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(Prank series)  Roman pranks Brianna

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Summary: Roman pranks his sister Brianna into thinking him and Jessica are getting a divorce 

Roman has the camera pointed on Diamond who’s sitting at the computer desk. “Diamond is printing out fake divorce papers.” Roman said chuckling. “You guys are gonna get her good.” Diamond said. “I hope. Hopefully it doesn’t backfire.” Roman said. He turned the camera on him and Jessica walks up. “A lot of you had been asking and asking when are we going to prank Brianna and today is the day. Two weeks ago backstage at RAW, catering had cheesecake and Brianna pranked me into thinking that they ran out when in fact she hid it. This is payback. Brianna, I love ya sis but you’re getting pranked.” Roman said. “We’re gonna get you good.” Jessica said smirking. “Good luck kiss?” Roman asked. Jessica kisses him on the cheek. “All done.” Diamond grabs the fake divorce papers off the printer. “Lets do this.” Roman said. Roman picked up a box laying on the table. “Our rings are in here.” Jessica said. Roman opened the box and showed it to the camera. “We have been planning this for months.” Roman said. He puts the camera on Jessica. “Prank time.” Jessica said 

The prank 

Jessica walks into the living room seeing Roman sitting on the couch. “Hey babe.” Jessica said. “Hey we need to talk.” Roman said sitting up. “About what?” Jessica asked. “Here sit down.” Roman said patting the seat next to him. Jessica sat down next to him. “What’s going on babe?” Jessica asked. Roman doesn’t answer her. “Babe you’re scaring me.” Jessica said. Roman picked up the envelope laying on the table. “What’s that?” Jessica asked. “Divorce papers.” Roman said. “Divorce papers?” Jessica asked. “Yeah.” Roman said. “For what?” Jessica asked. “I filed for divorce from you.” Roman said. “What?” Jessica asked. “I said I filed for divorce.” Roman said. “Why?” Jessica asked. “We’ve grown apart. Baby I love you but lately we haven’t been happy.” Roman said. Jessica starts tearing up and slaps him. “I can’t believe you! After everything we’ve been through! You throw this on me!?” Jessica screamed. “Baby I’m sorry!” Roman said. “You’re sorry!?” Jessica screamed again and jerked the papers out of his hand and gets up grabbing her purse and phone off the table. “Where are you going? We have to talk about this.” Roman said. “I can’t look at you right now. I have to go.” Jessica said and walked over to the door. “Baby come on.” Roman said. Jessica slams the door in his face. Roman sighed watching her get in the car then looks at the camera giving a thumbs up then sitting on the couch 

Over at Brianna’s house, Brianna is doing her daily vlog and is speaking to the camera. “We have tons of stuff to do this week. A lot of shit.” Brianna said. The doorbell rings then pounding on the door. “What in the world?” Regina asked. Brianna walks over to the door with Regina following her. Brianna opens the door to a crying Jessica. “Jessica, what happened?” Brianna asked and lets her in. “Roman’s filing for divorce.” Jessica said. “What?” Regina and Brianna asked at the same time. “Roman’s filed for divorce.” Jessica said. “Divorce? Why?” Brianna asked. “He said we grew apart. Here’s the papers.” Jessica said tearing up again. “Oh my god.” Regina said. “He said he loved me but we haven’t been happy lately.” Jessica said. Brianna lays the papers on the table. “I have to talk to him.” Brianna said. “Its no use. I’ve already tried.” Jessica said crying. “If anybody can talk sense into him its me.” Brianna said and started putting her shoes on. Brianna goes into the bedroom and grabs a jacket. Jessica smiles “she thinks its real”. “Yeah.” Regina whispered. Brianna comes back into the room putting her jacket on. “I’ll be back.” Brianna said grabbing her keys and walks out of the house. “Oh my god.” Jessica said. “Pretend you’re upset.” Regina said. Jessica sits on the couch pretending to cry with Brianna’s dog Queen coming over and comforting her

Back at Roman’s house. Roman is sitting on the couch watching TV when he sees Brianna’s car pull up outside and her getting out and running over to the door. Brianna rings the doorbell then pounds on the door. Roman smiles at the camera then gets up and opens the door. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” Brianna asked. “What?” Roman asked. “Filing for divorce from Jessica?!” Brianna asked. “She told you?” Roman asked. “She’s sitting at my house bawling her eyes out!” Brianna said. “Yeah I filed for divorce.” Roman said. “Why?!” Brianna asked. “We grew apart and we haven’t happy lately.” Roman said. “That’s why you work it out Roman! Not file for divorce.” Brianna said. “We’ve tried.” Roman said. “Roman Joseph Reigns dad did not raise you this way. I have to tell him.” Brianna pats her pockets “shit I left my phone at the house”. “I don’t want to tell him yet.” Roman said. “Roman you need to or you need to fix this.” Brianna said. “We can’t fix it Brianna. Its done its over with. The marriage is over.” Roman said. Brianna slaps him “after everything you two have been through! I can’t believe you Roman.” Brianna said 

Regina and Jessica come in. “What are you doing here?” Brianna asked. Roman looked over “baby?”. Jessica walks over and kicks him between the legs. “OW!” Roman said doubling over in pain. “Good luck making kids with your next wife!!” Jessica said. “Damn.” Regina said. “Baby I’m sorry!” Roman said. “Sorry doesn’t cut it Roman!” Jessica said and walked out. “You okay” Brianna asked. “Do I look okay?! She kicked me in the balls!” Roman said. “She took it well.” Regina said. “This isn’t the time to joke Regina.” Brianna said. Regina starts laughing a few minutes later. “Why are you laughing?” Brianna asked. Roman starts laughing. “What the hell is so funny?” Brianna asked. Jessica comes back in. “You got pranked!” Jessica said laughing. “Oh you son of a bitch.” Brianna said. Roman starts laughing harder. “Asshole.” Brianna said. “We got you good!” Roman said sitting up. “Dammit. This was payback for me pranking you two weeks ago wasn’t it?” Brianna asked. “Oh yes.” Roman said. Brianna sits on the stool at the island. “I had nothing to do with it.” Regina said. “Yes you did!” Roman said. “You bitch.” Brianna said. “I’m sorry babe he made me.” Regina said. “I can’t trust you guys at all.” Brianna said. “Sorry sis.” Roman said. Roman covers the camera lens 

2 hours later

“Its been two hours since we pranked Brianna and she’s been sitting on the porch ever since.” Roman said showing Brianna on camera. “Lets go see if she’s still mad.” Jessica said. Roman opens the door and walks out with Jessica following him. Brianna looks at them “you assholes”. Roman laughs. “But I have to admit you got me good.” Brianna said. “Oh my god she admit we got her good.” Roman said. “That was the best ones you’ve ever pulled but payback’s a bitch.” Brianna said. “I’ll be counting on that.” Roman said. “But I do have questions.” Brianna said. “What?” Roman asked. “Jessica how were you crying but your make up wasn’t running?” Brianna asked. “I used eye drops.” Jessica said. “And the papers?” Brianna asked. “Fake. Diamond printed them out.” Roman said. “Shit.” Brianna said. Jessica hands them to her. “They look real though. You had her involved.” Brianna said. “He made me.” Regina said. “I didn’t make you do anything. I also thought this prank wouldn’t involve any pain.” Roman said. “I’m sorry!” Jessica said. “You had sandals on when you left. When did you change your shoes?” Roman asked. “On the way back over here. Regina was driving.” Jessica said. “Oh my god she let someone else drive her car.” Brianna said. “That’s her baby. She loves the damn car more than me.” Roman said. “That is not true. I love you both equally.” Jessica said. Roman turns the camera on them. “Sure.” Roman said. Jessica smacks him on the chest “I’ll kick you again”. “Okay you don’t need to kick me.” Roman said. “Good now give me a kiss.” Jessica said. Roman kisses her and Jessica covers the lens 

The end