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Jeff gets jealous after the two of you play spin the bottle

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Request: “could u do a jeff atkins imagine where u guys are at a party w everyone else and he’s really cute w u and everyones playing spin the bottle and it lands on someone else, u can take it from there!“ 

You and Hannah were at Jessica’s party. Hannah decided she wanted to come because Clay invited her. Although it took some encouraging on your part for her to finally give in. You’ve been trying to set Hannah up with Clay since what seems like forever but she’s stubborn most of the times, claiming he "doesn’t like her that way”. 

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"Fuck you" "ok" morning after part 3???

Here’s part one

And here’s part two

“So, was it good?” Amy was in the doorway to the room backstage, hand on the doorknob, and when Beca looked up she rolled her eyes. She was just about to change into their set outfits, but she shared a room with Amy. A bra and spandex wasn’t exactly new news. 

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