jessica craig martin

Jessica Craig-Martin/Trunk Archive, “PS1 Benefit Gala, New York, 2006”

Sign of the Times | A Farewell to Ales

From intoxicating nights of drunken possibility to the grisly hangovers and the guilt. One writer ponders saying goodbye to it all.

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Jessica Craig-Martin loves to party. She attends the moneyed events of her peers, befriending guests at the buffet, or on the dance floor, and takes pictures of a reality at odds with the pomp and fizz of high society. Gnarled bejewelled hands pick at canapés, spindly liver-spotted wrists heave under the weight of precious metals… But it’s not an altogether disingenuous world view, there’s something affectionate about her approach. Your invite’s in the post.

Jessica Craig-Martin is represented by the Greenberg Van Doren Gallery