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People Can Change

Summary: Y/N is a nerd about to graduate from high school. Dean is her best friend’s older brother who is always with Sam. Together the two of them fight like cats and dogs, but is it hatred causing it or is it love?

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore, Bobby Singer, Reader

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Chubby!Reader, Sam Winchester x Jessica Moore

Warnings: NSFW, smut, self doubt about weight, language

Word Count: 4,687

Request: Do you think you could write me a fanfic where its Dean x Reader but they’re both in high school and the reader is this adorable chubby lil nerd and Dean is a bad boy who used to tease her but they both really like each other and it ends up in smut of fluff please and thank you! Love the writing and keep doing’ you!- Anonymous

A/N: This is my submission for @dancingalone21 Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. My quote was “I say we get drunk and shoot crap.” I hope y’all enjoy I loved writing this because I’m a chubby nerd like the reader. Feedback is always welcomed!

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The bell for the end of the day chimed, and all of your classmates started packing their things up. Mr Singer, your teacher yelled out to everyone that they needed to bring their homework in on Monday or they’d receive no credit. As everyone else rushed to get out of the class, you took your time packing your things up before walking to the from of the class.

“Mr. Singer, here’s my homework.” He looked up at you with a smile on his face as he took it from you. “I just figured I would give it to you now.”

“My star pupil, thank Y/N I’ll be sure to get this graded and back to you by Monday.”

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Marvel/Netflix intros as Defenders’ perspectives on New Yourk City

Somewhere around seeing Luke Cage I’ve realized something about each opening sequence for Defenders’ shows (or at least first three since Iron Fist wasn’t out yet). Mainly - that they all depict New York in some way and in a unique way convey how Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage look at it. I waited ‘til Iron Fist comes out to find if it will be true also in Danny’s case and I wasn’t disappointed. And the fact that city in present in each intro makes sense - after all Defenders (unlike Avengers or SHIELD) are supposed to be a more local-oriented heroes.

So here’s what I gathered.

Daredevil shows us a red liquid covering various buildings of New York, outlining them and making them visible. Matt Murdock, as we all know, is blind, but his other senses are so enhanced, he can hear what is happening in really far distance. In fact, he even tells Foggy that he - for the most part - knows where ambulance or police are driving and for what emergency. The liquid from intro brings up to mind blood, therefore it’s a metaphore of Matt Murdock “seeing” Hell’s Kitchen as full of suffering, he’s horribly aware of due to his supersenses.

Jessica Jones intro seems to depict New York through lenses and show people being followed in the alleys and observed through windows. That’s because Jessica - as a private eye - sees the city as full of dark secrets, people with deviations and cheating on their spouses. Jessica is disillusional about human nature and often expresses her cynical view on life and people.

Luke Cage has various landmarks in Harlem projecting on Luke’s shoulders. That’s because Luke at some point decides to fight for Harlem and take its problems on his shoulders. He sees gangsters ruining this beautiful place, destroying lives of honestly good people, so he wants to protect it and bring hope to its residents.

Finally Iron Fist intro starts with a man performing kung fu moves on the landscapes bringing to mind forrests and mountains of Far East, before we suddenly see him with city as a background, then he’s in the middle of the city. That’s because Kunlun was Danny’s reality for really long. He not only knows kung fu, he’s filled with eastern philosophy (right down to becoming a buddhist). And Kunlun operates on a different plane of existance, so it’s easy to say that time stopped there. So Danny brings Kunlun with himself and lives by its values in modern New York.

So Matt Murdock’s city is full of blood, Jessica’s city - full of dirty secrets, Luke’s city is rested on his shoulders, while Danny’s city is a foreign land to which he brings his experiences from Kunlun.

Now I wonder how Defenders intro, how city will be depicted there, how these four views will clash with each other.

Passive-Aggressive Partnership

Parts 1-24 @coveofmemories @bleedreid @my-xomatosis-s 

Part 25 

** Skip between the third and fourth page breaks if you want to complete the story sans smut.


Three months later.

Before heading home, she had to stop by the office and check on Jessica, make sure she was doing okay on her own. It had been two months since she’d transferred positions. “Hey honey,” Y/N said as she walked in that evening. “How’s everything going? Everything okay? You know what you need to do, all the paperwork that needs doing?” She kept rambling - Y/N still wasn’t quite used to her new role yet. Plus, she was a perfectionist, so she needed to know that everything was being handled the way she would want it to be handled. After all, it was her reputation that was on the line; she’d established the practice - it was just that Jessica was carrying the reputation now.

“I’m all good,” she smiled. “I’ve got two bodies coming in tomorrow morning. Not murder victims thankfully. And I’ve even got a filing system in place for paperwork now.” She took Y/N’s hand and brought her over to the corner of the room. “I made this into a file room. Over here is the blank paperwork, filed for every occasion imaginable, and then over here is where I keep the files. I make a copy and keep them here for myself. It’s very neat and orderly don’t you think?” As she turned around, she smiled wide, trying to impress her former boss. 

After all that had happened, Jessica was amazed that Y/N trusted her enough to take over her office. “Woah,” she chuckled, “This is even more organized than I’m used to. It’s amazing. You’ll call me if you need any help right?” Although she was loving her new role, it was definitely more difficult than she intended to let go of her former position.

“I’m good, Dr. Y/L/N,” she smiled softly. “I promise I’ll let you know if I need anything. I just can’t thank you enough for giving me this chance after everything that happened.”

“Two things,” she said, walking up to the young woman’s side and placing her hand on her shoulder. “One, please call me Y/N, no need for formalities anymore, and two, what happened was not your fault. You did everything right, we both made it out and you’re an amazing medical examiner, okay? You’ve earned this.”

Before heading back out to the car where Spencer was waiting for her, Y/N wrapped her arms around Jessica. “You’ve more than earned this.”

“Thanks, Dr…Y/N.”

With a laugh, she turned to walk out the door. For the past two months, she’d been coming in compulsively to check on everything and make sure it was being run properly, but Jessica had it handled. Just like with Boyland, she knew what she needed to do. Y/N trusted her to do the right thing then. And she trusted her now.


“How’s everything in there?” Spencer said, leaning over from the driver’s side of the car to look out her window. “Jessica okay?”

“Yea,” she said, opening the passenger’s side door and giving him a peck on the lips. “She’s all good. She’s even got a filing system in there now that puts my system to shame.” Spencer looked on in surprise. Y/N was a neat freak and a perfectionist, so for her to say that Jessica outdid her was a lot.

“Do you think you’re going to come back as often?” he asked, pulling away from the curb and back toward’s their apartment building. 

Even though they’d only been dating for about two months when she was taken by Boyland, the whole ordeal made Spencer realize just how much she meant to him and he’d asked her to move in with him. “Probably not,” she said, “she’s got it covered and I’ve got a new job now. I did tell her to call me if she needed my help though.

“She’ll be fine,” Spencer replied confidently as he turned onto their street. “You trained her well.”

“I’d like to think so.”


After walking upstairs into their apartment, Spencer turned to her and grabbed her hand, spinning her around the room and dancing in place. “So how do you think you’re settling into your new position?” he asked playfully. “The people are nice? The work is interesting?”

“Definitely,” she smiled, grabbing him by the waist as they danced their way into the kitchen. “It’s very different, but I’m enjoying it and my co-workers are great.”

“Fantastic,” he said, pulling her towards the bedroom. “For now, no more work talk.” With a smoothness she wasn’t accustomed to from him, he shrugged his suit jacket off outside the bedroom door and turned the door handle, leading her inside. He loved having her next to him as they fell asleep every night. They may not have been dating for long, but he didn’t care; he’d found the person he loved and never wanted to be without her. “Only sex talk.”

“Yessss,” she said, happily pumping her fists in the air while Spencer pulled her shirt off over her head. It had been a long day, but he needed her and she needed him. Her hands cradled his neck as he lowered her to the bed, gliding down slowly against the sinewy muscles of his chest. It was only a month or so ago that his bruise from that day had finally faded away. She placed her hand over his heart and he brought her up to the head of the bed, at which point she rolled him over she could lay flush against him. She hadn’t noticed that a thin veil of tears had formed against her eyes.

“You okay?” he asked. 

She pressed her lips against his. “I’m fine. I just keep remembering that day, and what you did for me. You almost died.” Under her fingertips, she could remember the massive purple bruise that had formed after he’d taken the bullet. “I just love you a lot is all.”

“I love you too. And I’d do it again.”

After divesting themselves of the rest of their clothes, she ground her pelvis into his, teasing him ever so slightly until neither of them could take it anymore - it didn’t take long. He reached down to place himself at her entrance, but she did the rest, sliding onto his length and lying against him. She was in the mood for slow, lazy lovemaking. Even in this position, completely flush against him, they both found that they couldn’t get close enough. He wrapped his arms around her back, reaching for her hair and balling it on top of her head as they devoured each other.

“Oh god, Y/N,” he breathed, his head falling back into the pillow as she rolled her hips against his. With her right hand, she reached down, grazing it over his balls as she rode him. Grabbing her left hand, he placed it on the side of his neck and begged her to take him harder. They were both so close. “Fuck me.”

“Ah, fuck,” she cried, trembling as the waves started to roll through her. “I love you.” She collapsed onto him as his own orgasm crested and came to shore. As he spilled himself into her, she slipped her tongue into his mouth, fucking him with her tongue while he rode out his high. “That was amazing…and…”

“Necessary,” he chuckled softly. “Yea, it was. And I love you. So much.” She rolled to the side, coming to nestle herself in his embrace. She enjoyed being the little spoon and he was a cuddler, so he made a great big spoon. “Ready for work in the morning?”

“Yea,” she sighed, her eyes becoming heavy with sleep. “Especially after that. I’ll sleep like a baby.” She craned her head back and puckered her lips against his. “Night, baby.”


The next morning, they both got ready and headed to work. After all she’d been through, she’d realized she had a gift for working with victims. It was difficult sure, but she had a knack for it and she was stronger than she’d given herself credit for. For some reason, she knew exactly what to do to keep herself safe and keep others out of harm’s way. 

That’s why when Hotch approached her with the possibility of joining the BAU, she jumped on it. They didn’t have anyone on the team with a medical background, so she added to the team something they didn’t already have. She meant what she’d told Spencer the night before - her co-workers were great. She loved them before she started. 

“Coffee?” Spencer asked, placing her favorite specialty drink on the table. Peppermint mocha - it didn’t matter how warm it was out, peppermint mocha was everything. “I figured you should have a special drink today considering you’re officially a member of the team now.” After accepting the role, she’d needed to pass quite a few tests, marksmanship, psychological, especially after her ordeal with Boyland, but she’d passed them with flying colors and today was the day that Hotch could officially welcome her to the team.

She smiled as she picked up her coffee, accepting Hotch’s handshake. “Welcome to the team, Y/N.”

“Thanks, Hotch,” she replied, taken aback when Garcia slapped her hands against her face in surprise. “What is it Garcia? You knew I was gonna pass right? If you doubted me I might have to hurt you.” She only squealed and pointed behind Y/N’s back, causing her to turn around and see Spencer, on one knee, with a velvet box in his hand. “Oh my god.”

“Yes, it is what you think it is,” he said with a smile, reaching out his hand and bringing her toward him. As she looked around, she saw the surprise on some faces and not on others. JJ and Morgan knew - she knew it. The rest of them had no idea. “So just shut up and listen or I’m not going to be able to get this out.”

“You can’t tell me to shut up,” she laughed, bringing her hand to her mouth as she started to cry. “But go ahead.”

“If someone had asked me a year ago, whether or not I thought I would be madly in love with the obnoxious medical examiner, I would’ve laughed and said no freaking way, but I am. And when I got that call from you that day, and heard how scared you were, I knew I would’ve done anything to trade places with you. Unfortunately I couldn’t, but, if you let me, I will be there every day for the rest of our lives. So,” he said, looking up at her with tears in his eyes, “Y/N, Will you marry me?”

As she looked down into his eyes, she started to sob. “Yes,” she cried, laughing as the rest of the team applauded. Garcia was also sobbing, waving her hands in front of her face in an attempt to dry the tears. But they kept flowing. “Yes. Then we get to piss each other off for the rest of our lives.”

“That’s the plan,” he said. He stood up and placed the ring on her finger as she kissed him. “I found the person I want to annoy for the rest of my life.”

                                                    —THE END—


Are you confused after 6x20? You’re not alone.
I think I have solved the entire show. Everything.

In this master theory post, I explain:

- who is Mary Drake?
- was CeCe lying in 6x10? To what extent?
- did CeCe know she is adopted or did she think that was her immediate real family?
- who killed Jessica?
- why was Jessica killed?
- who killed Charlotte?
- why was Charlotte killed?
- who is Bethany Young?
- what is Rollins up to?
- who is Uber A?

This took forever and a day to prepare. I came across so many plot holes when writing this that contradict me, but I worked a way around them ALL. I think this is a very consistent and possibly true theory. 

WARNING: it is VERY, VERY long. But it’s ALL relevant; answer after answer after answer.

Not going to waste anymore of your time. Please, ENJOY!

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“(Y/N) follow that man, I want every last detail about him. If he cleans his belly button in the shower I want to know about it.” You nodded your head and walked out the room seemingly ‘Kilgraved’. The moment all doors were shut you were terrified, back to your terrified self. 

How long would it be until this man asked you to jump out of a window?

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Jessica. I am trash and I am unhealthy dependent on bands.

You, Jessica, strike me as a dark blue, listening to music with the window open watching the street below you, and going to concerts. and I also added dan and phil for your trash side.


Remember when Jason finds a box of Ali’s stuff while Ali is presumed dead? Inside there are love letters between Peter Hasting’s and Jessica DiLaurentis (his biological parents).. There is also $15,000 in cash. The liars come to the conclusion that Ali must have been blackmailing Peter for money so she could fake her death at some point.

This made by brain explode into all these reasons that it’s possible Jason is Charles!!

Enjoy my theory! : 

  • Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis are married. 
  • Jessica has an affair with Peter Hastings and gives birth to Charles.
  • Kenneth realizes that Charles is not his son, and forces Jessica to put him into Radley.
  • Jessica puts Charles in Radley, but joins the Board so she can watch over him.
  • Charles goes through terrible experiences in Radley, destroying his entire childhood. There he meets a girl named Bethany Young- the two become close friends and confidants.
  • He also meets his cousin, CeCe Drake, and the three of them bond.
  • Jessica and Kenneth have a daughter named Alison.
  • Jessica cannot bear to be away from her son any longer, and convinces Kenneth to let her bring him back home. 
  • Kenneth agrees, and they decide to try to start all over- by re-naming him Jason.They convince Jason that Charles was an imaginary friend who never existed.
  • They even went as far as to build a fake grave for the ‘death’ of Charles.

This picture Bethany drew is of Jason being taken away from her:

Bethany hates Jessica so much because she abandoned Charles, and then took him back, renamed him, and tried to brainwash him into thinking Charles never existed. Bethany’s hatred towards Jessica is evident in all the drawings she did of her in Radley.

Remember when Jason and Ali were looking through photo albums and Jason comments on how many more pictures there are of Ali than of him? That’s because he didn’t live with the DiLaurentis’ for most of his childhood….

When he was brought back into his family, he felt a deep resentment towards Ali, who was loved and treated so much better then him by their parents. 

The only bond he ever shared with anyone was with Bethany and CeCe in Radley. Jessica takes Bethany out of Radley some days so he can play with her. Jessica does this secretly behind Kenneth’s back, but tries to make Bethany believe that Charles is JASON and that he never lived in Radley with her. That’s why Bethany thinks Jessica is a liar.

Jessica even let Bethany come to one of Jason (Charles) birthday celebrations. 

As Bethany gets older, she blackmails Jessica into doing things for her so that she won’t tell Kenneth the truth. That’s who the second dress was for hidden in the piano. Remember Jessica tells Ali “not to tell Daddy because he will get mad.” Jessica doesn’t want Kenneth to know she still lets Jason(Charles) interact with his old friend.

Jason is jealous if Alison, and tells Bethany about her. When we hear the recording of Bethany talking about Ali she says, “Is it like mother like daughter?” 

Growing up, Jason(Charles) turned to alcohol and drugs to ease the memories of what he went through as a child. Remember Jason is an alcoholic and drug addict, and A is ALWAYS seen drinking.

At some point Alison finds out about Bethany, and the two write letters to one another. But knowing Alison- she probably treated Bethany badly, angering her further. 

At some point Jason(Charles) finds out that Peter is his real father, by finding Ali’s box of money and his biological parents’ love letters. He realizes she is blackmailing his dad. His hatred for Ali grows.

He starts sending Ali the text messages, and creates the NAT club with Ian and Garrett to spy on Alison in order to find dirt to use to blackmail her. He asks his cousin CeCe Drake to get close to Alison and learn her secrets. 

The night that Alison goes missing, Bethany escapes from Radley. Jessica knows that Bethany hates her, and panics when she hears she has escaped. That’s why she tries to keep Ali inside that night.

Bethany attempts to kill Ali (for Jason), by hitting her on the head with a rock. Jessica sees the whole thing from the window. Thinking Ali is dead, Jessica buries her because she needs to keep her secret safe. Ali survives and escapes.

Because Ali and Bethany are both blonde and wearing the same clothes that Jessica bought them, Mona mistakenly kills Bethany- thinking it was her bully Ali. 

Melissa comes across Bethany’s dead body and thinks it is Ali. Melissa buries her, thinking Spencer killed Ali. 

Jason spends the year after Ali’s disappearance trying to find Bethany and Ali, not knowing what happened. He believes that one of the 4 liars- Ali’s best friends- knows what happened to Bethany.

He begins to send the girls A messages, to gain information. He has a serious mental illness from the psychological distress from his childhood, and that is why he sometimes treats the girls kindly. He has a soft spot for Spencer, his other half-sister, who is intelligent and kind, and he also has an obvious crush on Aria. But most of the time he is torturing them to avenge Bethany.

Jason is Charles-Head A- and CeCe is Red Coat. 

He sends CeCe into Rosewood to befriend the liars to get information from them. He also has Mona working for him, but Mona doesn’t know his true identity- he communicates to her through CeCe.  Mona is instructed to take the fall as A when she is caught so that the game can continue. We see CeCe talking to Mona in Radley, and Mona saying, “I did everything you told me to.”

Jason is a wealthy man, capable of doing everything A has done. He hired EZRA FITZ, an undercover police officer, to do constant surveillance on the girls. It was a set-up that he met Alison that one time. Jason instructed him to get close to her. He ends up falling for Aria over time, but continues his police work.

The cash money found in Ezra’s drawer, was payments from Jason for surveillance. 

When the coroner reveals that it is Bethany Young’s body that was buried under the gazebo, and not Ali’s, Jessica makes a lair in Aunt Carol’s basement, and dedicates her time trying to find Alison.

CeCe runs away to London.

Jason (Charles) kills Jessica. He could never forgive her for giving him away in the first place. He blames her for everything that happened to him. I think this is why we are going to feel sympathy for A. 

Jason sends Kenneth a birthday card- taunting him. Kenneth never treated Jason (Charles) well. He forced Jessica to give him away, and treated him poorly the rest of his life.

Later, CeCe is told to take the fall as A. Jason tells her to pretend she is Charles to gain sympathy. Jessica is dead, so no one can say that CeCe’s story isn’t true. When we see Jason and Kenneth’s ‘unconscious’ bodies when CeCe is revealed as A, it was similar to the movie SAW. Jason was just pretending to be unconscious. Really, him and CeCe had kidnapped Kenneth, knocked him out, and were going to kill him. 

But lets back up a little….

Jason sent this card and balloon to his house, so that no one would suspect him (just like Mona sent herself A-messages in the first season)

During the long period of time that Jason wasn’t in Rosewood, he was building a Dollhouse, where he is planning to bring all the girls to. He had help from CeCe, and other members of the A Team, like Noel and Mona.

He convinces Mona (through CeCE) to stage her own death, in order to frame Ali for her murder and put her in jail for the rest of her life. 

In the Dollhouse, Jason (Charles) recreates the childhood he wish he had.

He has a playroom:

Baby pictures:

A mannequin family representing the family he wish he had: The little boy represents him, and the girl Bethany (The girl he loved like a sister).

A crib

And his teddy bear:

He also has a very interesting wall hanging- that says LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, which represents his mother having an affair with Peter, their next door neighbor.


Mona is acting the whole time, pretending to be Ali- Jason gives her the gas mask saying “Because your my favorite,” because she has been a loyal A Team member.

When he comes face to face with Spencer, the sister that he does love, he doesn’t hurt her. That’s why Spencer says that he felt familiar to her.

Everyone always comments that Aria gets the least of the torture from A, and that’s because Jason is A and is in love with her.

The Liars come face to face with Jason here, THIS IS NOT CECE:

Coming back to what I said before, CeCe takes the fall for Jason when the Liars escape, and uses Charles’ identity and pretends to be transgender to gain sympathy and get put into Welby instead of jail. 

Because Mona is found with the Liars in the Dollhouse by the police, she continues to pretend she was kidnapped and brought there against her will. Due to this, Ali is released from jail.

Jason and CeCe need to find another way to punish Ali. 

CeCe has her boyfriend Archer (pretending to be Dr. Elliot Rollins) make Ali fall in love with him. Their plan works. They instruct him to marry her, mess with her mind, drug her, and get her to check herself into a mental institution.

But someone kills CeCe….Jason decides to use the name AD for now on, which stands for After Death, to immortalize CeCe. He vows even more revenge.

When Ali voluntarily checks herself into Welby, all of the money under her name in the Carissimi Group goes to Elliot, who in turn gives it to CeCe and Jason. 

CeCe’s mother- Mary Drake- helps them with this plan.

Jason kidnaps Hanna and tortures her, trying to find out if she really knows who killed CeCe.

Mary starts to feel badly for what they are doing to Ali. Her maternal instincts kick in when she sees the torture Ali is going through, and decides to take her out of Welby.   


His anger towards Mary is evident.

When Mary tells the girls about Jessica’s lair, they go to investigate. Jason decides to burn the place down, but not before taking Aria’s file (because he loves her) and Noel’s file (to protect him because he is one of Jason’s loyal A members).

Mary, Noel, Mona, and Jenna are all part of the A Team

Mona helps Noel escape when Hanna kidnaps him, and pretends to surveil the Radley Hotel with Caleb so that Jenna can sneak out. 

Mary, Jenna, and Noel go to the Blindschool to kill the girls once and for all, but everything goes wrong as usual.

Noel is murdered, and Spencer is shot. 

Again, Mary’s maternal instincts kick in and she runs to Spencer’s aid. 


You have to remember that Mary spent time in Radley and has a mental disorder. She just recently lost her daughter CeCe, and is in unbearable grief. Running to Spencer’s aid was her way of trying to save CeCe’s life. She looked down and saw CeCe, not Spencer.

Jason (Charles) pulls Jenna out of the Blindschool, saving her life because she has been loyal to him. But just like with Mona, Jenna doesn’t know his true identity.

The End.

Okay, so this theory literally just came into my mind yesterday and I had to get it all down. I’ve never even thought Jason was A before now.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Only 4 more months til we find out!!!!!!!!!!!!


vera-invenire  asked:

matt/foggy, 3?

Oh my god, how long have I been hoarding this? It’s practically a single-malt prompt now. Anyway, for someone who is wonderful, part 1 of an MCU/616 mash up fic. 

Prompt line was: Matt/Foggy, “do you know who I am”

The superhero was wearing green, yellow, orange, blue, and most of Foggy’s glass of red wine.

“Do you know who I am, human?” the superhero growled. Hot breath stirred Foggy’s hair like the snorting of a bull.

Foggy didn’t, but he had a cheat-sheet of superheroes inside his dinner jacket. That wasn’t helpful at this exact moment because he damn well wasn’t going to reach into his pocket to try to match up this paragon of the spandex community with the descriptions Matt and the other Defenders had sketched out for him.

“I’m so sorry,” blurted Foggy, holding out a serviette lamely. “I wasn’t looking where I was going. Please send the dry-cleaning bill to me at Nelson and Murdock–ahh,” he wavered, “that is, if you live on the same planet as Nelson and Murdock?”

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Marvel Announces New Defenders Title By Bendis & Marquez

Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, heroes who are headlining their own shows on Netflix and are to team up for a show called Defenders, will now partner up on the publishing side.

Brian Michael Bendis, one of Marvel’s most popular writers, and artist David Marquez, who worked with Bendis on books featuring Spider-Man and Iron Man, are behind the new ongoing series, which will launch in June, after receiving a preview in the publisher’s Free Comic Book Day offering in May.

“I wanted to do a sprawling, Godfather-like epic at the street level of the Marvel Universe, really putting out hooks down and creating a modern, elaborate organized crime story that is different than what has gone before, but builds on everything that has happened to these characters, as individuals or as a team, and putting them in the hardest battle for the street that anyone can imagine.“

“You will get Jessica Jones looking out her window, street-level, and my return to Daredevil, which will be different than what I and Alex did before,” says Bendis. "And Luke and Danny, characters that I have a strong affinity for. I spent most of the oughts being mocked for the love of Luke Cage. Now that Luke Cage is a household name, I just sit back in my chair and laugh and laugh.”

In keeping with the tone of the Netflix shows, which, of course, are based on the gray worlds of the heroes’ stories, Defenders sees the group banding to take on the various criminal empires vying for dominance in New York City and the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen.

The Choice Is Yours.

Until dawn fanfiction AU.
Summary: Hello whoever is reading this! This is my very first fic on tumblr (yey finally). Many thanks from @mpfanfics for letting me use some of the dialogue of her fic: Long Way Down. That fic was also a big inspiration for this one. So this story will be about your point of view (a character who doesn’t exist in the game), but the twist is you will have a choice in dialogue, actions and there is also THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Dialogue will change relationships, while action will change what you do and the butterfly effect will change your view in the game itself. For example: you can hide or run. If you run, you will survive or go to a different location. If you hide, you die or stay in the same location. Also, for the other characters, they will all live (so good ending) and their actions are the most general ones from the game, like matt seeing Emily cheat, the bitch fight, Emily gets bitten, etc. So I hope you’ll enjoy this!

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Ok I can’t draw, but:

Colleen teaching all the Netflix mcu non-combatant ladies (and Malcolm) to bust heads while the boys (Luke would be inside holding Claire’s water bottle and cheering) press sad faces to the window. Jessica and Misty get into the swords when Colleen isn’t looking.

doctor-monster  asked:

Please, more fake dating au? Please?

Yesiree. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 78 and 9

(You can also read the whole thing over on my AO3)

Beca was a person who fled. Not only was it her nature, it was the only thing she’d really learned how to do, and she tended to blame that particular part of herself on her crappy genetics - her parents did have a stunning ability to run away when they were scared too. 

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Headcanon that every now and again at Stanford Sam would get jumpy or hear rumors of strange deaths nearby and JUST TO BE SAFE he’d salt the doors and windows at night. He always tried to clean it up really early but one morning Jess woke up before him and woke Sam up going “Sam why the hell is there salt everywhere” and he could stare and say something like, “uhhhh… I was eating fries and I uhh spilled the salt.”


Recently someone on tumblr posted an idea about Nick as a police officer and meeting Judy for the first time at her families farm stand buying blueberries. Here is my fan fiction for the idea. I will be writing more, because WILDE HOPPS!

The sun blazed perfectly on a spring day, the air was crisp and the grass flowed and danced among the hills. The Bunny Burrows was beautiful in spring, everything was in harvest and in bloom. Spring was also Nicks favorite time of the year.

Nick Wilde, first ZPD fox officer, but also not the last. Sitting next to him was Jessica Stream, the first female artic fox on the force. Their mission for the day was to report to a local grocer who reported that items have been stolen from his inventory over the past month. Nick was somewhat pleased to be able to get away from the city for a while, even though he grew up in Zootopia, there was only so much city he can take.

Jessica on the other hand, was infuriated, she loved the missions that were more dangerous and exciting, he admired her determination, but she was stubborn and hot headed, most of the time he was saving her butt. She had been his partner for 5 months now and everyone on the force knows she has a major crush on Nick. Nick however doesn’t return the favor, of course he likes her as a friend but he has never looked at her the way she wants him too. The past couple of weeks have been a huge pain in his side, her flirtatious behavior had been annoying him, she would casually lean on him and fish for too many compliments.

Both him and Jessica drove through the Burrows countryside, Nick rolled his window down, sticking his arm out. Sometimes he actually enjoyed the peace and quiet, that until a piece of paper rolled up into a ball whack him on the side of the head.

“Earth to Nick, I’m trying to talk you” Jessica glared

“Sorry, what’s up?” Nick sniffed, he would give anything to just be alone right now.

“I’m starving, want to get some lunch?” she winked

“We can’t get lunch until we finish talking to Mr. Smith who owns the grocery store, we are about 15 minutes out”

“Ugh Nick, why did we get assigned to this case? It’s so boring” she crossed her arms with a big huff.

“Because it’s our job, so suck it up you big baby”

She glared at him, “Why can’t you be nicer to me Wilde?” she gave him a sad puppy dog look.

“I’m nice” he retorted


Nick sighed, this was going to be a long day. Nick peered over to the side of the road where tiny bunny stands were set up, they sold vegetables and fruits. YUCK, I wish they had…. Then he saw the sign.  BLUEBERRIES.

Nick skidded to a stop and pulled over the side of the road, he hopped out of the car.

“Hey, what gives?” Jessica snapped

“I will be right back, I’m going to get some blueberries” Nick pulled out his shades and put his hands in his pockets walking towards the bunny stand.

The stand read Fluff’s famous fruits and vegetables. A chocolate bunny sat behind her stand reading a magazine until Nick walked up.

“Hello, can I help you?” she eyed Nick carefully.

“Yes, I was wondering if you sold blueberries here”

“I don’t, but the best blueberries in the Tri-burrows is at the stand on the end, Hopps family farm” she pointed it out to him.

“Oh, thanks” Nick walked over to the last stand on the side of the road, a big pink stand perched under a tree, a couple of tiny bunnies playing around it. He could see two big baskets full of blueberries sitting behind the stand.


He walked up and didn’t see anyone behind it, he pulled out his phone and started scrolling through his social media as he waited for someone to show up. Then there was a voice, a voice as smooth as silk, a voice that made his paw freeze on his phone screen.

“Hello Officer, may I help you?” Nick looked up to see the face that matched the voice, his heart had stopped when he met a pair of amethyst eyes. Nick had never set eyes on a more beautiful creature, she was a bunny with eyes that burned with purple fire. She wore a pink flannel that complimented the curves of her body and her gray fur perfectly. She wore light blue faded jeans and a faded yellow sun hat that flopped her ears down her back. The tip of her ears were a dark black, she was utterly beautiful. It was no longer gravity that was keeping him here, it was her.

Nick’s heart was in his throat, thank goodness she couldn’t see his eyes through his shades, but his mouth was hanging open. She laughed a little, “Sir? You alright?”

Snap out of it Nick

“Oh…Um Yes, I need a bag of your best blueberries please”

“Come right up” she turned around to gather up a bag for him, and this gave Nick a good chance to stare at her butt. No, man what’s wrong with you! Stop looking!… I can’t!  look at that fluffy tail. Nick gulped, his hands feeling like limp noodles, he quickly shoved his phone in his pocket, trying to control himself. He lifted his shades so they would perch on the top of his forehead. She turned back around, she looked up at his emerald eyes and he could see that she was looking deep into them, embarrassed she quickly looked away to finish putting together his order.

Nick couldn’t stop himself, “What is your name?” He HAD to know.

She was a little surprised by his question but she answered swiftly and beautifully, “Judy, Judy Hopps” she smiled, “And yours Officer?”

“Officer Nicholas Wilde at your service ma’am” he winked at her. He could see the blush forming in her cheeks. “Is this your stand Ms. Hopps?” Please tell me she isn’t married.

“No this is my family’s farm”

“Well, I hear you have the best blueberries”

“I would say we do” she grinned at him, “What brings you to the burrows Officer Wilde?”

“Please call me Nick” he stated


“I’m on a case for stolen goods from a local grocer”

“Sounds exciting, Mr. Smith will be happy to know he is in good hands” she smiled at him. She finished putting his bag of blueberries together. “I’ve always wanted to be a cop”

Nick was shocked by her statement, she wanted to be a cop?  “Well, why don’t you?”

She sighed looking up at him, “Well I was going too but life got in the way… happens” her eyes began to fall, he could see she was trying to hold her shoulders up to keep her from crying. This broke Nick into a million pieces. What could have happened to her?

“Don’t give on up your dreams” Nick made eye contact with her, his face serious.

“I will try Nick” hearing the sound of his name stopped Nick’s heart, I may need CPR.

“Here you go, Hopps best blueberries” she handed him the big bag. Nick took out his wallet but she stopped him.

“This is on the house, you don’t need to pay, the police serve us in many ways and we are grateful for it”

Nick was caught off guard by her kind gesture, no one ever treated him like that. Sure there was the occasional thank you here and there, but not like this. He had an idea

“Will you accept another form of payment?” Nick smiled

“Like what?” she looked at him confused.

“Your number?”

She laughed putting her hands on her hips, “And why should I give you my number?”

She played hard to get, I like that.

“Because I want to get to know you better Judy”

She contemplated his gesture, “Alright, I will give it to you, only if you work for it”

Nick was taken aback, “What?”

“After your done with your little investigation, come and find me and I will give you my number” she grinned

Nick huffed, “How am I supposed to find you?”

“You’re a cop, I’m sure you can figure it out” She fixed her sunhat as she bent down to carry a crate full of carrots. “I guess I will see you later Nick…maybe” she winked and carried the crate to her truck and put the carrots in the back.

“I will find you” Nick yelled out towards her, with a big smile on his face.

“Don’t hold your breath” said Judy as she hopped in her truck, started the gas, and took off down the road. Not even a second glance.

Nick’s heart raced as he thought about this beautiful creature, she was stunning, mysterious and he had to know more about her, he never experienced feelings like this before. Well, he did have one clue, her family farm. Nick walked back to his patrol car with a skip in step and a bag full of berries in his arm. Jessica glared at him as got into the driver’s seat and started the car.

“What took you so long Wilde?” she grimaced.

Nick didn’t even answer, he just wanted to get to Mr. Smiths store and get this case over with. The faster he could get this done, the faster he can find Judy.