.”

You turned a bit and looked at her, “Are you okay?” You asked her, the joking tone in your voice gone now. “If this is bugging you, you’d tell me about it right?”

“I want to be able to go on dates with you,” she pouted cutely and looked through the photo’s. “Look how cute these are, I want to go on dates as cute as this.”

“Me too, but we don’t really have an option. Not unless we go public.” You said, lightly kissing her, her pouty face too cute to resist.

“Go public.” Tiffany said, nodding a bit, “That doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Do you want to?” You asked, slightly taken back by her nonchalant attitude. She smiled a bit and nodded, giving you all the confirmation you needed. “Let’s talk to your manager.” you said happily. You paused for a moment and looked back at her with a grin, “Maybe I should thank Chanyeol.”


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She ended up being in a similar situation as Taeyeon, the two of you had decided to go on a show together. After a few questions, the conversation had turned to relationships.

“So, as I’m sure you’re aware.” The interviewer began, looking directly at you as he spoke. “There have been some pictures going around of you and Taeyang that have kind of been plastered everywhere. With all these pictures, come some, well, rumors. About the two of dating. I was hoping for you to clear up everything, are you and Taeyang dating?”

You laughed a bit, “No, he’s just a close friend of mine.”

“Aw, are you sure? Some of these pictures kind of make me want to date you. You seem like a cute partner.” He said showing the two of you a few of the pictures going around.

“Y/N is an adorable partner.” Hyoyeon agreed, gently squeezing your hand. A signal that the two of you had previously agreed on, a sign that she was going to do the thing that made you two choose to do an interview in the first place. “Yeah, we’re dating and they have the most adorable habits in the morning.” she finished, earning a curious look from you. The rest of the interview was spent sharing embarrassing stories between the two of you.


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She wasn’t really sure how to feel, she knew that there was no way you would do anything to hurt her, but those pictures were not something people easily overlooked. You weren’t even aware that the pictures had even been taken, definitely not that they were plastered all over the internet. So your girlfriends oddly quiet demeanor when you got home felt weird. She had barely said anything to you since the moment you got home. In fact, she had barely been in the room with you, you swore that every time you walked into the room she left. Finally, you had had enough. She had hidden herself in your shared bedroom, and was refusing to come out, so instead you went to her. You had a plate of her favorite food balanced in one hand a a cup of tea in the other, you doing your best not to spoil the stupidly warm drink over your hand. You set the plate and the glass down on the table next to the bed before climbing in next to her. The two of you sat in an air of silence for a few moments before she looked over to you, and finally you spoke.

“You’re mad at me.”

“I don’t know.” Her voice was soft and she lifted her phone to show you all the pictures that had been taken. You looked through them thoughtfully and sighed before putting down the phone.

“You know that I didn’t do anything right? We went out for lunch, but that’s it. I’d never do anything to hurt you.” You said softly.

She didn’t speak, just offering a nod as an answer. “I think I could forgive you.” She said, a small smile playing at her lips.


“I dunno, you may have to earn it.”

You smiled, and put your arms around her waist, pulling her closer. “If I have to, I guess I could be nicer.”


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She wasn’t upset with you, this was part of your job. You only did the video because it was your job, not because you had feelings for Eric Nam. That’s what she told herself whenever she watched the video, or heard the song, or saw you and Eric talking off screen. Which, whenever that happened, she became pretty clingy. She’d come up and hug you when you were talking to him, resting her head on your shoulder when you and Eric were talking about more song ideas.

You had noticed her slightly odd behavior earlier, but it was most obvious when the two of you had gone home. The ride was nearly silent and she pretty much disappeared when you both got home. You waited outside for awhile, not sure what was bothering her. After awhile you got up and walked to the bedroom, where she was looking through her computer just like she had been for the past few hours.

“What’s bothering you?” You asked, sitting next to her and nudging her gently. “You’ve been acting weird lately.”

You waited for a few moments, not getting a response. You sighed a bit and shook your head, offering her a smile before moving her laptop and tackling her in a hug. You cuddled her tightly.

“I’m not letting go until you’re not mad at me anymore.”

“I’m not mad!” Sooyoung said, giggling a bit when you tickled her. “I just don’t want to lose you to Eric.” she admitted, her voice quieting as she spoke.

You frowned and pulled away, “You’re not gonna lose me to him.” you promised quietly, “I don’t want to be with him. I actually kind of have someone else I’m into."you finished by kissing her head and cuddling her close to you.


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She hadn’t mentioned anything about the articles that were popping up after your on screen kiss with Lee Sung Kyung in your new drama. She didn’t want to bug you about it, knowing that it was just your drama. Honestly, had it not been for the articles with your co-star talking about how you were her ideal type none of this would have been a problem, but after all of these articles coming out the kiss went viral. Everyone loved you and her, and the whole thing made her feel uncomfortable, especially when she posted couple pictures with you and there were loads of comments with yours and Sungkyung’s ship name.

After one time where there were a particularly large amount of comments, you had noticed that Yoona seemed kind of down.

"What do you want for dinner?” You asked, looking through the fridge, “We have almost no food, but I think I can make something.”

“I’m not really hungry.” She murmured from the living room.

You turned around and walked over to her, sitting on the couch next to her, “What’s going on? You seem upset.”

“You’re not going to leave me right?” Yoona asked after a few moments of silence, “For Sungkyung?”

You frowned and pulled her into a tight hug, rubbing her back gently, “Of course not. I love you.”

Yoona nodded a bit, cuddled against you gently. “I love you too.”


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Pictures of your previous relationship with Amber had resurfaced recently, a lot of people thinking that the two of you are still together since you and Seohyun hadn’t talked about your relationship publicly yet.

“So, you’ve seen the pictures right?” You asked, sitting next to her. “‘Cause otherwise, forget I said anything.”

She lightly hit your shoulder and nodded a bit, “I’ve seen them.”

“Okay.” You paused for a moment and an awkward silence fell between the two of you for a few moments.

She looked over grinned at you before nudging you gently, “You guys are so cute!”  she gushed, taking your phone and looking through the pictures. She cuddled closer to you and found one of them, “These are cute, but we have ones that are much cuter.”

You wrapped her arms around her, and kissed her head softly, “Yeah we do.”

She went to your camera roll and picked out a few of the pictures, “I think we should post one of these ones, they’re the cutest ones. What do you think?”

“I like the second, you look the cutest in that one.”

She nodded a bit and went on Instagram, setting everything up before looking at you, “Are you sure you’ll be okay with this?”

“I’m more worried about you, will your manager be okay with that?” You asked quietly.

“Already asked, its a yes.” She murmured before posting the picture.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Anonymous said: Please write a fic where the reader has the biggest crush on Clay & her brother Tony tries to hook them up ?

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Tony & Sibling!Reader | Clay X Reader

“You’re doing it again.” A pause. “Y/N.”  Another pause. “¡Dios mío!  Just ask him out already!”

“..what?!” You finally snap, jerking to attention and frowning at your brother. “Ask who out?”

“You know who I’m talking about,” Tony scoffs. “Clay. You stare at him all the time when he’s getting his bike off the rack.”

“Jesus, T! Keep your voice down,” you hiss, eyes wide. “The windows are rolled down.” Tony chuckles as you glance around the parking lot nervously, your gaze then landing back on the bike rack where Clay is settling onto his own bike already. Then lowering your voice, you say, “And I don’t stare all the time.”

“You really do,” your brother says, starting the engine to his Mustang and driving away. “Even Clay has noticed it, but Clay’s so oblivious to anything that deals with girls so he doesn’t know why.”

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anonymous: can i make 2 preference requests? one where they take care of you when you’re sick/sad/stresses/or whatever, the other where they confess that they like you?

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


❤ You’re sleeping over at Clay’s house when you suddenly wake from a violent nightmare. Your body jerks upwards and you gasp in a breath, still not sure if you’re still in the dream. The darkened room fades in around you, and you quickly realize where you are, that you’re not still in that terrible dream, and a sob is torn from your throat in relief.

“Sweetie?” Clay groans as he too wakes up. “Are you okay?”

You can’t speak, you’re breathing and crying too hard to answer. A few nondescript noises come out, but nothing substantial.

“o-okay, it’s okay, I’m right here my love.” He sidles up closer to you and takes you in his harms, softly whispering shh in your hair. When your breathing finally regulates, you’re able to choke out the details of the dream.

“Oh, hon,” Clay pulls you tighter to him, “that’s awful. But it wasn’t real, okay? You’re safe, I’m right here to protect you, no matter what.” He gently lays you back down and continues whispering sweet affirmations in your ear until you fall back into a deep, dreamless sleep.


❤ It’s been one of those days. One of the days when your mind has gone inexplicably silent, unwilling to feel the bad or good. Your body feels like white noise. You have gone completely numb.

Your phone dings on your bedside table, but you don’t roll over to see who is texting you. You’ve been in bed all day. You didn’t even make it to school. You simply couldn’t find the motivation.

“(Y/N)!” Your mother called from downstairs. “You have a guest!”

Moments later, footsteps pounded up the stairs and your door flew open. “(Y/N), shit,” Hannah sighs, closing the door and stepping up to the foot of your bed. “Is it bad again?”

All you can do is nod. Before you know it, Hannah has climbed into bed next to you, spooning you from behind and smoothing your hair. She presses soft, innocent kisses to the back of your neck. “I brought you something.” She mentions.

“What?” You choke out, your voice horse from hours of being unused.

“This.” She says, and wraps her arms around you in a tight embrace. You grab onto her arms, and finally emotion overtakes you. She rides it out with you, never once letting go.


❤ “Hey, (Y/N), how about you swing by my place later tonight and we’ll share some chemistry.” Montgomery snides, snatching your chem textbook from your bag.

“Give it back, Monty.” You groan, but he holds it above your head, and he’s got at least a few inches on you.

“Montgomery!” A familiar voice booms down the hallway. You both turn around to see your boyfriend, Justin, storming towards you both. He grabs the textbook and whacks Mongomery across the shoulder with it. “Fuck off, dude, or this textbook will be somewhere else real fast.”

Montgomery raised his hands in self-defense and backed away, taking off down the hall. Justin handed you your book back and enveloped you in a hug. “I don’t get why he’s such a jackass.” He mutters. “If he tries shit with you again, he’s dead.”


❤ You quickly pluck at the strings of your cello, trying to practice for the upcoming jazz band concert. When you get it wrong for the seventh time, you toss your sheet music to the ground in frustration. “God damn it!” You shout, burying your head in your hands.

“Whoa, whoa, what’s going on?” Alex whips off his guitar and is at your side in a second, cupping your face so that you look at him.

“The seventh fucking bar, Alex. It’s just not coming out right. I’m going to let the whole band down!” You exclaim, your throat tightening.

“Hey, no. Don’t talk like that. You just need to slow it down a bit, okay?” He says softly, collecting your music off of the ground. He gives you a chaste kiss before replacing the music on the stand. “You can do this. I believe in you. We can do it together, okay?” He puts his guitar back on, and you resume your position with your cello. “And, one, two, three, four…”


❤ “Holy shit, are you okay?” Someone cries. You open your eyes to see a gaggle of concerned cheerleaders hovering above you. Jenny drops to her knees beside you, helping you sit up. “(Y/N), I am so, so sorry I dropped you. It was a complete accident, I swear.”

“What the hell happened?!” A shrill voice calls out across the gym. The circle of cheerleaders parted and you saw your girlfriend Jessica rushing towards you. Jenny moved out of the way and Jessica took her spot, pulling you up onto her lap, supporting your head in the crook of her arm.

“Jenny accidentally dropped (Y/N) during a stunt.” Someone explains. 

Jessica brushes your hair out of your face. “Holy hell. Are you okay?” You can tell she’s beginning to freak out.

“I think so.” You reply. “It was just a little fall, nothing serious.”

“You could have gotten seriously hurt!” Jessica exclaims. “If something ever happened to you… I just- I don’t even want to think about it.” She shakes her head.

“Well, you don’t have to.” You cup her face in your hand. “I’m okay.”

“Good.” You can tell she doesn’t quite believe you, but she kisses you before helping you up anyways.


❤ Its late at night, and you’re knocking on Zach’s door. He answers in his pyjamas, hair mussed, sleep in his eyes. Nevertheless, he looks happy to see you.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” 

“I- can I sleep here tonight?” You ask in a weepy voice. “Things at home aren’t… aren’t great.”

His expression turns from one of sleepy contentment to alert worry. “Of course, shit, come in.” He opens the door wider and guides you into his living room with a hand on the small of your back. You two settle on the couch cuddle in, not even bothering to turn on the light. Before you fall asleep, you hear him whisper something.

“You always have a family with me, baby.”


❤ As you exit the doors to leave school, you see it. The iconic red mustang. Shit. You had made a point of avoiding you boyfriend all day, as you knew he didn’t approve of you coming to school sick. But it was too late, he had seen you and was now marching towards you.

“(Y/N), what are you doing here?” He asks you, pushing his sunglasses atop his head to look you in the eye.

“I’m sorry babe, but I didn’t have a choice. I had a French test today.” You shiver, but towards the end of your sentence a coughing fit overtakes you.

“Okay, that’s it.” Tony pulls off his leather jacket and drapes it around your shoulders, leading you to his car. “I’m taking you home to my place. I’ll make you up a bath, and ask my mom to make a batch of her chicken soup.”

“I’m fine, really.” You try to explain as he buckles you into the passenger seat.

“Mi amour, let me take care of you.” He runs a hand down the side of your head, smoothing your hair, and kisses your forehead. He quickly pulls away in alarm. “(Y/N), you have a fever! We’ve got to get you into bed.”

“What a shame.” You weakly flirt, poking him gently in the chest. Despite all his bluster, he smiles.

“Come on, let’s got you taken care of.”


❤ It’s been a long, challenging semester, but school is finally out. You and Jeff decide to celebrate by burning all of your old homework in a big bonfire in his backyard. As you snuggle up close, tossing pieces of paper into the fire, Jeff turns to you.

“Hey, you okay?” He asks. “You’re not usually this quiet.”

You take a deep breath before speaking. “I’m scared, Jeff. I’m scared of the future. Everything is changing so fast, and I feel like I don’t know what to expect.”

“I hear that.” Jeff agrees. “But you know what? I can promise you one thing will never change: us. We’ll figure it out together. I’ll be right beside you the whole way.”


“Promise.” And he sealed it with a kiss.

He never did break that promise.


❤ You and Sherri stood outside of Sherri’s front door, making one final check on each other’s appearance.

“You look wonderful, (Y/N).” Sherri said, reverently touching your collar.

“I’m so nervous, Sher,” You confess, “I really want your parents to like me.”

“They’re going to love you! She assures you. “They’ve always said that as long as I’m happy, they’re happy.”

“And I make you happy?” You ask sheepishly.

“You do.” She says, kissing you softly. “Now, shall we go in?”

BTS series; Are you bulletproof?

PART NINETEEN<<                                       >>PART TWENTY ONE  

PART TWENTY ”First love”

A/N: My laptop crashed on me and it didn’t recover chapter 20. So, I had to rewrite it, with things I could remember and newer ideas. There is one good thing about that happening and a bad thing. What first? Right.

Good news, well I have decided the series isn’t going to end, just yet (it was my plan at first) but it’s on-going but with less updates due to, other series I need to work on.  

Bad thing, it’s not going to be a dance on roses for Y/N with the next chapters. Y’all, my laptop crashed- giving me a hard time. *slow clap* I’m not done with the series, but I will certainly pay more attention to Agust D when I write. I can’t tell more than this, sorry.

Thank you for still reading, Enjoy!

* = A sex demon. Incubus is the male name and a succubus is for the female demons.

** = I must clarify, this means I was listening to Jay park at that moment.

Warning: Mentioning of nonconsensual sex.

Word count: 5.3k

Where you left off: 

“Once you finally meet someone, you never really forget them.”

Nine words, making your heart burst in warmth and a smile grow on your face. It made you tear up, still stroking his soft head. Feeling it shake upon you, it made you certain that Taehyung, was trying not to cry.

“It just takes a while for your memories to return”

You responded, feeling his head shake less. Knowing it’s just a movie quote, it never stopped you from believing in it. Right now, Taehyung knew what was behind those words, hoping that even for how long after BTS has ended. That you two, will never completely forget each other.

A sweaty left hand and soft like fur under your right hand. Not opening your eyes, there were an obnoxious knocking on the door. Snuggling towards Yoongi’s head, you heard him murmur a ‘go away’, but he still leaned in towards your body. Getting back to sleeping, the knocking never stopped. In fact, it kept going like wild horses. Some rustling and a loud groan was heard in the back. Heavy footsteps were made and the sound of a lock getting twisted. Furrowing your brows, to the extent of it could practically be a monobrow. The sound of shoes, but not just any shoes, high heels. Clicking against the wooded floor, waking everyone on their way.

“OMG you look so cuuuute~!” She spoke, holding her hands in front of her mouth.

Eyes flutter open and Yoongi’s head left your shoulder. Looking around, everyone was practically awake, but their eyelids still threatened to close again. Even the fact that Jessica was there, Yoongi didn’t let go of your hand.

“Jessica? There are still hours until the party…” You yawned, looking at the clock. Hearing the boys murmur a groaning ‘good morning’

“I know, but I wanted to go on a shopping trip, to find something I could wear for tonight… Jackson is coming, right?” Jessica answered, slightly letting the blush spark through the foundation.

“He is… as for everyone in Got7…” You mumbled, letting your eyelids fall again. Yoongi’s warmth and snuggling towards your body, didn’t convince you to stand up, just yet. It was like cuddling with your favourite plush, as a kid.

“Even though I think you two look extremely adorable, but I need you. RIGHT NOW” Something pulling the warmth away, as if you were kicked out into the snow covered concrete. Jessica was tugging onto your shirt, dragging you along to your bedroom.

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abbessolute  asked:

Hey are still doing the Halloween prompts? If you are could you do haunted hay rides with Sam? That just sounds like a Sam activity. Thank you.

“Remind me why we’re here again.” Sam mumbled, leaning down and whispering against your hair. 

“Shhh.” You shot him a glare from the corner of your eye. He rolled his eyes and sighed. “It’s for her.” You nodded downward in the direction of your eleven-year-old daughter. 

“Mom! We’re almost there!” She bounced on the balls of her feet. It was the first time she’d expressed any interest in anything, really. Anything other than drowning you and your husband out with headphones in her ears and a book in her hands. 

“Yeah, we are, aren’t we?” You smiled. “You scared?” You readjusted your beanie on your head and winked at her. 

“No way!” She grinned and Sam chuckled behind you. “This stuff doesn’t scare me, Mom. Not after-” She stopped herself, her lips pressing into a flat line as her eyes widened.

“Not after what, Jessica?” Your tone changed from playful to stern as you realized she was hiding something from you. 

“Nothing!” She shook her head adamantly. 

“Jessie.” Sam warned. 

“I - I found some books…” She shuffled her feet. 

What books?” You glanced at Sam, afraid of what your daughter may have found. 

“They’re really old. I was going through a box in the basement. I think I found Uncle Dean’s name in one of them, with some numbers.” Jessie whispered toward the ground.

“Dad’s journal…” Sam sighed, his regret-filled eyes meeting yours. “Jessie, we’ll talk when we get home, okay? Let’s just - just enjoy this for now.” 

“Sorry…” Jessica murmured. 

“It’s alright, sweetheart. Just, next time we ask you to stay out of a room, try to listen to us, yeah?” You put your hand on her shoulder and pulled her in front of you and Sam. She nodded and gave you a small smile. “Atta girl.” 

“But, I do want to know more about Grandpa John.” 

You felt Sam tense beside you. He’d never talked about his father with you or your daughter. He’d been avoiding it, dreading the day Jessica found out anything about him, but it was finally here. He lost himself in his thoughts, ignoring you and your daughter as the two of you bantered about what she was expecting from the hayride. 

“Sir, your ticket?” The bundled woman held out her gloved hand expectantly. 

“Huh? Oh - yeah. Sorry.” Sam stuffed his hand in his pocket and pulled out the paper stub. “Thanks.” The three of you piled onto the wooden bench and Jessica shuffled her feet against the hay excitedly. As the tractor sputtered and began slowly making its way into the trees, Sam picked mindlessly at his fingernails, mind racing with thoughts of how in the world he was going to explain his former life to the little girl who made him give it up for good.

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Choice - Matt x Reader

Originally posted by bmvagabondd

Fandom- Until Dawn 

Character- Matt & Emily {Includes mention of other Until Dawn characters} 

Word Counter- 1520 Words 

Persona- Female 

Warnings- Language. Violence. 

Request- Ey Chloe I have an idea for Matt. Its where you’re with Him and Emily and in some part he has to choose between saving/helping you or Emily


I have a Matt request where him the reader and Jess escape the mines and all stop for a breather and for Jess to rest,when suddenly Matt pulls the reader into a kiss then tells them that he has wanted to do that since they met?

You lifted Emily’s foot up and pushed her onto the ladder which was apparently broken. 

She huffed as she grabbed the ladders and then clambered up to the next floor of the fire tower. 

Matt then lifted you up and you gave him a thank you smile as Emily dragged you up from the ladder. 

You both reached down to help Matt but Emily allowed you to risk the fall. 

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Forgive And Forget

There is bad news and there is good news. Everybody wants to hear the bad news first so the good news would bring them joy. Or some people want to hear the good news first so they can be happy first and choose not to hear the bad news. You had good news for your longtime boyfriend. You were expecting. You figured that something wasn’t normal the morning after the both of you had sex after a couples drinks you had came back from partying with your friends. Throwing up mainly. Your theory of being pregnant was correct when you took a test and saw that plus…also when the doctor told you that you were.

You couldn’t wait another second for Mats to return home from his game. They had won 3-1 today so you were ecstatic to add more joyfulness into Mats’ day. The idea that Mats may not want a child had not once crossed your mind. Which brings you to the present.

“Are you even listening to me?! This is your fault Y/N! You know that I hate kids so why do you think that this would be good news? I cannot actually believe that you’re pregnant. This isn’t fair! I have too much shit going on in my life right now and you decide to get pregnant now?! How stupid are you?” Mats screamed at you, pacing around the kitchen and making wild gestures with his hands as he shouted.

“It wasn’t like I had a choice,” you implied in a whisper.

“No! You don’t get to fucking talk. I’m angry at you Y/N. I don’t even know what else to do right now. I don’t know how I can be a father right now.” He leaned his elbows against the kitchen counter and hid his face with his hands. There was an eerie silence as Mats thought to himself. You took the opportunity to wipe your tear streaked face with your shirt sleeves.

This wasn’t how things were going to be. Mats was supposed to talk and places kisses on your stomach everyday until your child was born then place kisses on their little face. He was supposed to be overprotective of everything you did so nothing would hurt you or the baby. He was supposed to start throwing out names at random times to see if you would accept them, especially Mats Junior. He was supposed to remember all the little nursery rhymes and songs his mom sang to him as a kid so he could do the same to his. That was how it was supposed to be. But I guess that sounds too much like a fairytale right?

Mats finally raised his head back to you and uttered those words you absolutely did not want him to say.

“We should break up.”

You clamped eyes shut stopping any threatening tears from spilling over as you felt your body shiver. “Please Mats don’t do this.”

“I have to Y/N. I’m not capable of raising a child. Particularly at this time. Its just not going to happen I’m sorry.” He made no move to reassure you so you form your lips into a thin line and nodded solemnly. “I’ll send someone to drop your stuff off later and you can call a cab or something,” he sighed and made his way to the room you used to share.

You instantly flew out of the house into the cool night air and dialled a cab which would be about a fifteen minute wait. To pass the time, you fell to your knees and started bawling. You’ve been crying for such a long time that fifteen minutes felt like fifteen seconds. You told the cab driver the address to Jessica Melena and Ciro Immobile’s house. They have been so gracious to you and Jessica was the first WAG to become friends with you when you were seated in the same row during a BVB game.

Once the cab pulled up and you payed your fee, you pounded on their front door like there was no tomorrow. Sure you were a bad friend for waking them up at this time, especially when they probably just settled in bed after today’s match, but you needed them more than ever. The door eventually opened and revealed a yawning Jessica.

“Y/N? What’re you doing…” She stopped short when she saw black faded eyeliner now smeared down your face. Without another word she yanked you inside by your wrist and led you to the couch after putting the kettle on to boil some tea for you.

“Tell me everything.” Jessica slid onto the spot on the couch next to you and waited patiently for you to begin.

“Jess I’m… pregnant. But before you start popping bottles about this seemingly happy news, Mats wasn’t so thrilled about it. He-“ you sniffed and bit your lip harshly. “He broke up with me because of this.”

“Oh my god. That asshole. Is he for fucking real? Oh sweetie come here.” Jessica pulled you into a motherly hug which only made you start to cry again.

“I don’t want to lose him Jess. I love him.”

“Shh, hon. Okay c’mon, let’s get you to bed you need to sleep. We can talk about everything and cuss him out tomorrow.” She helped you to your feet and brought you to a guest room. “Do you want me to stay with you?”

You nodded your head yes frantically. You needed comfort from somebody and Jess was exactly that person who could be a best friend, an enemy, a sister, and a mother. You crawled underneath the covers and buried your face into the pillow, Jess rubbing your back soothingly as you drifted off to sleep.

You woke up to the sound of birds twittering outside the window. You wished you could never leave the bed but the scent of frying bacon and freshly buttered pancakes that wafted into your nostrils said otherwise. You climbed wearily out of bed and carried yourself to the kitchen. There you saw Ciro attempting to crack an egg and Jessica flipping pancakes. You forgot that you spent the night here.

Successfully cracking open the egg, Ciro spun around in delight and made a fist pumping motion when his gaze locked with yours. He gave a you a weak smile and envelopes you in a comforting hug to which you gladly accepted.

“Hey Y/N.”

“Hi Ciro.”

Ciro pulled out of the hug but kept his hands rested on your shoulders. “You’re going to be okay. You can stay with us until you’re back on your feet. Nope, you can’t refuse it. You’re staying with us.”

“Thank you guys so much.” You threw your arms around Ciro thankfully. “I mean it. You are the best.”

“Awww group hug!” You heard Jessica giggle and run over to the other side of you to hug your back so you were sandwiched in between your gracious friends.

It’s been six weeks since you and Mats have been broken up and you’ve been handling yourself much better than you thought you could manage. Thanks to Jessica and Ciro of course. Your recent check up with the doctor went steady. The baby was as healthy as one could be and it was a boy. The three of you decided on multiple names but none of them were good enough for you to call your child that for the rest of their life.

“No thanks Ci.” You walked in the opposite direction of him and ended up facing a wall.

“Please Y/N? I want your support just this once and you never have to go even if my life depended on it.”

You shot him a confused look to which he only shrugged. Today Ciro felt that everyone should have their day (and Jessica informed him that it was called a birthday) and nominated himself that today should be his day. For his day, he wanted you to support him during his match today.

“Fine. But I’m only staying for the match. No after party if you win okay?”

“Okay!” Ciro embraced you quickly before running up the stairs two at a time yelling for Jessica to inform her that you were coming with them. Her response being a shriek in excitement. You rolled your eyes and huffed out breath of air then started upstairs to change into one of Ciro’s jersey’s.

At the stadium, you couldn’t help but notice that Mats wasn’t in the starting line-up. You informed Jessica about this, her response being a ’that bitch probably knew that his face would get beat in because I’m here’ nod. You decided to just brush it off and pay attention Ciro.

The intense game ended 4-1 to BVB. Jessica had been screeching so loud, you were absolutely sure that the players on the pitch could hear her. “We need to celebrate! Let’s go back to the car and wait for Ciro to take him to a surprise dinner, yeah?”

You didn’t even have a chance to respond. She pulled your arm and manoeuvred around the enthusiastic crowd to bring you both back to the parking lot. Once the fans had dissipated from the stadium, Jessica’s patience wore thin.

“Ergh, what on earth is taking this man so long?!” She turned to you from the driver’s seat. “Do you mind going in and hauling his ass out here?”

You nodded and exited the car, jogging lightly because it was a little chilly out. You neared the locker room and pushed the door open. It smelled like fresh shampoo and soap and you saw Marco and Aubameyang just about to leave the locker rooms.

“Y/N,” Marco breathed out in a nervous voice and glanced at his friend.

“Uh long time no see.” Aubameyang awkwardly embraced you.

“Hey, I just came here to grab Ciro. Do you know where he is?”

“He’s right over there.” The duo pointed to the showers and side stepped for you to walk further inside. “It’s only him and…ouch!” Aubameyang elbowed Marco in the side before he could finish his sentence.

You hesitantly took a step forward and spun around just in time to see the two squeezing out the door. You furrowed your brows then continued walking toward the showers, cautiously so that you wouldn’t walk in on Ciro naked.

Just as you were about to open your mouth to call his name, a man who you did’t recognise was staring directly at you. The man looked like all of his energy had been drained from his body. His hair ruffled in every direction, dark circles on his eyes, and his posture was horrible. Though he seemed to be hit by a bolt of relief when he looked at you.

“Y/N…” The man whispered.

You gasped and your hands flew to your mouth as you felt tears rising. You couldn’t believe your eyes once you knew who this man was.


“Oh my God.”

Mats stood up and walked to you, making sure he was at an appropriate distance also. You could do nothing but stare at his changes.

“How’ve you been?”

Your hands were glued to your mouth as you avoided and countered his question. “How have you been?“

“I’ve been better,” Mats joked, trying to lighten the mood.

“Mats…what happened to you?”

He broke your gaze and fiddled with his hands. “Alcohol.”

You sighed in disappointment and stepped closer to him. “Why?”

He returned your gaze. “It was the only way. I couldn’t call you because I thought you would never take me back. I had no idea where you went so I got scared that you moved back to your home. I’m such a fucking idiot Y/N.”

Unsure of what to do next, he enveloped you into a gentle hug yet he still clung to you like you were his lifeline. You did your best to reciprocate the action with your shorter and thinner arms by locking them around his neck.

“I’m sorry.” Mats breathed in the scent of your hair then buried his face in your neck, peppering warm kisses along the crook, murmuring apologies. You moaned softly at the affection and cupped his chin to bring his face into view.

“I love you.” Mats exhaled and brought his mouth to yours tentatively. “This one too.” He dropped to one knee and smiled then rested his ear onto your not even noticeable bump.

You combed his hair with your fingers, carefully ridding the rough and matted tangles. “Mats, she hasn’t grown enough to move around.”

Mats’ head shot up. “She?”

“I’m hoping.” You brought your crossed fingers into his sight.

Mats leaned his head back and let out a low laugh. Then his face became serious he rose back to his feet, towering over you. “You know what I’m about to ask now.”

You nodded slowly. “I know.”

“And your answer?” Mats eyed you nervously.

Before you could answer, Ciro finally emerged from the shower room clothed and ready to go. When he saw you two together, he froze, then gradually smiled. “You two finally made up. It’s about time too, Mats was this close to his football career ending. If it weren’t for you Y/N I’m not sure that Matty would even be alive right now.” Ciro laughed at his exaggerated joke loudly and started to pack up his things.

“So does that mean you’re moving out?”

You looked from Mats to Ciro and thought about your decision with deep thought then turned your head back to Mats who was looking at you with suspense.


When you gave your answer, you swear you’ve never seen any human smile so big and bright then Mats did. At any moment, rays of sunshine would come blasting outof his teeth if he didn’t stop.

“Mats is going to have to deal with Jessica,” Ciro groaned and mumbled under his breath, making you laugh at the thought of Jessica taking all of her anger out on Mats.

Mats looked confused. “Should I be afraid?” He asked Ciro.

“Mats, if anything, you should be terrified. Matter of fact you should just move to a different country.”

You all laughed maniaclly and exited the locker room together.

Mine to Take: Josh Washington x Reader

Part One

Summary: Part Two of Mine to Keep, where the psycho has appeared after the disappearance of Matt Fletcher and Mike Munroe. Reader has decided to save Josh because he had saved them. I collaborated with my good friend, @exhausted-with-the-world. An actual collaboration! I was so happy work with her on this. I wrote the first part, she wrote the second. Hope you enjoy it. 

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more-than-unorthodox  asked:

Tahlia laughed with Jessica, holding onto Bowser's leash tightly. "But seriously, If you were a lesbian, would you?" She asked her best friend and the Ginger rolled her eyes, blushing. "Shut up about it already." Jessica unlocked her apartment door where they had left Chris and Charles while they took Bowser for a walk and got some shopping done. But when they walked in they heard nothing. Just the TV in the background but no talking.

There were two babies on the couch, clothes piled around them. The chubbier baby was biting on the remote, while the other had fallen on his back and couldn’t get up.

The Really Horrible Meta I Just Came Up With and I am Sorry

Okay, warning, this gets a little triggering for anybody who’s dealt with dementia or Alzheimer’s. For those of you who have, I would like to say I am so sorry for your loss and your pain. It’s been ten years since my grandfather and even though a stroke took him before the Alzheimer’s advanced beyond him forgetting anybody’s names or worse, these are both horrible diseases.

THAT SAID, let’s talk about how truly Felicity Smoak’s life could have sucked!

So let’s assume that Anthony Ivo and Jessica are indeed Felicity’s parents. What if Jessica’s condition came on slowly? Like, when Felicity was a kid, her mom was mostly okay. Sure, there would be episodes, but they were pretty rare and Felicity just grew up knowing that her mom was a little different and that just means she has to be responsible. But the older she got, the worse it grew.

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