jessica cadwell


“Giants Can Be Enormous Etching”. 2014. This is a particular page from my mini-comic which can be found right here:

The plate is etched deeply and then printed with etching and relief ink (for the top print). The bottom is just relief rolled with black ink.

This was probably the most crucial page of my comic which highlights the “giants” on which we focus. I believe the blue version really takes a life of its own and highlights it as a night scene. The black was intended more as a blown up version of the mini-comic.

“Purging”. Screenprint 2014. Another example of building my own mythology, with the narrative of this print being about creation. The ill-defined borders assist with a sense of both structure and decay as the central figure shirks off a strange creature, but ultimately still remains tied to it. Maybe this is evolution, an abandonment of something more primal- but still the instincts remain.


“Giants Can Be Enormous” 2014. Mini-comic printed as a full bleed. About 65 copies exist currently. Made this for an apartment show titled “What If Things Were Like This?”, which is I think is a great key for reading through this short narrative. Enjoy!

I’ve also turned one of the pages into an etching, which I’ll document in August once I move. Connected to that, I’ll try to post things every now and then, but I’ll be pretty quiet on here till I get my recent work out of storage and documented!


Etchings 2014. Having trouble titling these, but very referential to the body. I’m having these strange experiences of making prints in focusing less on an edition and more on how a color or an orientation can create a different print from the same image. That’s a side-effect, but I think an important element of my process nonetheless.