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Please feel free to add more! I just want more artists to get the attention they deserve, and this may be a great opportunity for people to find new songs to listen to! 

  • AURORA (Aurora Aksnes)
  • Måns Zelmerlöw
  • Holly Henry
  • Griffin Peterson
  • Young Rising Sons
  • Shem Thomas
  • Jessica Rotter


  • Anthony Hopkins as William Hodges
  • Dane DeHaan as Brady Hartsfield
  • Carlos Knight as Jerome Robinson
  • Gillian Anderson as Janey Patterson
  • Lily Rabe as Holly Gibney
  • Jessica Lange as Deborah Hartsfield

A list of my F/F ships that are either dead, not together, or just being teased lol

*A couple of you need to get a SENSE OF HUMOR lol I tag my f/f ships when i make a GENERAL “f/f ship” post that isn’t aimed at ONE specific ship. So to the 3 Shoot stans who didn’t get the joke like everyone else, calm your tits. I tagged Shoot in my post about f/f ships always being blonde and brunette, I tagged Shoot in my post about the 4 types of f/f ships, there was NEVER an issue, so I dont see why the 3 of you are SALTY now. This is a general f/f ship post, Shoot IS a f/f ship, so chill out and fuckin relax lol

Signs As: Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit, Holli Would.

Betty Boop: Pisces, Cancer, Gemini, Virgo.

Betty is naive, childish, dreamy, nice, innocent, pretty and playful.

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Jessica Rabbit: Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus.

Jessica is mysterious, sexy, seductive, sophisticated, attractive, brave and classy.

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Holli Would: Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Leo.

Holli is aloof, manipulative, amoral, feminine, beautiful, spoiled and conceited.

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The Soham Murders

The Soham Murders was a very widely publicized double murder of 2 young girls which occurred in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England, on 4 August 2002. Holly Wells (left in pic above) and Jessica Chapman were 10 years old when they were murdered. The image of the 2 girls above was taken just an hour or so before they disappeared. At around 6pm they went to the shop to get some sweets, they were captured on CCTV passing Soham sports centre with their arms linked, at 6:13pm.

Police were already working on a lead before the girls’ bodies were found. The girls’ teacher assistant in school, Maxine Carr (25) (pictured 3rd above) had been talking to the media, showing them a card Holly had given her on the last day of term, she said “she was just a really lovely girl, just really lovely”. It wasn’t until after the interview was done that one of the producers said “wasn’t it weird how said she was a nice girl?” (this can be viewed here). Maxine’s abusive boyfriend Ian Huntley (28) (pictured 2nd above) had also been talking to the media, infact he was open about the fact he saw the girls on the day of their disappearance, he spoke to the media on various occasions (one of these times can be viewed here). Police brought the 2 in for questioning & to give witness statements then let them go, shortly after this police searched Ian’s storage unit and found the burned remains of Holly and Jessica’s clothes (pictured above). Police arrested Ian and Maxine on suspicion of kidnap & murder. The girls’ bodies were found near RAF, Lakenheath in Suffolk in a ditch on 17th August 2002. The weather was very hot and because of that reason the girls’ bodies were quite badly decomposed and partially skelotinized, it was noted that their bodies were attempted to be burned. DNA and some jewellery on the bodies led to a positive identification it was the 2 girls. Their cause of death was never found out. What is known is that Ian had saw the girls walking by his house and invited them in to see Maxine, their teachers assistant, but she was’t there, she was really out of town visiting family. It’s unknown exactly what Ian did to the girls next, but we do know he killed them. It is said Ian came off an angry phone call with Maxine only minutes before the girls walked by his house. Ian came up with the bizarre story that the girls had came to his door, one with a nosebleed, and went to his bathroom to clean up, he claimed one fell into a bath of water, drowned and the other screamed and was “smothered in mid air”.  Ian was sentenced to life in prison, Maxine was sentenced to 42 months in prison, she insists she knew nothing about the girls’ murders. 

Teaching assistant Maxine Carr showing reporters a thank-you card made for her by 10 year old schoolgirl Holly Wells, who went missing in 2002 along with her best friend, Jessica Chapman. It was later discovered that the girls had been murdered by Carr’s boyfriend and school caretaker Ian Huntley, and Maxine had attempted to cover his tracks by providing him with a false alibi.