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SNSD Reaction to: You Being From The UK & Having an Accent

Anon: Snsd reaction to you being from the UK and having an accent

Taeyeon: Often struggled to understand your Scottish accent, no matter how clearly you tried to enunciate. Sometimes she gives up trying and just nods, smiling and hoping you don’t catch on to how lost she is.

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Jessica: As she’s fluent in English, the accent doesn’t deter her but more so the dialect.

“Wait, what? Your ‘mate pulled a fit bird?’ Like, a pigeon with muscles or something? I don’t understand.”

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Sunny: While she adores you and everything, that Welsh accent of yours goes completely over her head.

What the heck are they saying? Should I just nod and smile? she thinks to herself.

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Tiffany: Like with Jessica, the accent doesn’t deter her as she’s fluent in English. What deters her is the accent and dialect.

“Sorry, what? Can you translate that?”

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Hyoyeon: Your Northern Irish accent may confuse her but she doesn’t need to understand your words to know what you’re saying. Body language is even more important than words, she thinks. And with how much she cares for you, words aren’t needed at all.

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Yuri: Honestly finds your accent so unique and attractive. It’s just another thing that makes you special and that she adores you for.

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Sooyoung: She’s such a lil shit and teases you endlessly for your upper class English accent by trying to impersonate it. And also with using outdated English stereotypes and phrases.

“How do you do? I’m off to have a spot of tea with the Queen ~”

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Yoona: Loves talking to you about your home country. It’s so fascinating to learn about a different culture to hers and hear about your history and so on.

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Seohyun: Sometimes giggles or smiles mid conversation. She can’t help herself. There’s certain words you pronounce strangely to her ears and just your accent overall is so precious to her.

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