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“A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it’s the only weapon we have.”

Contributing to my friend’s (@judylavernehopps) AWESOME AWESOME “Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Judy Hopps)” AU! I hope you all enjoy these, I guess “fake screenshots,” I did XD (OH AND BOGO I WAS NOT PLANNING FOR AT ALL IT JUST ANKDKD)

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(I DID NOT DO THE BG, ONLY EDITED CERTAIN PARTS!!! I did draw the characters, however!)

Happy Birthday Little Prince!

I cannot believe it has already been a year since we were blessed with our very first little prince. It has been a wonder to watch you grow, Joshy, and understand all the unique blessings a baby boy has brought to our estrogen dominated brood.

Here’s to you our little terremoto, el gran ‘Matador’ and the Prince of all our Hearts – Happy 1st Birthday!

“Two week trial part 7″ Zootopia drabble

“Two week trial part 7”

Day 10

Judy was beginning to feel irritated.

She thumped her foot impatiently when a rolled up chip bag touched her toes. Carelessly thrown by a lounging foc who failed to notice her. Nick, with a tv remote on one paw and a new bag of chips in the other. He was browsing through the channels, staring dumbly at the screen. His constant munching made crumbs escape his lips  and onto his shirt. Her eye twitched when most of those crumbs fell onto her carpet like snow.

For more than a week, Judy had been vacuuming non-stop from the trail of potato chips he leaves behind, along with picking up piles of trash he had been hoarding around his space in the living room. She had no idea how Nick managed to sneak in junk food in her healthy alternatives. She realized that Nick hardly ever does anything but get up, raid her pantry and sit back on the couch with a lap full of salty delicacies.  

And his snack habits was just one of the problems.

She interrupted Nick’s friday’s screening by placing herself in front of him. Nick’s eyes slowly gazed up and blinked. He groaned softly.

“What did I do this time?” He said while brushing the crumbs off his shirt. Judy fought hard to restrain herself as more crumbs landed in her carpet.

She took a breath and pulled an item from behind her back. She held up the familiar green fabric in front of him, holding it by the nails of her fingers. His nose retracted from a sudden , horrific smell. He violently sat up and reeled away from the item which was dangerously close to his sensitive nose.

“Do you mind telling me why I found this smelly and humid shirt in my coat closet?” She asked sweetly. Nick felt a cold chill run down his neck.

Nick covered his nose when he replied steadily. “I must have missed one when I did my laundry last week…”

“Missed one, have you? Oh.” She let out a dry laugh. “Well, because you missed this one, my whole closet stinks!” She threw the shirt right on his face making him yell out when he took one big whiff of it. He threw it off and almost gagged. His eyes on the verge of tears.

“Ugh! Judy!” He shouted, rubbing his nose on the sleeve of his shirt. “I forgot!”

She placed her paws on her hips. “Nick, leaving your shirt in my closet is not the only thing. You can’t just leave a mess and expect me to clean it up! I’m not your maid!”

“You didn’t have to clean up anything.”

She pursed her eyebrows together. “I didn’t see you making an effort.”

Nick sniffed and avoided her hard glare. Judy slowly let out a calming sigh. “Look, I cleaned up after you for a week because I thought maybe you just needed a break after getting kicked out, but I had it.” She pointed to the floor, making Nick take notice of the amount of empty chip bags around him. “It may not seem like it, but this is your room and I expect it to be clean.”

Nick stood up giving her a sleepy gaze. “But Whiskers!…I don’t know how to be a clean freak like you, maybe if you show me how?” She crossed her arms when he gave her a small pout, but his puppy dog look isn’t going to work on her this time.

She cocked a brow. “Are you really trying to hustle me into cleaning your mess?”

Nick put his paws in his pockets and hummed.  “No?”

She gave him a straight face. “The vacuum is in my room. Use it.” He frowned when she walked away. She snatched her purse off the table and headed to the door. “I’m going grocery shopping and I expect this place to be clean when I get back…”

Nick’s ears lowered when he took noticed how much he needed to do. There was garbage spewed out across the floor, his DVDs cases that were once stacked into a mighty tower was now a mole hill and his clean clothes were just sitting on her couch, spread about like the blanket he had.

Judy pulled opened the door, making Nick go up behind her with a grin. “What? No goodbye kiss?”

“Oh right, I forgot.” She turned around and grabbed his face gently. He chuckled when she leaned forward. If he was going to do something he was going to need some incentive. “Throw that shirt away too.” His face fell when she gave his cheeks a pat and slipped away. Leaving him alone.


She pushed the small metal shopping cart down the aisle, stopping in front of the assortment of fruits and vegetables. There was a grocery store just for animals her size which made shopping a breeze. It also gave her the time to get some more healthy snacks for Nick. This time she is going to avoid buying any fried foods for him. No matter how much he begs. She grabbed five small boxes of blueberries. Just for him. It was the only thing he actually like to eat. She frowned by how small they were, not plump and juicy like the ones in her family’s farm. It was times like this that made her wish she was back home with her family. Life in the city always seemed to affect her with common homesickness. She sighed when she grabbed a set of strawberries, also not as big and plump as those she was used to. A soft orange paw suddenly landed right over her paw.

She pulled away, forcing a polite smile and pushing away her melancholy.

“Excuse me, after you.” She motioned with her paw. She could always find some more.

“Mighty kind of you, Judy.”

Her eyes lite up when she saw Gideon Grey, a smile plastered across his face as he held the prized strawberries in his paws. She was more out of it than she thought. She didn’t even notice him standing next to her.

“Oh Gideon, what are you doing here so early?” She asked as she glanced at the clock on her phone. “It’s almost 8:30, don’t you need to open your shop?”

“Yes and no.” He placed the strawberries in his paw-basket. “I am meeting with Miss Jesse in an hour to take her to a carnival down at The Burrows. I’m packing us a lunch.”

Judy’s ears twitched. Jesse? “The burrows are having a carnival today?”

“Yes.” He nodded and grabbed another basket of strawberries. “It’s the annual burrow carnival.”

“Oh yes! Wow…it’s been a long time since I went to the carnival.” The last time she went was when she was a kid, in fact, the last time she went was when Gideon scratched her. She brushed her left cheek unconsciously.  

“Why don’t you come with us?” Gideon began excitedly. “Having a group of friends would be much more fun!”

Judy tapped on her chin. This could give her the chance to visit her hometown, even if it was for a day. “You know, I think I might take you up on that offer.”

Gideon exhaled in relief. “Thank goodness, I’m no good when it comes to dating, why I’ll be as stiff as a dead corn stalk with Jessica.”

“Why Gideon Grey, a date with Jessica Wilde?” She grinned and elbowed him playfully in the gut. “Aren’t you lucky?”

He laughed slightly, his eyes shifting to the side in embarrassment. “Yeah…Miss Jesse, is a bit on the wild side, I’m just hoping I won’t bore her on this trip.” He wiped his brow, feeling himself sweat from underneath his shirt collar. “Why I’m so nervous I might just make a fool of myself.”

“Don’t say that, I’m sure Jessica would be happy to spend time with you!” Judy placed her paw on his arm, comforting his nerves. “Don’t worry, me and Nick will be by your side looking out for you.”

She rushed back to the apartment. She only had less than an hour to get Nick and head out with Gideon. She was surprised to see the living room was actually cleaned. Not a speak of crumb to be seen, and the smell of fox musk was aired out.

Her ears sprang up when she found Nick, taking a nap on her couch, exhausted by cleaning for only a half an hour. With a gentle smile, she silently tip toed up to him and slowly leaned forward. Her pink nose rubbed against his snout in a gentle nuzzle. One of his eyes slowly opened and the corner of his mouth went up.

“You should wake me up like this more often.” He noted with a deep chuckle when she pulled away. She dropped down on her knees to rest her chin on his chest.

“Thanks for cleaning up, you slob.” She teased. He chuckled when she wrapped her arms around him. “In fact,-”. Nick’s tail wagged when he heard her silky smooth voice and felt her moist breath next to his ear. “I think you deserve a reward.”

He couldn’t help wrapping his arms around her waist. “This day just keeps getting better, and what exactly are you going to give me, Whiskers?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. He knew how much Judy loves it when he does that.  He could only guess what type of reward Judy wanted to give him. Maybe a kiss or a massage? He hoped it was both.

She pulled away and clapped her hands together.

“We’re going to a carnival!”

“A carnival?” He hid his disappointment but he wasn’t entirely against of going to a carnival. Just him and Judy. He already began to plan out their day. He could win her a stuffed bunny for her collection. He could eat all the junk food he want without Judy telling him not to. He scratched his chin when he grinned wolfishly. If the carnival has a tunnel of love that is nice, dark and private…it would be perfect.

“Yes!” Judy chirped. “We’re going with Gideon and your sister, Jessica!” Nick’s ears fell.  “Won’t it  be fun? We’re going to join them as a double date at my hometown!” Nick bit his cheek and debated whether or not to go back to sleep, fake a coma, and avoid his annoying sister and the equally annoying Gideon. Judy grabbed his arm making him turn to see her press her cheek against it. “I can’t wait to play all the games there with you, and go on the hayride and-!”

He sighed inwardly. He really wanted to fake a coma. Every time Jessica meets with Judy, she always manage to reveal something embarrassing about him to his favorite bunny. The last time they were together, Jessica revealed to Judy that he was used as a make up doll for her sister to practice on. Judy couldn’t stop laughing for twelve minutes.

And Gideon?

He was glad he found someone new to like but hanging around with the pie-maker without the satisfaction of his pies, was more than he can take.

Judy rubbed her face against his fur, giggling softly as she imagined the day ahead. He shut his eyes, not wanting to be swayed by her cheerful mood. She let out a blissful sigh that made Nick shiver. Ending him. “And the ferris wheel is my favorite.”

His head drop on top of hers. She always had a way to butter him up like popcorn. “Sounds fun, Carrots.”


Jessica Wilde brushed her rough tail down with her comb. She was dressed in a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a slimmed white tank top. With one final stroke of the comb, her tail was now soft and glossy. Her fingers gently stroked against the fur making sure it’s silky smooth.  The way to a fox’s heart is how your tail looks. It was something every fox knew and was praised for. She liked to think that Vixens had the best tails out of the males.

She really wanted to make an impression with Gideon. She couldn’t get him out of her head. He lacked everything she looked for before. A sexy body, a strong personality and overall a great lover.

Gideon was none of those, he still had a chance of being a great lover but, she would have to wait and see. His body was something she was against, round and plump. Very plump. She could beat that belly like a drum and she could come up with a song. His personality was something strange. He was soft and polite but from what she had experienced in his kitchen, he could also be brash and blunt. Her paw grazed over her chest, her heart beat wildly when she looked back on it now. He actually held strength inside that gooey exterior. In fact, he was the only fox who had ever pinned her down.

With a click of her compact, she found her reflection in its round mirror. She cringed when she saw the dull color of her fur. She immediately patted the blonde powder in her compact and pattered her cheeks, hiding the black and white roots. She made sure to cover all the ugly blotches on her face and neck. She smiled when she found a beautiful and blonde fox looking back at her.  

A set of knocks made her head swiveled towards the front door. Her tail wagged in excitement when she rushed towards the door. She skidded to a stop when she realized how happy she was getting. With a deep breath and a flick of her tail, she went back into her calm self.

She cleared her throat. “Yes?” She called out as sweet as possible. “Who is it?”

“It’s Gideon, Miss Jesse.” Her eyes narrowed in interest by how early he came to her apartment, about 10 minutes to the dot. That’s a first for her. “I’m I too early?”  

She pivot her hip to the right. “Yes actually, but don’t worry, I’ll be out soon!” She held back a laugh. She was actually ready to go but she wasn’t going to go out that quickly. It was best to keep him waiting for her. It will be a reward for him after waiting for a few minutes outside. She looped her bag over her shoulder and slid her compact inside. Her eyes widened in fear when she found a black spot on the top of her paw.

“Oh Shoot!” She whispered harshly to herself and yanked her compact out. “Almost missed a spot.” She powdered the color away and back into her beautiful blonde. She was lucky she saw it before she went to open the door.

With a smile she unlocked the door and revealed herself to her date.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” She cooed, her eyes moved up and down at him. He was wearing a blue striped long sleeve shirt and a cheesy red bowtie that made him look like an owner of a candy store. He wore a pair of jeans that looked new, as if he recently bought it the day before. In both of his paws he held one flower. She arched a brow at the small daisy, its head was forward in a sad bow. She imagined that it was plucked from the patch that grew next to her apartment building.

“It’s no problem, Miss Jesse…here.” Gideon replied, giving her the limped flower. She nimbly took it from him. She was expecting a bouquet of flowers, not just one. She forced out a smile.

“Thank you…its um, cute. Let me put it in a glass of water.” She went behind the door and chucked the dull flower in her waste basket. Out of sight from Gideon. His eyes lite up when she returned with a large smile. “Okay let’s go!” The door slammed shut and the fragile flower lost one of its petal.

Jessica clutched the strap of her purse. It wasn’t the start she was expecting in the day but hopefully Gideon could make it up for her.

“So which carnival are we going to?” Jessica mentioned smoothly, making sure to brush her shoulder against him. The mere touch made him take an immediate side step. He flustered immediately.

“W-we’re going to the Bunnyburrows, it’s my hometown…t-they have their annual carnival there today.”

“The Bunnyburows?” Strike two. Jessica should have known they were going to a carnival in the country, she was hoping they were going to the Savannah Square. She heard there was a building near it named, Wild Times. She really wanted to go there but it appears she won’t be heading there today. “Sounds like fun.”

“I am happy to hear that.” Gideon said. Jessica ears dropped when Gideon opened the passenger door to his van. On the side was the decal and art of his shop. It was pink and slightly rusted near the bottom of its frame. She was actually going to go inside a refrigerated van. Even the seats were tore up and the age of the van looked over twenty years old. “Oh..thanks.” She said as she slowly slid onto her seat. Gideon closed her door and rushed around to the driver seat. Jessica softly groaned by the condition of the car.

“Isn’t he nice, Jessica?!” a voice popped next to ear. She jumped in her seat and whirled to see Judy sitting behind her with a large smile. Nick was beside her with his elbow propped up against his arm rest. The two of them were cramped in the back, sharing one seat.

“Judy? Nick? What are you doing here?” She demanded, casting daggers onto her brother who smirked at her attempt.

“Good ol’ Gideon here, invited us.” Nick replied with a roll of his tongue. Jessica mouth fell from his answer. She whirled at Gideon who hopped inside, he didn’t notice her shock expression when he checked the mirror and slipped on his seatbelt.

“Are you two alright back there?” He asked.

Judy’s nose wiggled, her whiskers bouncing gently. “We’re fine, Gideon, thanks again for inviting us along.”

Nick chuckled when wrapped his arm around Judy. “It’s perfect, Pie Boy. Nice and snug.” He replied, making sure he said the last words towards Judy. She snorted and slapped his chest playfully.

Jessica eyes narrowed when Gideon gave the blonde fox  a toothy grin. “I hope you don’t mind, Miss Jesse, I thought it might be fun if we go as a group.”

Jessica waved a dismissive paw at him. “Of course not! This is a good idea, we will have twice the fun!” She giggled, but inside she was screaming and ranting from the thought of Nick hanging around her and Gideon. If there is anything she expected from her scheming brother, is the thought of him purposely there to embarrass her. She would need to make sure to sneak away with Gideon.Unknowingly to her, Nick was having the same thoughts of sneaking off.


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The Greatest Gift

I am by no means a designer purist. Meaning, I have never been the kind of person who will only wear or value designer goods. Nor will I be made a fashion plate. Yuck ! Having great taste and impeccable style has nothing to do with how much money you spend. I am complimented on my Zara dress or Necessary Objects blouse just as readily as my floral Fendi dress.

However, there are some items that are universally coveted and respected. Top of that list is always Chanel. Today a major cross-off came in the form of my most desired bag of all time : The Chanel 2.55 quilted,  jumbo 227 size in classic black. Everything about it is perfect. The black and white box, the ribbons, the Chanel camellia, the tissue, the impeccable silver hardware…I almost feel badly taking it out of it’s home.

But I will. As often as possible and all around town. And I will get that incredible feeling of elation every time I do. I know what I’ve got. ;)

An American Girl in Italy : Happy New Year

This year New Year’s Eve was unlike any other – spent exploring new heights (9842.519 feet to be exact), overcoming fears (skiing again after over 15 years), trading the best champagne for the best hot chocolate, counting down 6 hours prior, missing the grappa-fest due to a cold, contemplating the plan for the new year as I speed down the Alps (#nbd) and end it all with the sniffles and a kiss.

All in all the best yet!


Visionairies: Tom Ford

“…I had everything. But yet something was missing from my life. And I realized also, you know, forty years have gone by…and that’s half your life if you’re lucky and where’s the rest of it gonna go?" 

A Case of You
James Blake
A Case of You

James Blake : A Case of You

“ i met a woman she had a mouth like yours. she knew your life. she knew your devils and your deeds and she said, ‘go to him. stay with him if you can but be prepared to bleed.’

you’re my blood. you’re my holy wine. you taste so bitter and so sweet. oh, I could drink a case of you darlin’ and I would still be on my feet. oh, i would still be on my feet.”

Watch on

that’s what’s up girls!  can you hang?

Two week trial part 8 part 2 of 2 (Zootopia Drabble)

Two week trial part 8 part 2

Nick slowly shuffled himself away from Gideon and his sister, they were both being entertained with corn cobs while they took a lunch break. He stood beside Judy who eyed him carefully of their secretive plot. He leaned his mouth over her to her extended ear and whispered.

“When do you want to ditch them?”

She smirked at the soft eagerness in his voice. “Right now, actually.”

His ears perked and grinned. “How are we going to do it?”

She hummed. “I’ll come up with something.” Her eyes moved across the fair and fell upon an older looking weasel driving a red farming truck. She saw that the back was filled with hay stacks for animals to jump in and take a seat.
It’s perfect. Going on a hay ride is perfect for couples and it will give them time to talk to each other. Nick, was quick to notice her plan and smirked.

“Hey you two.” He called out smoothly as he strolled up to them at the picnic table. Jessica already tossed her corn cob in the trash from devouring every single kernel. “We’re thinking about going on a hay ride next, ready to go?”

“A hay ride?” Gideon began as he lifted himself up. “Sounds like a good way to take a look around at the fair, what says you Miss Jesse?”

Jessica nose recoiled slightly. A hay ride? With hay? That would make her clothes a complete mess! She would be plucking hay bits out of her pants all day. Not to the mention the slight smell of manure in the air when they get close to the vegetable fields. “I…I don’t know.”

Judy immediately jumped in. “Are you sure? It will give us time to relax a bit before we go on the rides!”

Jessica hummed. Well she did had a point and her feet are tired. “Alright then…let’s go.” But she won’t like it.
Judy made sure she was the one to get them the tickets for the hayride. She only took two and ran back to them.

“Oh guys! There was only two left!” She cried out, trying her best to sound disappointed. Gideon placed his paws on his hips.

“Gosh that’s a shame, this never happened before. There were always enough room before.”

Nick’s eyes lowered to his sleepy gaze. “Well you know how bunnies are.” He was immediately met with a jab in the side by Judy, who gave him a precocious smile.

“But, I figured Nick and I would just take the next one.” Judy explained, passing the tickets off into Gideon’s paws. Jessica bit the inside of her cheek from the gesture, but she was too busy worrying about hay to realize their secret intentions.

“How very kind of you Judy.” Gideon said before turning to Jessica. “Would you like to go with me, Miss Jesse?”

“Sure. Let’s go.” She said with a tight lip taking a step towards the red truck in the distance. Gideon followed swiftly and swiveled his head back to Nick and Judy.

“We trust that you’ll wait for us?”

“Oh yeah sure thing.” Nick winked. “We will wait right here.”

“We won’t be long.” Gideon chuckled and trailed behind Jesse before running up beside her. Judy and Nick waved them off before Nick slowly moved his mouth down next to Judy’s ears.

“Can we ditch them now?”

Judy looks at him coyly. “Want to go on the bumper cars?”

Nick gave out a dramatic gasp. “A bunny behind the wheel? Oh boy. I’m a goner.” Judy giggled and grabbed his right paw, pulling him along.

Jessica slowly inched herself towards her seat, full of the prickly hay. The dry, hard and messy hay. While she sat on the back of a bouncy, old truck. From the sound of the transmission, it sounded it needed a tune up and a change of oil by the amount of smoke it fumed out. She suddenly had the urge to jump out and give it a look but she had to stay in her seat. Gideon plopped down beside her with a happy go lucky grin.

“How are you feeling, Miss Jesse?” He asked. Jessica stared at him for a moment, processing what he meant by that.

“I’m….content?” She replied slowly. She immediately straightened up. “I mean, fine! I’m good!”

But Gideon frowned. “Do you…not like they hayride?”

“N-no no, it’s fine…” She patted the hay. Already feeling the dried grass sticking to her tail. “It’s…good.”

Gideon titled his head at her when the truck finally began moving. The truck rocked and bounced slightly while the other animals chattered amongst themselves. Gideon saw how she kept running her paws down her pants, meticulously flicking off dirt and hay. More importantly she was holding her tail on her lap but her upper half was exposed.

“Do you-”
Sorry for the long wait but I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!

An American Girl in Italy : I Want An Olive Tree For My Balcony In New York

Recently I went for a long run through the hillside in the Marche region of Italy. I could see a small village high on a hill in the far distance – it literally looked like something out of a Disney film. I remember gazing side to side trying to print each vision in my mind like a Polaroid – every olive tree, every footbridge was like nothing I had ever seen before.

And just as I silently wished I could bottle up all this magic and bring it home to New York with me he said, “Oh, I want an olive tree for my balcony in New York.”

So I guess that’s our answer.