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Here is an article by Jessica Garrison about how our consumer habits have brought on lung stunting pollution and political corruption.  It’s incredible investigative journalism at it’s finest . We should educate ourselves, where our online stuff comes from and what sort of impact it has.

THE BOY MOST LIKELY TO is essentially a universal gift to readers everywhere: it takes a much-desired dive into the lives of some of our favorite characters from My Life Next Door but simultaneously stands on its own as a gorgeous, satisfying read with incredible depth and abundant feels. Here to tell us how she knew that Huntley Fitzpatrick’s complicated, realistic, irresistible characters needed to be out in the world is Senior Editor of Dial Books, Jessica Garrison!


I first read Huntley Fitzpatrick’s My Life Next Door on submission and knew immediately it was special. I knew Huntley herself was not just an amazing talent, but a total class act. And I knew the Garretts—the loud, boisterous, now beloved family next door—were forever.

Meeting the Garretts is like meeting the catering crew in Sarah Dessen’s The Truth About Forever. You just want to be there, in it with them, always. For me, this means re-reading My Life Next Door at least once a year to get my Garrett family fix. As May drifts into June, it’s my secret summer tradition:

  1. Buy a new swimsuit (or at least window-shop), 
  2. check that there’s enough SPF 50 left over from last summer, 
  3. sit on a blanket in the sun, 
  4. re-read My Life Next Door—and then, of course, What I Thought Was True, because, honestly, can you ever get enough Huntley Fitzpatrick? No. The answer is no. 

It’s not just the Garretts that make MLND so special, though. It’s also Sam and Jase. And it’s Tim. Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim. The foul-mouthed screw-up with a heart a gold. The guy with still so far to go, who’d flirt hilariously, relentlessly, with Alice Garrett—precisely because he knew he never stood a chance with her. He was the boy most likely to mess it up, lose it all, but still try to do better. 

Huntley told me when she was revising My Life Next Door that Tim kept trying to hijack Sam and Jase’s story. I remember thinking, admiringly, Yeah, that’s so Tim. I LOVED the idea of Tim Mason racing off with a story of his own. And now with The Boy Most Likely To, he’s done just that. 

The Boy Most Likely To is Tim and Alice’s story, told through their two distinctive, disarming, totally compelling voices. It picks up where MLND left off, developing that jolt of electricity, the one that entered the room whenever Tim and Alice did, into one long, deliciously slow burn, with plenty of twists along the way. Yes, this is a return to the Garretts and the world of My Life Next Door, but you don’t need to have read one story to fall utterly in love with the other (though you prolly should, just sayin’). This novel will pull you in deep as Tim and Alice come together, and come to pieces, and come to understand themselves, each other, and what it means to really risk yourself for another person. This is the novel Huntley has been dying to write and so many of us have been dying to read. 

So, yeah, I started my summer with My Life Next Door and What I Thought Was True. And I’m ending it with The Boy Most Likely To. Call it my expanded summer tradition. And unlike my swimsuits, these stories never, ever wear out. Thank you, Huntley Fitzpatrick.


Thanks, Jessica!

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