jessica brown finlay

Winter's Tale

My various thoughts while watching an advance screening of Winter’s Tale *spoilers*:

Colin Farrell: I’m a Russian American with an Irish Accent.

Me: What? and your hair is interesting…….

Wow that horse can sure jump high.

Jessica Brown Findlay: I am suffering from a mysterious illness known as the consumption.

Me: What?

Russell Crowe: I am a mean bastard for no reason.

Me: Fair enough.

Horse: I am god and everything happens for a reason.

Me: What? And also nothing happens for a reason in this movie.

Russell Crowe: This bloody smudge on a table is an exact likeness of Jessica Findlay’s character.

Me: What?

That child is creepy and a bad actor.

A main character dies after passionate love making or really awkward sex?

That other child is also creepy.

Should you really let your kids talk to strangers in the park?

Jennifer Connelly thinks why am I in this movie? This is a major downgrade from Labyrinth.

Now I want to watch Labyrinth.

Maybe Colin Farrell will cure cancer and that will be the miracle.

This movie makes no sense!